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This weekend we're celebrating Lara's parents' golden wedding anniversary.  I'll turn off posting in the classes from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon Aussie time (roughly late Thursday night to late Saturday night in the USA).  If you have important photos please post them before then.

While I'm away you can still access the classes to read them, of course, and Ask Damien and Ask Brian will still be operating as usual, but answers will be somewhat delayed.

Thanks for your understanding.

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  2. C Ladder

    Please say I can scrape by with this one. I did a dumb, dumb thing and didn't have my shutter speed quite high enough for my long lens I switched to.
  3. Yesterday
  4. underwater

    It's probably a result of the thickness/position of the ripples in the water photo, but in some spots of her hair the lightness/coloration stands out a bit more. I suppose I could gently mask those areas. The spots I'm seeing are in her hair next to her right ear and the clump of hair over her right bicep.
  5. underwater

    Can you elaborate on your concerns about her hair? How is it different to the hair on the sample one you provided?
  6. underwater

    I think so, but the water ripples look a bit funny on her hair don't they? Will you share what you did?
  7. underwater

    Is this anywhere close?
  8. underwater

    Sorry, I was shortcutting. :-( I have a water image that I obtained legally years ago, but I couldn't find the original source info and wasn't comfortable uploading it. Thus the quick look on the fly for one. But, you're absolutely right. Here's a legal free option: https://pixabay.com/en/water-swimming-pool-bathing-travel-1018808/
  9. underwater

    Come on, let's keep it legal. You can't just rip off somebody else's photo to use for your work.
  10. underwater

    And let's use this one for the pool water sample: https://yourtodaypublications.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/keep-your-swimming-pool-water-clean-and-clear/
  11. underwater

    Trying again, I'm on my phone, so I'm not sure this will work. (When I tried from my computer earlier, it took me to a slideshow of images, which is why I sent the link to the single image.) http://www.seniorsbyphotojeania.com/senior-picture-ideas/sports-senior-picture-ideas it's the underwater swim one.
  12. underwater

    Can you provide links to the page that the images are on, not to the images themselves, so that their owners get proper credit and traffic.
  13. Light and vibrant

    Are you still there, @Whiskers and Tails?
  14. Hi Damien- I'd like to achieve the faux underwater effect like this: For some reason the image got cut off a bit, but on the original image it's more obvious that there is a watery overlay. Here is a pool water image as well. I've attached my image I'd like to apply the effect to. I know the water and the girl are at different angles, but I figured that for this exercise these images will work. Thanks for any tips/help! Ginger
  15. Is this a good card reader? https://www.amazon.com/Reader-Lightning-Camera-Connection-Adapter/dp/B077XS3S3W/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1524767003&sr=8-14&keywords=card+reader+for+camera+memory+card
  16. Just found the details for my question # 4...yay
  17. Only pic of baby alive - mom wants tubes removed

    You have done a STAGGERINGLY good job, well done. If you could just fine a suitably-angled ear to borrow from another photo, this would be perfectly fine (for what it is).
  18. Last week
  19. Sadly this baby passed away shortly after birth and mom wanted tubes removed from photo - I did my best quick attempt but what can I do to make it better? It is terrible quality phone pic
  20. Light and vibrant

    How is this?
  21. focus check

    My flash/strobe settings aren't like that, but some light meters tell you to set the flashes according to f-stops. Mine is based on power levels.
  22. Hi Brian. Thanks. Yikes, I have already used the cards interchangeably. (Without formatting them) I was just fooling around with each camera, as I really haven't gotten to know them yet. I need to make a copy of the fuji manual as I bought it used, and it didn't come with one. I have the Fuji xt1. I don't have a card reader. Is there one that you could recommend? After I get it, is it ok to insert cards from any camera in it? I mean, the card reader will recognize each camera, correct. Right now, I have been uploading through the slots on my computer. When you say get a new card for my fuji and get a larger one, what do you mean? As far as I can see, it takes the same card as the nikon d750. I still have my nikon d700, which does take the larger card..
  23. Light and vibrant

    I think this is better
  24. Light and vibrant

    I'm worried about your white balance on this one. How sure are you of its accuracy?
  25. Light and vibrant

    Thanks! How about this one?
  26. Light and vibrant

    There's really not much needed to make your photo into the other photo. Just some more saturation for the background, and less for the foreground. Download PSD Of course it's more effective on Natalie's photo, because she has some other colours (such as the blue fence) to work with. So please feel free to post some more photos of your own, with perhaps a bit more detail.
  27. Light and vibrant

    Yes, that's good now. Please don't let that happen again. I can't tell you how bad it is.
  28. Light and vibrant

    I think this should be ok now?
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