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  2. Oh gosh, this is so annoying. I've heard of it happening before. The DisplayProfile app will tell you which profile is being used. I discussed it in this article: https://www.damiensymonds.net/art_vista.html
  3. I just calibrated my monitor. The Spyder Xpro had me upgrade. I logged in today and got the "you need to calibrate" message due to it exceeding the timeframe. Where can I go to determine what profile (or whatever it is called) is being used. I just want to make sure it is using the one I saved. Thanks!
  4. Did you get all the way through the process without error messages this time, @Suri T?
  5. Last week
  6. Once you get the HD, let me know. I want to make sure that it's setup correctly, BEFORE you put any files on it. Since your HD isn't coming up at all anymore, I won't bother with the commands that I wanted to try. It probably won't work anyway. At this point, you are looking at Forensic Data Recovery; meaning you ship your EHD to a company like Gillware Data Recovery Serivces and they recover things for you and mail you back a DVD or Thumbdrive. I will warn you, this type of recovery is not cheap. Like $1500-ish not cheap. But if you have client work that you absolutely need, going this route is cheaper than legal fees.
  7. You're right!!!!!! I'll recalibrate and keep you posted!!
  8. Then I fear you're following the wrong calibration instructions. Make sure you follow these ones:
  9. Sorry, didn't realise you wanted to see a picture of that step, but never get to that step. I have the calibrate color checker display... Thanks! Hope we get there!
  10. Yeah, that happens from time to time. Restart your computer before recalibrating. And PLEASE:
  11. Driving you nuts! Tried recalibrating, but had this error coming up. Any idea what it means?
  12. Sorry, standard (default) 2.20 or custom Gamma at 2.20?
  13. Ok, and recalibrate? u think it''ll work now? Thanks!!!!
  14. Yes, I chose my brightness target as 80. Interesting, that my prints are still warmer....
  15. Also, may I see a picture of your reading list? Per this step?
  16. https://ask.damiensymonds.net/topic/36356-i1studio-pc06/
  17. Yeah I’ve definitely made it worse with my desperate attempts to retrieve the files. It no longer reads that it’s a seagate anymore. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve thankfully had my clients final work backed up but I’m sure there’s a few things of my own I do not. This is the second seagate in a short time that’s done this. However I’m probably more of the problem than them by the sounds of it. I’ll buy the hard drive now and read the article as well. Thank you!
  18. Oh, this is bad, VERY BAD!! While doing this every once-and-awhile will probably not cause any real issues, but pulling the USB Drive without ejecting all the time? Sooner or later that HD or Thumb-Drive, etc. will start to get corrupted. Then we are in the position that you are in. It's like a slow leak in a Tire...sooner or later things get corrupted. I highly recommend you watch this video, Linus does a really good job at explaining why. Do You Really Need to Eject USB Drives? Not Seagate drives! I've been burned by them too many times over the years. I even had one physically smoke on me. I also don't buy the "$79 Special" EHD from a big box store, which people are used to buying. My external drives are closer to $500 or so. But my drives are big, beefy and Enterprise Grade. I'm kinda picky about my drives; I don't mess around. Spending more for a quality HD saves me spending $1500+ on professional data recovery. Here is one that will probably be a bit more affordable for you: SanDisk Professional 4TB G-DRIVE Enterprise-Class Desktop Hard Drive HDD It's $185 for a 4TB Drive. I have a 12TB drive, so it costs more. Honestly? The better buy is getting the 6TB for $210. Think about it, for an extra $25, you get two more terabytes! So I'd really get the 6TB G-Drive. Yep, that's corrupted data rearing its ugly head. I have a few things to try, but will respond later. I need to get going for my day job. I will write later. The best thing you can do right now is leave that drive alone. The more crap you throw at it (data recovery software) trying to get to your data in a panic, the worse you will make things.
  19. No, wasn't notified about it? Where should I check it out? Thanks!
  20. Hi @Suri T I tagged you on a slide in the instructions, with a question. Were you notified about it?
  21. I hear no clicking. At one point the pictures were there after he helped me but it was really slow. Now I can’t open it at all and have a message that says “the parameter is incorrect”. yes I’d say I unplug it and plug it back in often. I don not “eject”. It is a seagate 2TB. I’ll try taking it to him tomorrow, however when I called back regarding the recycle bin he didn’t think he could help. 🤦🏼‍♀️ What do you recommend for hard drives?
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