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  2. Hope this is okay.. I know you’re fond of cats. Been a little preoccupied the last couple of days - I took in a pregnant stray And she had her kittens yesterday morning and thought you would get a kick out of my “white balance sheet” litter. Get ready for your feed to get a little more adorable over the next month ❤️
  3. This is what it should look like (first graphic with the three logos).... This one was created in ps using png logos.... It was kicked back out because it's not vector. Second screenshot is the recreation in Illustrator. I have not been able to successfully convert the purple circle logo into a vector file. So I started with the two logo just to learn the process. I canNOT figure out how to re-create the step and repeat pattern in Illustrator. I can get to this point and then when I click down and save that pattern disappears..
  4. I have two of the logos in vector form now. Is there a way to create a pattern / step and repeat in Illustrator? I found one way, but it doesn't look at all the way I need it to.
  5. Yep, it has to be the first step in PS. https://www.damiensymonds.net/2015/07/order-of-layers-for-complex-pixel-edits.html
  6. https://www.damiensymonds.net/2014/03/distortion-or-perspective-correction.html here, yes? so, should I do that first before levels?
  7. hoping this is a concise place to ask. I saw you reference this in a response to a levels submission https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/01/straightening-horizons.html is this something I should be incorporating before I start my levels as well? (If applicable) likewise, is this where you would make an adjustment if there was some lens distortion? Can you link me to something on that? I have a photo waiting your approval in Raw that I’d also like you to verify if you see some lens distortion and how and when to address. (The bells bell)
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  9. PNG files are pixel files, so they're no good. You have to ask for the logos to be sent in vector format (eg .pdf or .ai); or recreate them yourself in vector format.
  10. The logos sent to me as png files were created that as vectors in illustrator.
  11. Thanks. And have you created it entirely with vectors in Illustrator?
  12. Not the exact file, but same concept and created the same way. It's just a repeating pattern file.
  13. These are all quite old-fashioned requirements, to be honest. As long as you're sending your finished artwork as a PDF file, the PDF saving process will take care of all of it. PDF will take care of it. PDF will take care of it. The "resolution" in Illustrator is irrelevant. You'll set the output resolution in the PDF saving process. PDF will take care of it. This part makes me nervous. May I see what the design looks like?
  14. Would you be able to help explain this? We have another banner ready to print. This one is a stretchy banner that will wrap around a curved wall stand. The General Art Guidelines... 1. What does it mean Pantone Colors - "Called out in the art as spot colors" 2. Embed all images...? 3. Resolution must be 100-120? I first created it in PS but am now working in Illustrator and my closest choice is 150ppi? 4. All fonts must be created to outline? This file is just another repeating logo pattern.
  15. No but I will soon it has been raining of an afternoon. I’m hoping this weekend I can go and get some Photos to have a play with
  16. Hey D- I remember once talking with you about getting rid of old display profiles instead of saving them when I calibrate once a month. I stopped renaming them but wanted to get rid of the old ones. Do you know where they would be located in the computer? Thanks!
  17. No, not even close. PLEASE take the Raw Class, I beg you. You're a LONG way away from achieving Noelle-Mirabella-esque results.
  18. Ok. This is after a few minor adjustments in ACR. A different image.
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