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    Color blend mode affects everything. Hue blend mode only applies the colour to areas that already have colour, and leaves neutral areas alone.
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    The reason why it's so full: Windows 10. You see, Microsoft is going to stay at "Windows 10" for quite some time. There won't be a Windows 11 or 12. There is Windows 10 - Anniversary Edition, plus a few editions in between and the next one will be Windows 10 - Creators Edition, which will be released in a few weeks. Basically, without getting too geeky, these major updates re-install the whole friggin' Windows and put your old version in a Windows.old directory on the HD. Combine that with the other update patches and system recovery points, AND your Windows Swap File (pagefile.sys) and Adobe Scratch Disk and you can run out of room pretty quickly. Especially if you are the type to "next-next-next...ok.nextnextnext...ok...finish" when installing stuff. It's getting to the point where people either need to have 4TB C Drives or must learn to pay attention. The days of, "I don't know nothin' about computers" needs to come to an end. If you don't want to install any software, you can right-click on the C Drive and select "Properties." From there you should see a button called Disk Cleanup. Click it and choose all the check boxes and run it. Warning: this will delete the backup files for windows updates plus other things, so if you need to uninstall a Windows Update, you won't be able to. If you need to go back to your old version of Windows, you won't be able to. That said, you probably have no need to do this at this point so it really doesn't matter. I'm more concerned about that HD only having a 106GB left. That's not good. At all.
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    We can see from Chaser's profile that she's using a PC. But anyway, no, that's not an automatic assumption. There are a variety of ways to capture a screenshot on a Mac, and not all of them automatically save to the desktop. And it's not a jpeg even when it does.
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    Much better! Thank you again.
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    well that was an easy fix!! Thank you!! And in just as good news I have enough posts now to join the skin class!!
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    No, it's a pressure sensitivity setting. See the little icons to the left and right of the "Flow" setting in the options bar? One of them controls it, I can't remember which.
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    Thank you for your direction, Damien. I'm grateful. : )
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    I've heard that for years. It's never happened yet.
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    Ok I am off to get some sleep, as soon as these other prints get here I will report back!
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    One NEVER crops a PSD file, that's the point. Some reading for you: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/02/trash-those-jpegs.html https://www.damiensymonds.net/2011/09/cropping-tutorial.html https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/02/multiple-images-in-one-psd.html https://www.damiensymonds.net/bridge-30-day-challenge
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    okay. Then I might have deleted the original. I really thought this was the one. It's really no big deal cause I can always wait to take another picture with my camera. Thank you so much though for telling me that was a picture I saved from FB at a later date.
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    I definitely will. I can't thank you enough Damien!
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    Oh gosh, that's such a great question! I wish I had a great answer Some tools (eg clone and healing) work either way. The Patch Tool needs a duplicate. Often when I'm cloning I might need to include a little bit of patching too, so in those cases I generally duplicate to be safe. But duplicating adds a heck of a lot of file size to your PSD, of course, so it's not always the best idea. If you're cloning, and it's only a small area, a blank layer is ideal.
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    Thank you very much. That is a great help. Interesting enough I think it has helped me figure out what is going on and why the red. It appears that the set up was not exactly lined up well with the lights and we ended up with the right being brighter but without red. I'll adjust from here but it looks like the curtain affected that left side.
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    Yes only photoshop and the above worked.....thankyou so much it was driving me crazy.....
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    This has nothing to do with an update to a new computer, this is basic computer maintenance. It's like not changing your car's oil for 100,000 miles and blaming the engine for failing. This will happen on your new computer as well over time.
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    @Damien Symonds: My record: 8.95GB free out of 120GB on a Windows Server C Drive. When you scale things up, this one is pretty damn close.
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    Exactly what it says. It cleans up your computer. It's AMAZING. And it's rock-solid reliable. I've used it for years, on dozens and dozens of computers, and it's never messed anything up.
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    More or less, yes.
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    No, do your liquify first. https://www.damiensymonds.net/2015/07/order-of-layers-for-complex-pixel-edits.html
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    Ok, in that case, I think we can get away with the easiest option. Duplicate the Background layer Go to the Canvas Size dialog, and extend the size at that side Flip the new layer horizontally, then move it across so it lines up perfectly (zoom in greater than 100% view to ensure this) Add a new blank layer and clone out as much elbow as needed
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    It was to prevent the High Pass layer from making colours too vivid.
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    Thank you, Damien, It took six hours to install but I did it. Now to get to work on the files.
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    Can you give me a simple description of the difference between hue blend mode and colour blend mode please Damien?
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    Oh! Lol, right. Also do the top edge of the baseboard.
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    If it works, it should be dead easy.
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    Oh crap, this is really bad. I think it'll have to remain on "Vibrant (Full)".
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    Shift, command, 3 and shift, command ,4 both make jpeg images - every one I have uploaded to this site has appeared on my desktop as a jpeg that I choose straight from the choose files link to upload.
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    Yes it is the Display. Thank you Damien I will use your instructions.
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    Perfect, thanks. She's very adorable, but yeah, far too soft, sorry. You need to scrap it. PLEASE start posting some images in the Raw Class for me.
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    I ... don't actually think you read this?
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    You can't paste a screenshot directly to this site, or any website anywhere on the internet. That's not how screenshots work. After taking a screenshot, you have to create a new blank file in Photoshop, Ctrl V to paste the screenshot onto it, then save it as a jpeg file in the usual way.
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    I'm going to start another topic about layers and masks because my troubleshooting led in a different direction.
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    Ok, great. Have you tried the simple method first? Just a Hue/Saturation layer, choose "Cyans" and enter roughly +10, +75, -60 or thereabouts. The thing about this method is, you have to check edges (like the hair and the fluffy rug very carefully, because it an sometimes leave weird stuff at edges.
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    I hope this looks ok, it's the best I can do: It's a Levels layer: On the RGB channel, move the middle slider to 1.10 On the Red channel, move the Output sliders to 122 and 242 On the Green channel, move the Output sliders to 62 and 244 On the Blue channel, move the Output sliders to 52 and 246 Here's a screenshot of the Blue so you can see what I mean: Then mask it on very carefully.
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    Oh, right. Yeah, you used perspective on both axes, so no, you don't need skew. I only used perspective on the x asis.
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    I don't understand. Why is this a problem? It seems to me that if it wasn't there to add shape and definition to his jawline, his jaw would just meld unflatteringly into his neck.
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    There was quite a lot of guesswork involved, to be honest. A lot of fiddling with sliders.
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    Perfect. So, what you need to do is set up your kettle in front of a black backdrop. As it boils, take various photos of the white steam against the black. Save them all to your "steam library". When editing them, make sure the black is perfectly black - 0/0/0 values. Then, it's easy enough to File>Place one of those files onto your photo, and immediately change its blend mode to "Screen". Then play with its rotation, size and opacity to your desire.
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    Hey, Damien! Keep practicing. You'll get it! What I really want to know is how you did such a perfect mask in such a short time?? That's where I'm going bonkers. I think your attempt is great. I would maybe add a little grey to that shadow?? But as always, I am in complete AWE of your knowledge and expertise. Thanks so much.