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  2. Okay so do I post this in the channel mixer class then?
  3. Woahhhh!!! That's amazing!! To channel mixer class I go!
  4. Okay this is my current attempt. I added a bit of a lens blur on a circle gradient (as there was still too much texture for me) and then the solid grey on top - I think I will have to wait to get rid of the colour casting before I can decide whether I like it or not! Thank you!!
  5. Yes, I think you should add a Solid Color layer of light grey (roughly an average of the blanket colour) and mask it onto the blanket, then lower its opacity.
  6. Oh darn I had thought so... Is there any way to make the blanket softer?
  7. I fear it will be really hard to replace the blanket, sorry.
  8. Guess I should get on that! 😁😁 Honestly I think it looks terrible - it wasn't mine but was the only blanket my friend had at her house that would work. - although I guess if I could reduce the texture that would work too. The picture is for a fundraiser (calendar) and will be square cropped to the two heads and the little arms so I'm really just looking to make the puppies stand out more from the blanket!
  9. We'll talk more about the cast once you've finished the Channel Mixer class. Regarding the blanket and tub .... I understand why you'd like to get rid of the tub, but what's wrong with the blanket?
  10. Hi there! I have this photo here - I am trying to get rid of the colour casting and I am also hoping to get rid of the blanket/red tub - to maybe a white background? Or even just make the blanket look less ugly. Is this possible? Hope you are staying healthy!
  11. Yes, it restarted. But might try again. I have to go to school pickup so will come back later. Thanks, Damien
  12. It seems unlikely. Did it prompt you to restart the computer after installing the update? If not, you probably should do so.
  13. Just thinking that I may have had the device plugged into the USB while updating the software. Could that be an issue?
  14. Ta. What screen type did you choose for this new screen? https://www.damiensymonds.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/07i1dppc02.gif
  15. Thanks. And is it a new computer as well? Or have you simply attached this new monitor to your existing computer?
  16. Yes, first time with this monitor. It's a Dell UP3216Q. Following your instructions from the beginning.
  17. Hi @LMS, am I to assume this is the first time you've calibrated this particular monitor? What make/model is it?
  18. Hi Damien, I'm calibrating a new monitor (Dell UP3216Q) as per your instructions for the i1DisplayPro on a PC. I've used your instructions many times on other monitors and never had a problem but I'm stuck. I have chosen the preset 5000k, clicked on Uniformity and followed through placing the device on all sections prompted on the screen till the finish. But instead of giving me the white point numbers and the luminance numbers for each section, it's only given me luminance values for each section of the screen. The only other thing that I did prior to starting was to upgrade the software when I was prompted. Any chance you know what has happened? thanks, Lisa
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