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  2. Links to photos that inspire you would be helpful too. That would let us really target our discussion, you know?
  3. Hi Damien, Thanks for the reply, let me have a think on what i'm trying to achive.. Adam
  4. Turn the layer off and on a few times, and check your masking carefully. It's encroaching on a few things.
  5. It'll calibrate just fine, now that you have it on Extend. Make sure you follow the correct calibration instructions.
  6. Here's what I came up with. I don't feel like I quite got it as well as you did, especially down at the bottom, but nothing I was trying was working any better.
  7. Well now dragging that over is just flipping me out! I will try to get this calibrated now. Thanks so much. If it don't work out, you can pick up the monitor in Brisbane, because I will toss it out the window over there :))
  8. Okay, I will give it a try now. What about calibrating the extra monitor, try it the same way by dragging over the info?
  9. Sure it will! You just have to drag your windows onto it.
  10. Not sure how it would work then, because my screen is then blank. it won't let me open anything.
  11. No no no!!! Never mirror!!!! Only Extend.
  12. I have a HP Envy Core I7 laptop that has been calibrated using the Spyder Pro 4. I just got an additional HP monitor HP M1N98AA#ABA 23" EliteDisplay E232 1920x1080 VGA/DP/HDMI Tilt/Height/Swivel/Pivot IPS Screen, and I have been mirroring the display. Problem is I have the brightness turned all the way down on both of them and my prints are dark compared to the additional monitor screen. I can't figure out how to calibrate the monitor that is running off the laptop.
  13. Oh, I never know how to answer this one!!!! Yes, it's the same as sharpening for web, but effective web sharpening relies on getting the size right. So, do you know the resolution (WxH in pixels) of the screen the powerpoint will be displayed on?
  14. Hi Damien, Another 'out of the box' sharpening question. For an image that will be used in a PowerPoint presentation are there any guidelines or recommendations you have regarding sharpening? Would I sharpen as for web? Thanks.
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  16. Ok, complete these sentences for me: I would like to change the brightest part of the sky from light grey to __________________ I would like to change the darkest part of the sky from dark grey to _________________
  17. No, it was simply a matter of moving the slider until the area was light enough. No particular science to it.
  18. That does look much better! But I'm not really clear on what you did with the Levels layer...I haven't taken the Levels class yet and it's not something I've played with. Did you do something like you did here?
  19. Hi Damien, Just modify, to try and reduce the contrast between the blown out area. Adam
  20. Hi Amanda, I think what you're doing is great, but yeah, darn tricky for masking! Here's an alternative that I played with, that doesn't require such (well, any) fiddly masking: Download the PSD
  21. Hi Adam, Can you elaborate on the question a bit? What is your vision for this? Would you like to replace the sky with another sky? Or just modify the sky that's there?
  22. I was testing a new background idea using lights, and unfortunately I didn't make the lights go wide enough to cover the whole background. Lesson learned! I have tried duplicating the lights, but the shading of the paper background is making that extremely difficult. Straight up cloning didn't work. What I did here was make a layer of just lights, merged it with a solid color layer, and then masked it off the subject. It doesn't look as...real, somehow, I think maybe because I'm losing the little bits that were the wires connecting the lights? In any case, I wanted to see if there was a better way before I tweak the lights and clean up the masking.
  23. Hi Damien, Happy New year to you. I wanted to ask you advice, I've just come back from a shoot in the Highlands where I have been photographing the mountain hares. I have an image that I like but it had to shoot directly into the sun and now have a blown out sky. I know I have lost all the detail, but want to create a nice silhouette, and reduce the harshness of the blown out areas. Any advice would be appreciated.. Adam
  24. Thank you! I will check out that thread.
  25. That all sounds fine. It must be a video driver problem, as Brian discussed in this thread.
  26. I have a PC desktop running Windows 10 and Photoshop CC. It is under 6 months old, and has 16GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 143GB free out of 224GB (ssd) plus a regular hard drive with 1.64 free out of 2 TB . The last time I shut down was just before posting this thread. I run a cleanup program about once a week.
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