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  2. Right. It's very easy to save your own preset. I wrote about it here:
  3. I figured that I'd also be able to tweak it to my liking since I'm adjusting the same things on every run of it :-)
  4. No, gosh, don't do that. It's only $46 to get all the up-to-date info:
  5. I purchased some presets that I love, however they are using the most current sliders and I took your class back in the day with the 2010 sliders so once I hit the preset I'm kind of lost. How can I reverse engineer the preset to make it work with my 2010 sliders?
  6. Yesterday
  7. How did you go?
  8. No, I havent , but ill have a google. Thanks
  9. Actually, you'll find that Frequency Separation is good for this. People try to use FS for all kinds of stupid stuff that it's not meant for, but this is where it prevails. Have you used it before? I don't have any resources on it, but a google search will give you plenty.
  10. Hi Damien, I wish to remove the blotchyness in this baby's cheeks, would levels or skin class be more appropriate to help guide me? Regards Steve
  11. I remembered I had this about eyes: Hope it might help a little.
  12. No, just the rectangular marquee.
  13. Did you use the elliptical marquee tool for the eye?? This is one challenging bugger for me. Have re done it numerous times and it looks bad. I wish you had a video. I struggle with instructions without visuals.
  14. Last week
  15. Oh crap, I forgot to say, I got those Levels values by using this method:
  16. After that, you'd start your normal Levels work.
  17. Ok, this is what you're heading towards: First I did the eye. What I didn't expect was that I had to use two copies of it - one to replace the lower edge of the iris, and another to replace the pupil. You might decide that one or both of those steps aren't necessary; I personally didn't like how the catchlight cut through the pupil, you know? Then this Levels layer for the main flare across the chest and wrist: R 40/1.00/255 G 70/1.00/255 B 70/1.00/255 Mask it on as carefully as possible, but there will still be an arc at the edge, that will have to be cloned later: Then this Levels layer for the bit of flare on the throat: R 30/1.00/255 G 45/1.00/255 B 45/1.00/255 Again, mask on carefully, but again, there will be an edge: Then add a blank layer above all that, and gently clone those edges. By the end of the process, my Layers panel looked like this:
  18. Nope, I'll redo it. I think the yellow might be the problem. "vivid color."
  19. As I have no other choice, we'll press ahead as if this is good. I have to run and iron a shirt, I'll be back soon.
  20. It's okay. I'm redoing it now. I want it done right and better than ok.
  21. Hmmm ... I searched back, and couldn't find it.
  22. I can run through it again. It's an old image from the old raw class. I thought it was "approved," but I will go through it again.
  23. Are you SURE this is the SOOR you want to work with?
  24. Oh dear. Come on mate, this is awful. Really really awful. You've clearly forgotten everything.
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