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  1. Yesterday
  2. I suppose so. You're right it was too bright at first.
  3. Because if you have to fix the mask on the fox (which I think you will have to, it looks a bit rough along its back) you don't need to re-mask two layers, of course. What do you think of it? Suitably shaded considering its location?
  4. Like this? Why does it make a difference if its a separate layer vs "clipped" to fox layer? Very curious. I did take the layers and mask class, but since we cannot save it I cant go back when my memory fails me, which is quite often. Your thoughts on this?
  5. Last week
  6. Will do this when I get home today, thanks!
  7. You have to recalibrate after doing this. Have you done so?
  8. Yes, very. Thank you for teaching this new skill.
  9. Ok, I figured out why the monitor color was so off! There is a button at the bottom of the monitor to choose Standard, ComfortView, Movie, Game, Color Temp., and Custom Color. I changed to Custom Color and reduced blue (out of RGB) to 96% to match with my prints. Now, the monitor colors match with my prints!
  10. Whaat? No, it's perfect, I assure you.
  11. I was working on this one in the RAW class. I thought it was fine but looks terrible to me while I was editing it.
  12. F2.8, ISO 100, 35mm, 1/500
  13. No. We have no control over the laptop.
  14. This is unlikely to be because of a Bridge update. It seems more likely to be because of an ACR update. Either way, it's annoying. Can you try it without anything?
  15. Is it okay if I concentrate on the laptop first?
  16. I've always used (for years) Canon's own image transfer software, but only had this issue since updating to Bridge 2019 recently..
  17. Did you actually import the photos using Bridge? Or just copy them from card to hard drive then browse them with Bridge afterwards?
  18. It seems that previous photos are ok..! Weird... Could it be a camera setting thing (although no settings have changed in my camera)..??
  19. Earlier
  20. What about older photos that used to be ok? Are they still ok, or have they rotated now too?
  21. Yeah - they stay in landscape orientation rather than automatically reverting to portrait - even in ACR.. Obviously, I can rotate them manually but it's a 'pita' when you have a few..
  22. Oh, somebody else reported this problem too. What about when you open them into ACR? Still landscape?
  23. Hi Damien, I've just updated to Bridge 2019 and all portrait images taken on my camera now transfer to computer in landscape orientation, whereas before, any images taken in portrait stayed in portrait automatically...!! Any ideas??
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