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  2. There's a video here. And more comprehensive info in the Layers & Masks Class.
  3. Hi Damien! I'm having a hard time finding where the info is on how to set up the panels in photoshop. My photoshop currently looks like this. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  4. No, I did not get to see what she was claiming. I just reminded her that she needed to download the Dropbox file to her home computer so that it would not get compressed/ruined. Then she could then upload it to a website from there. She never told me where it was going. I've looked at her Instagram account and FB and never saw it. She never answered me back after that. It was a TFP, as we call a "trade time for pictures". I was portfolio building & practicing some posing with her.
  5. resizing for web

    As I said before, the resolution is completely irrelevant, that's why I didn't mention it. That article is very old, before Facebook even became a thing. 800 is no longer relevant. Oh no. My action takes "easy peasy" to a whole new level, trust me. You must use it.
  6. resizing for web

    This is such a fraught issue. It's so hard to be sure what happened. It's perfectly possible that she'd somehow re-saved your files at lower resolution before she posted ... or attempted some cropping ... or even tried running an awful snapchat filter or some shit, and ruined it that way. Did you actually get to see the photo she'd posted?
  7. resizing for web

    Remember that for web, the resolution doesn't matter a single bit. It could be 300, or 72, or 1000000000, or 12. It's completely irrelevant to the file. The three standard Facebook sizes are 720, 960 and 2048. 720 is very small for these modern times, and I don't think anyone uses it any more. 960 is also a bit on the small size, but is still adequate for most browsing, and of course is quite quick to load. Also, it's too small for anyone to steal and print (print nicely, anyway). 2048 is big enough for everyone's screen, no matter what size, but of course it takes the longest to load, and it's VERY printable, so if you choose 2048, make sure you watermark prominently.
  8. resizing for web

    But the blunt truth is, if you left that clutter in your frame in camera, it sounds like you need the space around the subjects. So no, you wouldn't crop at all. You'd fill the space with new background.
  9. resizing for web

    Well crap, you DEFINITELY wouldn't do 11:15 for that. Just crop just enough to get rid of that clutter.
  10. Last week
  11. Or like the one I am working on now... I brought a backdrop stand to clients home & because of how small their home is I shot past my backdrop & you can see parts of their walls.
  12. Even if you shot out past your background? I need to leave parts of my garage wall with bikes on it...in a photo?
  13. resizing for web

    Whoa. Wait, wait, wait. This sentence sounds like you crop during editing? You must NEVER do that.
  14. When choosing to show portrait proofs online, or sharing a landscape on Facebook or Instagram, what px size & resolution do you choose? I've given models web-sized images before, and had 1 young woman complain that they looked grainy when she put it online. When I posted her photos, using the same exact web sized image, they were fine to my eyes. I have been using an action that came in a set I bought before I found out about your wonderful classes. Her complaint made me wonder if I am doing it right. I want to make sure I am doing it right. I shoot with some extra space normally. So my workflow is a general loose crop to your 11x15.... still leaving room for cropping an image to clients requests. After finishing my PS edits I save my PSD and then make a web size jpeg for a proof or to share online if it's a landscape. My web sizing action sizes my 11x15 cropped images to: 600x818px @72 dpi, then it gives you an option for quality. I looked on your blog and saw that you recommend 800x587, but it does not list a resolution. I did see that you have a web resize action, but it looks as if you need to input the size. I do use a watermark. I just place it....easy peasey.
  15. Logo and Bruise edit

    Hi Valery, you forgot the noise removal. Can you do so, and repost the 100% crops for me? (I don't need the whole photo again).
  16. Logo and Bruise edit

    I would love any advice on how to edit out these issues.
  17. Object removal

    REALLY? Oh fantastic. Time to send it off then.
  18. Object removal

    Gosh, I think it's looking really good! If I was looking at this photo for the first time, having never seen any other version, I wouldn't think anything was amiss.
  19. outdoor moody edit

    Hey D - sorry for the delay. A close friend of our family lost one of their children shortly after I was working on this, and I hadn't had a chance to go back to it. Hopefully, I will have a chance to go back to it in the next few days. Thank you:)
  20. Object removal

    And more here....I feel like it's obvious in a few places but not too bad. Carpet needs more work. What do you think?
  21. Object removal

    This is so tedious... Working on the upper left part of the tree. It it looking ok so far?
  22. Let it use both C and D, I reckon. Yeah, that's how I have mine set up, and it seems to be working fine.
  23. And what about Bridge? installed on C: but storing cache on D: Is this alright?
  24. Hi Damien, Quick question, which drive should PS be using for the scratch disk? It's currently using D: but PS is installed on C: and no option to change it? Adobe is telling me the scratch disk should be on the same drive as the installed program for everything to run properly? Your thoughts? I just got my computer back from upgrading my C: drive to 1TB and it's a big fat mess, I'm trying to sort things out. Thanks.
  25. attached the ICC profile. Please send it to your photographer/s so they can upload this to photoshop and the images will then have the correct adjustments
  26. Moire SOOC

  27. Great! Then you don't need to do anything in Color Settings. Leave that window alone. Now that you've saved the ICC file in the library, just soft-proof as normal: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/03/bit-about-soft-proofing.html
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