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  1. Yesterday
  2. rswannabe

    Sunflower RAW

    Ok. I'll dig it out and give that a shot, hopefully by tomorrow. Thank you,
  3. Damien Symonds

    Sunflower RAW

    That'd be great!
  4. rswannabe

    Sunflower RAW

    I believe I kept my old Samsung that I was using when I first joined all your classes, which led to me buying this Dell. I can dig it up and give it a shot if you think I should.
  5. Damien Symonds

    Sunflower RAW

    Is there another screen in the house you can try calibrating?
  6. rswannabe

    Sunflower RAW

    Hi D, I’ve been a little depressed about this whole thing. Open windows didn’t help. I tried another lab and had almost identical results. I guess I can try a couple more labs, but I’m just not sure what else to do.
  7. Teekay

    That neutral tones look

    Would love to look at this psd file, could you please make it available again.? TIA
  8. Damien Symonds

    Sunflower RAW

    What can you report, @rswannabe?
  9. Last week
  10. Thanks so much Damien, have done that. 👍 Looks like the photo poster is not going to be forthcoming with her colour space so I've linked her your FB and Browser article, and reiterated the importance of editing in Srgb. Not much else I can do, but glad I asked the question, because I learnt about Chrome 😀 👍
  11. Okay... I will try it that way on the next few that I may or may not get to yet tonight. THANK YOU!!!! Enjoy some beer you deserve it after this mess.
  12. The way I figure it, you should have two PSDs, that's all. One is the main master one with all of those 62 layers you mentioned. Then you merge the layers that you don't want people to access, and save a "for clients" PSD.
  13. Ummmmmm cover my butt????? You taught me with image and all to always save a tiff some files due to merging I have multiple tiffs so that I can always go back. I am a CYA girl!!!! Okay... I suppose it could be multiple PSD's also.
  14. I don't want the layers editable other than the clipping masks and some have of them have more than on option to them (like gold font, white font etc). They still have to have control of the masks and be able to move the fixed font, background etc if they wanted to. You make a valid point though. I would save a tiff (hypothetically tiff 1) merge them and then add the clipping masks after the fact. Just messes up my flow of my thinking and developing of the product. Because I would have to add the background, masks and shapes after the merge and they wouldn't have access to the font to move it unless I locked it as shape as you advised? I've worked on these too long today to go back and change the ones that I did. I printed them on my Canon pro and they are tack sharp. So moving forward I will try doing it kind of backwards (your way of merging them) and then adding what can be moved. Way different than what I have done in the past. But makes sense.
  15. None of this makes sense. Why take the step of PNG? Why not just merge the layers?
  16. Sorry I am a pain in your butt today. I just test printed them 6 of them and they are fine fonts and all are clear as can be. They are 5x7 cards that will have images in them. So they are not CYMK files they will be going to a lab for printing. But please again, talk to me like I am 5..... I thought I processed this right in my planning.
  17. I have one card that has 62 layers in it due to individual graphics (flowers, vines, you name it).... I can't do a psd with that I don't want them to have the individual elements. Apparently I didn't think this out as well as I thought. Damn it.
  18. What will happen? Talk to me like I am 5 right now.... I've been working on these all day.
  19. Damien Symonds

    Which Calibrator is best for Mac

    No, honestly, both the X-Rite i1 Display Pro and the Spyder 5 Elite work great. Choose whichever one you can find at the best price.
  20. Damien Symonds

    Wedding Group

    That looks to be the one from the master file. May I also have the one from the print file?
  21. This is a BAD idea. PNG is a pixel format.
  22. Just thought I would let you know is all.. I went a different approach. I saved the original as a TIFF and then I copied the font layers to the same size PNG file, then deleted the font layers within the TIFF and placed the fonts as a PNG. That way it preserves everything and I locked all my graphics layers onto one PNG also so no one could take the individual elements of those. Out of the 8 that I've done in the past two days my two testers preferred it this way since there is no dialog box on any of them popping up. Thank you so so much once again!!!!!
  23. Hi Damien, My x-rite calibrator just bit the dust after about 5 years. I'm going to buy a new one but was wondering if there is one from your list that is best for a Mac desktop? Thank you. Thank you.
  24. Sorry Damien a lot going on around here, not enough hours in the day..... attached is the pic you require 100% crop
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