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  2. That makes sense - i just wasnt sure if there was another reason. TY
  3. Why would you, though? Why would you bother clogging up your hard drive with an extra PSD? Those suckers are big.
  4. Hey D - I've been using this tute for awhile, exactly as you wrote it, but I have a question. Is there any reason why you do it with raw images, as opposed to using SOOR PSD. i.e. doing one, saving it as a SOOR PSD, and then processing the other and saving that as a SOOR PSD. And then adding one PSD to the other and working on that? Thanks!
  5. Well, no. Complicated, but I agree with your process. If all you have is Excel and Photoshop, it kinda has to be that way I guess.
  6. After your comment last night I downloaded the free trial to test it out. I currently just have the basic photography monthly plan with adobe (LR and PS). Adding InDesign is an additional $20+/month. I'm not sure I can justify the cost, but I'm testing it out anyway. The learning curve on this program is steep. Some things are very similar to PS, but other things not at all. The current document - I *finally* got the color to print correctly by creating the graphics in PS, the spreadsheet part in EXCEL, adding the graphics into EXCEL and then downloading the whole thing as a PDF from EXCEL and then moving it all back into PS to create the multi page PDF that will print correctly. Sounds ridiculous, I'm sure. If I can figure out the learning curve on InDesign I will go that direction. Thank you for your help.
  7. No, that's the right page. You need the "White Point Targets" section.
  8. Hang on, what? You'd change the luminance target if the screen is too bright or too dark. Is that the case? For the screen's coolness, you change the white temperature.
  9. white luminance target I will put to 90, than I print the photos again and compare...right? Do I have to redone the photos from start?
  10. Thanks Damien. Off I go! Ya bloody legend. Love from New Zealand 😁
  11. Don't worry about it for now. Start with the Layers & Masks Class first instead.
  12. Ahh poo! So what do I need to do to do the course? Ideally was wanting to start with the Bridge one as you have suggested to me previously. p.s. this is the message that came up Unable to Install Bridge Sorry, Bridge won't run on your OS. To continue you'll have to upgrade. See system requirements
  13. Darn it, you're right. My googling says that (weirdly) Adobe have continued support for Windows 7 64-bit, but stopped supporting Windows 8 a couple of years ago
  14. I had Photoshop CC running just fine on Windows 7, so there is no reason it won't run on Windows 8.1. Can you elaborate on the problem? What's happening, exactly?
  15. 842gb free. To be fair, my Uncle deleted everything off it before he gave it to me. So really only has a few photos/videos and newly installed Elements.
  16. Fantastic! Ok, follow the troubleshooting part of my calibration instructions, for when the screen is too cool.
  17. Bummer. That's really what you need. So is Photoshop the only Adobe program you have?
  18. okay.. I think I've managed that! Says my computer is only faster than 11% of the computers still alive.
  19. You DEFINITELY need to run Glary right away. You didn't actually answer the main question I needed 😊 Which version of Windows is it?
  20. thanks for replying! Here you go: I have a PC laptop running windows and Elements 12. It is over 3 years old, and has 4GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 843GB free out of 907GB. The last time I shut down was earlier today. I have never run a cleanup program.
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