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  2. I took the RAW and Layers and Masks class a long time ago, but I would like to take the skin class. I still feel all over the place and want to get my workflow down. So I realize I need to sign up for RAW and Levels, but then remembered the no Lightroom rule. I don’t think I can stop using Lightroom organizationally- I use it for projects, the book mode, so many things. And I don’t think it makes sense to go back and forth between LR and ACR. Can I sign up for everything and use Lightroom?
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    Well, colour space seems like a moot point at the moment, if you can't even open photos. Let's get this sorted first.
  4. Ok thank you! Ill try this..then Ill check back about the color space! unless you have a suggestion on that.
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    Oh yes, it's very robust. It only cleans up the clutter.
  6. Ok thanks! And I can run the clean my mac without losing anything? Most is saved on an external drive but just checking
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    Well, that's the thing, we can't possibly guess. Over the years I've seen lack of hard drive space being responsible for all kinds of weird and unpredictable stuff. It might help the immediate problem, or it might not; but I guarantee you this - it will definitely prevent other problems in the future. And make sure you run CleanMyMac.
  8. Ok I can do that I am working on so many sessions I have been trying to clear it but it is pretty full. Do you think this could be part of the problem? I will do this now.
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    This is nasty. Brian always says you should have one third free hard drive space, and you don't even have one tenth. Barely even one twentieth. You HAVE to clear some space. NOW.
  10. Ok I haven't uninstalled it yet
  11. What does that mean! The entire computer?
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    OH!!!!! Don't reinstall Photoshop yet!!!
  13. I have a Mac laptop running os X Yosemite and Photoshop 2017. It is over 2 years old, and has 16GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 32.69GB free out of 499GB. The last time I shut down was earlier today. I have never run a cleanup program.
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    Ok, it's completely FUBAR. You'll have to reinstall it.
  15. No It will not it comes up with that message
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    Ok, wow. Something is screwy. If you are in Photoshop, and go to File>Open, can you navigate to the jpeg file you just tried, and open it that way? Also, can you do this for me? https://www.damiensymonds.net/thread1.html
  17. It says could not complete your request bc file was not found And no messages come up from LR or ps after I reset
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    The same error message?
  19. It's not opening JPEG files either that I try to open straight from the computer
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    Yes please. Then, when you again try to open a photo from LR to PS, it should come up with a dialog with some options. Does it?
  21. Yes found it in LR should i click this?
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    One more question, then I'm completely stumped ... I know that Photoshop, in its Preferences, has a button that says "Reset all warning dialogs". I assume Lightroom has the same button in its preferences. Can you find it?
  23. Yes I just upgraded the 2017 version and this is when all my problems arose
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    Whoa. That's weird. Haven't you got the latest version of Photoshop?
  25. It opens PS and says could not complete your request bc ps doesn't recognize this type of file
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