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    I'm sure that is as best as it will get. Thanks Damien!
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    Gosh, tough one. How does this look? https://max.mailbigfile.com/e847ce54e8afe9be7580fb35eb1ba0d4/listFiles.php
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    not sure yet. i ordered some prints that will be here hopefully before Thanksgiving
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    Well yes, it's a worry. 70% is worse than most laptops.
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    Thanks Damien. I am sure there is not an 'exit fee' so to drop it should be easy or likewise, take up, easy.
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    Thanks Damien. No I haven't tried moving it around but I will try. But I've jus had another photographer friend visiting and he agrees my CW globes are not cool, definitely not 6000K. So I'm pretty sure this is the problem and I'm aiming to have new cool down lights installed.
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    I have been putting up with this since the end of June so thank you. I greatly appreciate your help with this.
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    Ok, we are up and running. I will let the monitor warm up and then do a calibration and see how it goes
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    I figured out a method. I think the above doesn't work because an image isn't a "shape". Instead I used a drop shadow in FX and it is working. I just want to put a tiny frame around each/some of the pictures in my photo book in PS. I have spreads with 2-8 pictures per spread and want frames on each picture not the whole spread as 1. Make sense? These are not totally sharp on outside edge but think they are ok unless you have a better method.
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    Phew! Glad you like it. Let me try to explain my steps ... The Patch Tool is the best way to get rid of the bulk of the strap, but as I've said before, it works best on "islands" - that is, smaller chunks of strap with "ocean" (skin) all around them. So the first step is to duplicate the Background layer and use the clone tool to carefully chop the strap into sections: Then use the Patch Tool to get rid of the sections. Drag around one and drag it to a nearby clean section of skin: Hopefully, this will fill the patch with seamless skin: Keep on repeating this ... ... until it's all clear: Then add a blank layer, and clone out the area where the strap runs under the fabric. Clone further than necessary: Then add a mask to that layer and mask it carefully: (More info here.) Finally, add a blank layer and use the eyedropper tool to sample some lighter-coloured fabric, then add a Solid Color layer of that colour. Put the layer on "Lighten" blend mode: Add a black mask to that layer, then very patiently paint on to the dark areas of the tulle with a low opacity brush (5-10%) until it is sufficiently disguised.
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    I have emailed them and the response was as follows. " Alan K Martin (Order a Print) Dec 1, 09:46 IST Hello Aymar, Thank you for using our service and reaching out to us! The system does 3 things: First, it shows the sizes that are the closest to the photo ratio. Second, it presents the sizes that can be printed using photo quality. Third, it presents only the sizes that are available in your customer's country. The system will always prefer to offer sizes that have an aspect ratio that is the closest possible to the aspect ratio of the original image in order to prevent image data loss. In order to get the best results and to enable printing of most products/sizes, the artwork should be uploaded in the size of 4000 px or higher in sRGB format, 300 dpi or more, so we can print as close as possible to what the customer sees on their screen, using JPG or PNG file type. Unfortunately, we cannot send free samples, but we offer our clients a sample request discount that takes 20% off from the total price from the first order. You should see the discount in the cart before checkout. (If you are logged in as the site owner) We are using the most advanced printing equipment and materials to achieve great print qualities. The paper stock depends on your customer location as we ship from local factories, but in most cases, we use Art Poly canvas, Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper with a fine grain pebble texture and Glossy “F” Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper with a glossy finish and many other great materials. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me. With best regards, Alan K Martin Order a Print - Support Team"
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