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    I've gone through all your notes again, very carefully. I have some appointments tomorrow so probably won't be able to tackle it again until Friday. I will let you know how it goes. Kind regards Dianna
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    Definitely better without the cover
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    Sorry, I'm getting confused - the bulbs in my new light fitting are 4200K, not 6500K.
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    AMAZING!! It never would have occurred to me - but then I guess that's why you're the expert! Thank you I will play around with it tomorrow. I have already managed to reduce the brightness to 24 which is probably about right. It's always so lovely to solve an unsolvable problem. thank you again.
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    Not quite perfect, but pretty close. Easily passable.
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    https://www.damiensymonds.net/2015/04/the-handyman-method.html But I hasten to add that I don't think there's a problem. I genuinely can't see what shadow you're talking about? You can't, sorry. You'd need to try to clone the blanket afterwards.
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    Yes. https://www.damiensymonds.net/act_ip.html
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    I can try to find a link but some specs Dell xps 15
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    On a Mac the preferences are in the Apple menu, I think? No, definitely don't touch this.
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    Btw, my calibrator finally came in and I got my monitors calibrated yay!!
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    I did calibrate again and I can live with this result. I have to go to bed shortly but I'm going to pop a few things into the wb check side really quick
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    got it! My photoshop 2019 startup scripts were not checked!
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    Great. Thanks for your answer!
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    Thank you! I will give that a shot for sure. Appreciate it 😃
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    Just found a fix for anyone else that is or may have this issue in the future. When stating up Bridge press CTRL ALT + SHIFT and tick all the boxes to reset the preferences. I now have my features back.
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    Great! Then yes, the process you describe sounds fine.
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    I've renewed my RAW membership (third year is a charm Please give me a nudge when Levels and Skin are due.
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    I'd tried that one. Decided to start again in a new document..... It works! Just can't effect any changes to the shape layer after you've created the shape. So I changed option to 'combine' before creating the shapes and it worked, Happy dance
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    Ok, that's much better. Based on your fixed SOOR, here's a PSD file: http://mbf.cc/aYy0KU First Liquify to reduce the overall shape of the phone; followed by dodge and burn to improve the shadows. I probably should have been more aggressive with the Liquify, but I hope you get the idea.
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    I have done that too, still not working. Trying to get help from Adobe and looking at installing an earlier version of Bridge cc to see if that will fix it, seems to be a bug in the last update
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    That's a great question, @cathm. I tend to use 11 on the 0-12 scale, or 90 on the 0-100 scale. That's only for Facebook (because it is cruel to image quality). For other websites, I only use 9 or 70 respectively.
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    I sent some to be printed. I will pick them up in the morning.
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    Always Jpeg. Never PNG. You have to start over completely. Getting the logo the correct size is a crucial first step of the whole process.
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    Sorry mate, this is out of my league. I love what you chose for these photos; and I can't think of anything better.
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    FEATURED THREADS Click on any image to go to its thread.
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