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  2. It's time, Cailynn. https://www.damiensymonds.net/training.html
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  5. This is after raw processing. 😫 Here is my SOOR.
  6. Great. Ok, go ahead and do your raw processing on the photo as normal (white balance, exposure, etc, etc) then show me the photo again.
  7. Thanks! I have fixed it. Though I was not given the option to check the dither box, it was grayed out.
  8. There are two tricks in making Camera Raw keep a new default. You must only have ONE photo open in Camera Raw at the time you change the setting. After changing the setting, you MUST open that photo into Photoshop.
  9. Then work in 16-bit for these ones, but change straight back to 8 for the next job.
  10. The strange thing is that when I checked the storage space, it was documents taking up all the space and I barely have any documents except a few which I wrote in Word that I saved as pdfs. So I can prob get rid of them and save them elsewhere. Ironically, I am working with strongly backlit images atm.
  11. 16-bit is necessary in two situations: 1. When you're working in stupid ProPhoto RGB from stupid Lightroom. I'm very pleased to say this no longer applies to you. 2. When you're working on a very hazy photo, eg strongly backlit at golden hour or whatever. This might apply to you from time to time. But most of the time, 8-bit is completely perfect, and 16-bit is unnecessary overkill. And don't forget that you foolishly bought a very small Mac (hard drive size I mean) so you're going to be constantly struggling with space and performance issues. And as 16-bit files are twice as large as 8-bit files, you definitely need to stick to 8-bit as much as you can.
  12. I thought that 16bit was the RAW amount of colour space, better for allowing more colour and better for editing with layers etc plus Im used to seeing 16bit there. It only changed to 8bit today when I started using camera raw I think.
  13. Ok I just shut it down completely. I'll try to clear off some stuff.
  14. Get CleanMyMac and run it right away, and every month hereafter. And clear some space off your hard drive. Aim for 90GB free at all times if you can.
  15. I have a Mac laptop running OS Big Sur and Photoshop 2021. It is under 12 months old, and has 16GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 62GB free out of 250GB. The last time I shut down was more than a week ago, because I'm an idiot. I have never run a cleanup program. 😆 In my defence Ive only had it a few months so didnt think it needed cleaning yet
  16. Ok, wow. There's a lot going on here. First, can you please do this for me.
  17. Hi, me again. So I have been avoiding Lightroom because I was unable to follow the instructions ye linked to disable the Prophoto profile. Ye sent me a link to follow to check colour space etc but I didnt have any of the same options (I searched everywhere) that ye had so I had to abandon it. I downloaded Bridge and have been doing the class but Bridge keeps crashing on my laptop so atm is unusable. Im coming to my question now...! I decided to use just Camera Raw and Photoshop for the meantime to avoid the colour space issues I was having, but now I see that even though Im shooting in RAW that my pics are becoming 8bit. I changed this in camera raw but it either keeps reverting or its because of the space ye asked me to set in PS (North America general 2) which defaults to 8 bit. If I change it to 16 bit it then loses the 'N America' profile and settles on 'Custom' PS also keeps going to Adobe RGB even though I have sRGB selected. Help! What's the best thing to do to ensure that I can stay in 16bit sRGB? Thanks very much!
  18. Hi @Cailynn, you have a much bigger problem than a bit of flatness. Please follow this troubleshooter to fix your colour space.
  19. This image is looking very flat. How can I make him pop?
  20. You have two problems: It’s a 2013 Mac Laptop - so it’s limited in what it can do. That’s 8 years ago, it’s had a good run. It’s a 2013 Mac Laptop - so an Apple Display will be the only one that “looks like an Apple Display.” Sure, you can get a 27” standard display and it will look “fine” for the most part, but won’t be Retina Display quality. It’s all about realistic expectations. You could get a 27” iMac and use the 2013 laptop for your portable stuff. Otherwise you are looking at a new MacBook Pro. I guess the only way to find out for yourself, is to purchase that Dell Monitor I recommended and give it a go. Then you will know. If it doesn’t work out, return the Dell. So make sure the store you purchase it from has a good return policy. (Unless you can bring your laptop into a store and try out some displays.)
  21. Brian

    Ben Q monitor

    @Damien Symonds - Have you seen the current prices of Windows computers lately? $1999 plus the cost of a display for a computer that’s is “good” for photo editing. I never thought I’d see the day that the price difference between a Mac a Windows computer would be minor.
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