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  2. I have got to pop out, but I will re do it again. Thanks for your help
  3. How's the quality when you examine it up close?
  4. I don't think you quite got all my numbers. This is redder than mine. But if you like it redder, that's great! Go with it.
  5. After you make the adjustment, make sure you examine the quality up close. Playing around with very dark tones in a photo can leave us very vulnerable to graininess.
  6. Thanks Damien, I will give it a try Sorry this has been so painful
  7. Try this Levels layer: Red 0/2.50/255 and 5/225 Green 0/1.60/255 and 0/250 Blue 0/1.00/245 and 0/255 And show me how it turns out.
  8. That is great, can you talk me through the process?
  9. This is about as tan as we can mange. Will it satisfy your customer?
  10. I promise . I have clearly got into some very bad habits Damien!! Covid might be a blessing for me to get a grip on things that I have not had time to do properly. I feel so bad that I have been doing it wrong for so long
  11. Please promise you will never EVER crop during editing again?
  12. Is that the whole photo now? No more little surprises for me?
  13. PLEASE just show me the raw edit. No fancy business. Never do that either. It's even worse!
  14. I didnt crop, I did free transform though breaking old habits
  15. Come on, you cropped again! NEVER do that.
  16. Any better? I have been editing too dark obviously
  17. Thanks Damien, I will have some more time on my hands in the coming weeks, I think I need a refresher How does this look?
  18. Are you aware that you don't need to pay full price to join the Raw Class again? Clearly much has slipped your mind, and the class itself has been completely overhauled and updated since you were in it. I urge you to consider it.
  19. No no no!!!!!!! You MUST get it right in raw.
  20. Do I need to adjust in levels?
  21. I'm fidgeting in suspense here! How did it go?
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