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    I'd like to also add the power of Alias Folders. Say you edit a photo in Photoshop. When you head to File >> Save As and then select Desktop, the Aliases on the Desktop will appear in the main column. Just simply select the appropriate folder and click OK. The actual file will be in one of those folders that are contained within your HD and not stored on the Desktop. So in a sense, the only change to your workflow will be clicking on the appropriate Alias and then creating a folder within that Alias Folder, rather than just plopping things on the Desktop, only to organize them later. So if you think about it, it's not THAT big of a deal, and will make your Mac run so much smoother.
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    Prints match after calibrating following Damien's instructions. I'm a happy camper now! :)
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    No, you're not crazy. It's definitely a giant arm.
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    Ok, no worries. Well, I guess you'll have to duplicate the Background layer, convert it to a smart object, then use Edit>Transform>Warp to shrink the bottom of the photo.
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    Here is the cool part with Aliases on the Desktop, you can move the folder and the Alias will update automatically!! Just as long as they are on the same Mac. (Duh!) As long as you move stuff via the Finder, the MacOS is smart enough to keep track where the folders that the Aliases point to reside. So if you do have to shuffle things around, just make sure your EHDs each have unique names. The can be as simple as EHD1, EHD2, etc. or G-Drive 12TB, G-Drive 4TB, etc.
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    Well that was easy! At least, the creation of aliases was easy. Next, saving the old stuff on a portable drive to free up some space. šŸ™„ Thanks again Brian!
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    Thank you as always Brian !! I Costco has only 144Hz version. Even the dell has 144Hz only. Amazon got 240Hz version but return policy is bad. If apple doesn't release something compact affordable on 22nd June (which would easily fit it bag.) , i'll buy this on 23rd.
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    OH! One more thing!! Uploading files is just as easy!! I just went to upload a Waterfalls Photo to my Instagram and I use Hootsuit to do this. When I went to upload the photo, the main box that appeared in my comment above was the same. I simply then went to the appropriate Alias Folder and selected my File and clicked Open. I forgot just how convenient working with Aliases are and it doesn't take a huge adjustment to your workflow. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:
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    Sounds like a good project for tomorrow; it's supposed to be a rainy day! Thanks Brian.
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    Going back to Windows is going to be a bit of a pain. The file system that Macs use and the one Windows uses are completely different. Apple makes it VERY easy to convert from Windows to a Mac...just not the other way around. If you do convert to a Windows Laptop, I can help. Just create a thread in either here or the Windows Forum. But first things first, let's get more space on that HD (clear stuff out, you do not need 75 Raw Files that are photos of your lunch from 5 years ago.)
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    Thanks Brian! Yes I have learned that the 8GB of RAM is an issue. Might invest in a non-mac laptop just for editing and keep my mac for emails, documents, etc. because unfortunately with my laptop I cannot add RAM to it. I do use CleanMyMac v 4.6.3. Thank you so much for all the information about how the desktop works and about aliases.....I had no idea! This will be tomorrow's project!
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    IPS is the screen type. LED is the of back-light that illuminates the display. They are two different things. It seems that there are two versions of the screen, one that is 240Hz and one that is 144Hz. you want the 240Hz model for $100 more. Take a look at Asus' website for the details: https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-Zephyrus-G15/Tech-Specs/ As you can see, the model that contains the 15.6-inch Non-glare Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS-level panel, 240Hz, 3ms, 100% sRGB, PantoneĀ® is the one you want to get. The dead give away is the 240Hz refresh rate. Also, that model has a better video card. So this one at B&H, the ASUS 15.6" Republic of Gamers Zephyrus G15 GA502IV for $1399.99 is the one you want to purchase. Let's keep things simple, if I had to personally buy a laptop, if I was in your situation, that model at B&H would be the one to get. That laptop has 16GB of RAM, 8GB on-board and a slot that has a 8GB stick. It is up-gradable to 24GB. I'd just go ahead and purchase a 16GB stick to max it out at 24GB. As for which one to buy, I'm not sure as the laptop hasn't been released yet, but I'm thinking the Crucial.com scanning tool will be able to figure it out. So buy the laptop at B&H and get yourself setup. Then upgrade the RAM. The other things I like about that laptop is the 1TB of storage. I'm so glad that laptop doesn't have a stupid 256GB Main Drive. Unfortunately, as I write this, Costco's website is having issues and I can't search for the laptop. If you do purchase from them, DOUBLE-CHECK THE SCREEN REFRESH RATE OF THE MODEL. Chances are, Costco might be selling the 144Hz version in their version-do not buy that version. Again, the one at B&H that I linked to above has the 240Hz screen. Keep in mind, Color Calibration IS NOT A ONE TIME THING. Sure, factory calibration usually is decent out of the box and that's meant for VIDEO GAMES. Not photo-editing. I don't care if whatever you buy is "Certified" or "Calibrated" to _________ fancy organization specifications...you are still going to need to purchase a Calibration Tool, if you don't have one already, such as a SpyderX Pro or SpyderX Elite. Then you will have to match your screen to a set of prints. Plan on calibrating every 4-6 weeks for the best results. Screens do change over time as they get broken in, that's why you never assume that things are "fine" until you physically check. As to which one? With a laptop and if you are going to use an external display, either. The difference between the two is software and the SpyderX Elite has all the features turned on. With a fancy Windows Laptop, such as an Asus ROG, I'd be more inclined to get a SpyderX Elite. With a Mac Laptop, since you can only change brightness, the SpyderX Pro tool is fine.
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    Yes, it restarted. But might try again. I have to go to school pickup so will come back later. Thanks, Damien
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    Save them by simply choosing "Save Actions" in the Actions Panel submenu. Where is up to you. But wherever it is, make sure you also back them up.
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    Bummer. Well, I guess just crop it however you like it. Then save it as a jpeg to send to them.
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    Ah! Great thank you so much!!
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    8GB of RAM is the bare minimum to run Photoshop properly. Make sure you don't have too many other programs open at the same time, and don't have more than one photo open in Photoshop at a time. Did you mean TB, not GB? Yes you bloody are. Shut down EVERY DAY. This is serious. Run CleanMyMac right away, and every month hereafter. All of these factors combined definitely explain your lagging healing tools.
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    It looks like you're not viewing in filename order?
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    Hi Brian, Thank you so much for responding to my question. Sorry for not coming back sooner to thank you... My father passed away - lost his battle to cancer (FUCK CANCER) Hating life, to sad to care anymore! Again thank you
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    Thanks D! Thanks for letting me know they are all good. I've a lot more images than i thought.
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