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    It's the shutter speed causing issues. 1/60th is what killed this photo. For this shot, you could have used f/4 and got the shutter up to 1/125th. That said, with a 24-70 @ 70mm, I try not to go below 1/160th.
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    Wow im so glad I took this course, the section on viewing was just what i needed let say that rubbish is in the bin
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    Solved! The PS updated had failed, so the Bridge couldn't open PS. :-)
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    You're a magician! Thankyou!
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    Rule of thumb when shooting digital that I try to use, is that shutter speed should be twice of the focal length. Back in the film days, your focal length and shutter speed where closer together 50mm was 1/60th, etc. So at 70mm, you want 1/160th or better. 200mm, 1/400th or 1/500th of a second, etc. For those reading this and have high resolution cameras, like a Nikon D850, you almost want 4 times the focal length. The more MP you have, the worse camera shake will bite you. But I’m digressing here. I have found that laying on the shutter and taking three shots consecutively...the second shot will be the one that has the sharpest focus. Especially when you are at 1/60th in low-light conditions, hand-held, such as this photo.
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    Still here! Busy last week of school. I will get it done right!
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    That's right.
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    thank you! that means a LOT!
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    The colour moire is so slight that all you need to do is add a Solid Color layer of shirt colour, set it to "Color" blend mode, and paint over the shirt.
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    Well, blurring if you have to, I guess. It's never desirable.
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    Whoa. Post this one in class please.
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    Channel Mixer layer: R 0, +100, 0, +5 G 0, +100, 0, 0 B 0, +100, 0, +3
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    Channel Mixer layer: Red 0, +100, 0, +3 Green 0, +100, 0, 0 Blue 0, +100, 0, +4 It won't be quite perfect, but should be good enough.
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    Thank you I follow all those rules and the 6 megapixel one too so I’m safe
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    That sounds quite normal, yes. But they can vary wildly, of course. Have you read this? It's very likely those dullards aren't doing their noise removal properly.
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    This is excellent.
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    My flash/strobe settings aren't like that, but some light meters tell you to set the flashes according to f-stops. Mine is based on power levels.
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    Found the update, downloaded it and it worked! Thanks so much!
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    Please stop trying to upload through Bridge. Just put the card in your computer, open the folder (go to "My computer" if the folder doesn't open automatically) then copy the files safely to the correct folder on your hard drive. Don't overcomplicate life.
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    That drop-down is not new. It's just moved, that's all. My advice remains the same: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2012/02/camera-calibration-tab-in-acr.html
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    Yeah, no, jpegs should never be 20MB. I wasn't at all surprised to see you say "him" in this post. It must be a penis-related thing, it so often seems to be men who demand outrageously big files. He is an idiot, of course. The problem is that people like this think they know something about digital imaging, but of course they don't. On average, what are the pixel dimensions of the files you sent him? And what quality level did you save them at?