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  2. When exporting from lightroom can I keep editing the images or will the changes export also? Basically, I am now exporting the colours images and now I want to edit the selected B+W. Will this affect the colour version currently exporting? Thank you
  3. Pirongia Milky Way

    What do you think? What next? I haven't dealt with the mountain yet.
  4. Pirongia Milky Way

    Can't wait to see!
  5. Pirongia Milky Way

    OMG I've just started blending them together - amazing Back in a bit!
  6. Pirongia Milky Way

    Attagirl. Now you're catching on. Yes, cloning will be fine for that. Ok, so with the layers remaining, add masks to them (except the bottom one, of course) and use a big soft brush to blend them together.
  7. Pirongia Milky Way

    Ah right - yes I could ditch 4 layers - there is a bit of uneveness with the mountain but could probably do a bit of cloning to smooth that out?
  8. Pirongia Milky Way

    Great. And are there any of the layers which you don't need? The fewer layers you have, the less masking you need to do.
  9. Pirongia Milky Way

    Looks ok to me, the dark bit through the core look pretty well aligned.
  10. Pirongia Milky Way

    How well did it do? Are the stars overlaid perfectly on each layer?
  11. Pirongia Milky Way

    Hi - 2nd time trying to shoot the milky way last night but lens not wide enough so went for option 2 of taking several pics to try and stitch together into a panorama, never tried this before! Used PS and the Automate>Photomerge option which I think has worked to a degree but not sure what to do next, how to blend edges etc They were all taken with the same settings and batch edited in RAW.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    There's more info about dodge and burn here: https://www.damiensymonds.net/simple-dodge-and-burn-tutorial.html And it's included in this video: https://www.damiensymonds.net/liquify-demonstration-cloning-dodge-burn.html And you can learn about Channel Mixer here: https://www.damiensymonds.net/channel-mixer-class
  14. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    You're welcome.
  15. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    Wow...okay. Channel Mixer layers are brand new to me, as is dodging and burning, although at least I've heard of that...will have to add it to my list of Ps things to learn. Thank you. Since I first wrote to you, I ended up fixing the flare problem with a hand swap from a similar photo and delivered the gallery.
  16. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    First, add a Channel Mixer layer. On the Red Output Channel, enter 0, +60, +60, +12 for the four values. Then mask that layer to the flare area (and a little more around, to blend it in to the surrounding skin). Then add the two layers of the Handyman Method, and start patiently working to finalise the fix. Take your time - work with low opacity brushes. This is slow work if you want to do it well. This is what your layers panel will look like:
  17. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    Yes it is!!! I'm about to show you! I just didn't want to take the time if you didn't like it. Give me a minute ...
  18. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    Ha, ha, yeah. Good enough. But I was hoping for suggestions on how to fix it so I can learn to do it myself next time it happens...perhaps that's not what this forum is for??
  19. Keep going. Try to get to 80. Then simply recalibrate as the first step.
  20. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    This is the best I can manage. Will it be good enough?
  21. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    I didn't mean to send you that comment again; I don't understand how this conversation deal works to know how to start a new box, so I just added it to the last one. I only meant to send you the jpeg of the problem area as you asked.
  22. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    Yes, I know, and this is catastrophically bad. You're wasting all the potential of your photos Please consider the class.
  23. Never mind. I know what I did. I did a hard reset in camera and is reverted to jpeg.
  24. Help on how to remove a flare, please?

    I do not know what "raw editing" is to understand what you need me to send you. Do you mean the editing I did in Lightroom only? The image that I sent above was imported from my camera into Lightroom and then exported to a jpeg. I've attached the file with Lightroom edits only. Here is the jpeg of the problem area.
  25. I was prompted to update ACR yesterday and now RAW is very different. The 2010 version is not what it once was. Sliders, WB and drop downs are different and photos are not opening into RAW, but into PS first. What a PIA!
  26. What just happened to my coloring?

    Alright, so I have run a cleenup and was able to make it be 40.2 GB of 223 free...I know it's not perfect but it's a start. What would be the next course of action you would take in fixing this PS issue?
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