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    Hi there, I get a lot of the backgrounds from Etsy. I just search the particular theme I’m looking for and then I go from there. I sometimes also add more to an image myself and use overlays etc that I purchase through Etsy as well. So your first step is to find your digital image that you like. I haven’t used any tutorials I have just taught myself so I can’t help you there sorry. Then I photograph my subject on a black background or a white background depending on the digital background I have purchased. If it’s a darker background I go with black if it’s lighter white. Remember to make sure your lighting matches your background. Once you have your image of your subject add it to the digital background as Damien has linked above and mask out the unwanted areas. Next step is to get that size correct so it looks most realistic. Then it’s your levels and skin work. Once that’s all done I add shadows which plays a big role it getting it to look like the person is actually in the photo. Hope this helps and good luck they are loads of fun to create.
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    No, that's the right page. You need the "White Point Targets" section.
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    842gb free. To be fair, my Uncle deleted everything off it before he gave it to me. So really only has a few photos/videos and newly installed Elements.
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    Fantastic! Ok, follow the troubleshooting part of my calibration instructions, for when the screen is too cool.
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    That'll be one of those painting programs. From Corel or some such company.
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    Thank you Very Much @Falon and Thanks as always @Damien Symonds !!
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    When I get less busy LOL! I actually have a sun flare I need help with but hadn't decided whether to do it as I did the edit or to post on ask damien. Maybe I'll get to it next week. Hope you had a great Holiday season!
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    I don't know how to answer your question. 2019 was perfect for me ... but so is 2020. So I don't know if my experience will translate to your computer.
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    This is the most important advice from me: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/09/extract-then-copy-vs-copy-then-extract.html Also this: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2015/07/blue-or-green-screen-for-background.html
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    Saw it. Thought it was fun to do. :)
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    Hi Damien, I've been lurking on your FB page for awhile now. I've decided to take some of you classes now because I want to learn more PS skills. Everything I know up to this point has been self taught. By the way, your Austrialian accent in the video above surprised me. I've been "listening" to you in my head with an American accent ... hahahahahahaha! Now it makes it all more fun!
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    Not going to lie... I haven't been keeping up with calibration. I have called the company to discuss it too. I am going to dig up some older prints tomorrow when I bring the lamp down and see. I may also ask them to reprint a few to confirm.
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    I did come across a software product that can do what I want (add to the height or width of a photo to bring it to the 8x10 ratio I want). That program is iResizer, and it allows you to mark the part of a photo you wish to preserve unchanged, while specifying the pixel count in width and height that you desire. In my case it added more sky above the subject of the photo. It is a chargeable program (but inexpensive), downloadable at iResizer.com. When I tested the free download version, it seemed to degrade (just a bit) the part of the photo I wanted preserved, but perhaps I might be able to find ways around that if I play with it some more.
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    Thank you so much. You're a genius! And a gem too helping everyone like this I really do appreciate it.
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    No, that's not the crop tool, that's the marquee tool.
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