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  2. You mustn't try to fix the lines - that's the way to banding and misery. This will have to be a replacement job.
  3. Any way to minimize the gray lines in the drop?
  4. dude that looks totally awesome! thx!
  5. Ok, so I figure it would need to be like this ... 1. Select a small area of evenly-lit wall: 2. Ctrl J to put it on its own layer, then move it to a different part of the image, so it's visible: 3. Ctrl J it again, and move it across and line it up with the other one. Then Ctrl E to merge them together, then use the clone tool to meld the join if necessary. Keep repeating this over and over ... ... and over and over, until you have enough to cover the whole space: 4. Move it into place, and mask it on:
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  7. Google will give you heaps of hits.
  8. It's 3.6 G and the previews are 9G Brian.
  9. Can you now! Didn't know that. Have you any info ? Interesting!
  10. the white lit sign is obviously blown. no getting around that. so i'd need to place something over it, perhaps.
  11. Hi Aubrey, could you give me a closer crop of the area?
  12. I may be over-thinking it but what is the best way to tone down or get rid of the obnoxious CVS sign? I've tried a few things but nothing looks right. PS CC
  13. You can do those in Bridge too. Just sayin'.
  14. I'm curious, just how large is your corrupted catalog file? Right-Click and do a properties on the catalog.
  15. Last week
  16. I have that setting already Jason - load most recent. The backup opened then when i closed it and on restarting that error came back so that copy of the backup was then a dud. After that I attempted to open other backups - by clicking on the actual lrcat file - no good. I'm currently trying various dates of backups on my laptop. Im dark - I spent hours last week setting up smart collections - they will only be in the last back up. At this stage Feb 11th works on the lappy Could be worse I guess- but so much for the current suggestion going around to forget all folder structure and just use collections - what a disaster that would be!
  17. I'm not familiar with the error, but if your backup loads fine then maybe you're okay? Go to edit>preferences and in the general tab look for "default catalog" and see if you can change it to "Load most recent catalog". Then it should open the backup catalog if it was the last thing open in lightroom. You can also move the corrupt catalog to a different location so you have it if you need for some odd reason, but if you don't move it, lightroom will always know it's there. Or you can just delete it, again if the backup catalog doesn't show the same corruption.
  18. Thanks Damien, not worried about the photos or edits - they are all ok and backed up but i want my collections back!!!
  19. I have called in the LR cavalry, and hopefully they'll be able to help you with your question. Take a deep breath and remember that your images are safe. They're still on your hard drive. And you can still use Bridge to browse and edit them any time you like.
  20. Hi, my LR catalog is corrupt apparently. Its huge. WIn 10 64 bit. I have a backup - from two days before - there was little extra done. I copied the backup to another drive and renamed it. It opened OK by clicking on the renamed catalog. I backed that up too. I get this message about Lightroom Fatal SQLite corruption any time I attempt to access LR through the LR Icon. its also attempting to open the original catalog not the renamed one last used. I have googled the error and the info that came up was way out of my comfort zone. Any help greatfully received!
  21. Yeah, you have to keep going, so the edges of the shadows are completely soft.
  22. I've had a painstakingly go! I quite like the face, but I'm not convinced on the neck shadow. What do you think? Thank you Emma
  23. I look forward to seeing how you go. Remember that this requires time and patience. Don't rush it. And be prepared to start over occasionally, if you mess up. It's not easy.
  24. Oh yeah, it looks like utter shit.
  25. But I don't particularly like it on my image.
  26. I would say that was close to the example I posted. And I am cracking up at your subtle way of telling me how you feel about this editing style!
  27. Thank you Damien!
  28. Download the PSD I have to go out for a while, I'll check in and see what you think of it later.
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