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    It doesn't do the weird size thing when you do sensible ol' Save As?
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    Okay. I found the U2718Q monitor on Costco online (the retail store doesn't carry this) for a great pice! Will give it a try, thanks!!
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    It's the people who don't ask questions who drive me nuts Ask all the questions you need.
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    This looks better.
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    Needless to day, you can add more colour markers if you need to, and you can move the position of any of the colour markers.
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    Thank you! Client has opted to leave the project for now. He will take a new (non-live) pic on his next trip for a higher quality file. He wants it to be big! Thanks for your assistance. I hope to revisit this again in the coming months.
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    No, sorry. Once you send a file, you can't stop somebody "doing anything else" with it.
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    Thanks for your time, Damien. I'll send you a photo of the painting when it's finished. 😊
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    Yay, I've got it. It took a while. For a minute I thought I'd stuffed it all back up again, as it wouldn't snap but I moved it around until a blue box appeared around it and that seemed to signify it would snap. So I rearranged them all and all is right with the world again. Well the Photoshop world anyway. 😊 Tx
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    I think it'll be excellent. Why not test a bigger print like this?
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    To avoid any glare sneaking in under the calibrator and ruining the readings.
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    Just finished the Raw part and submitted two images with screenshots of adjustments. Thanks!
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    Right. Because only the Adobe apps are colour-managed. That is, only those programs recognise and utilise your monitor profile. That's another pointer towards a problem with the calibration profile.
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    PLEASE don't print any canvases before you know how to do it properly. https://www.damiensymonds.net/trainingsharp.html Truth is, even 100ppi is higher than you need for canvas. But it's hard to convince people of that.
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    My iMac kept shutting off at random and now, can't turn back on.... I called Apple Support and they tried to help me, however, it is not letting me turn back on so they asked me to bring my computer to the Genius Bar. I have an appointment at 5:20pm tomorrow. Hopefully, it will get fixed and I can move on.