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    Let it use both C and D, I reckon. Yeah, that's how I have mine set up, and it seems to be working fine.
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    I don't think there's any question that the photo looks better without that dark patch. That masking, tho ....
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    Longer, even? Like, partway down his shin?
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    Yep! It'll still need some gentle masking around the tree, but much less arduous now.
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    Sometimes I find I have to take the scale down really small - like 20% or something - so I can get the gradient centred exactly where I want it. Then take the scale back up again.
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    That might be as close as you'll get, eh? Looks like the centre of it needs to be moved down a bit.
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    Might be time to start masking now, and see how it comes up?
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    Yeah, the carpet will be masking, I think.
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    You'll probably need to take the Scale above 100%, I figure?
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    Haha yes! I was in the correct color space, sRGB 8bpc.
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    No, there should be almost no careful masking necessary. Next, a darker radial gradient on the left side to match the colour of the wall there.
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    Yes, I think so.
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    Just a little bit strange at the very top? (over on the left-hand side).
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    That was actually one of the very last layers I added. After all the gradient ones, I went back and put that in there, then fiddled with the sliders to make the area match the new background.
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    Ok Damien thank you very much I'll get on to that straight away .
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    It appears to be a mouse issue. When using the trackpad it works fine. I will test more with it tonight after work. I will run a clean up program. Thank you!
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    Thanks, that was a time intensive project
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    And you picked my son's birthday.
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    OK great gona change to cool white N recalibrate. Will update u! Thanks
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    Keep the raw posts coming!
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    I started clean from ACR and applied the Channel Mixer settings you gave me. Painted on the jacket sleeve and a little on the shoulder and a crease. Then cloned a couple of dirty spots bc moire was stronger on those. Thank you very much for your help. Cant wait to graduate from Raw and take your levels class.
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    Yes, that's right, it's supposed to. Then you invert the mask and paint on the sleeve, exactly as you said. When I did it, the numbers were perfect. An exact match for the jacket colour.
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    Oh, don't start from scratch.
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    Download PSD (it's biggish, sorry)
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    Can't say I love this ...
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    Oh boy ... I'll see ...
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    Thanks Damien!! I followed the re-installation steps, after a few hick-ups (seems to be a bit temperamental) the brightness step now seems to work . Have kept it at the original software version of 4.5.4. Will try update to 4.5.9 later and see if it changes anything.
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    Great. So flatten your layers, then choose your Crop Tool, and choose the "W x H x Resolution" setting in the Options Bar. Enter "960px" (make sure you include the "px" or it will default to inches or something) in the Width field if it's a landscape photo, or the Height field if it's a portrait photo. Leave the other two fields blank. For example, this is my crop tool ready to crop a portrait (tall) photo: Then crop.
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    I did, but somehow overlooked the section on recalibration. I've got to learn to go back and read twice before asking questions.
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    No, not exactly. You wouldn't make a copy of the file to edit. You'd simply make sure you had the jpeg file (that you sent to the lab) safely stored in a folder somewhere. Then you can start editing your raw file again as you always would. You definitely wouldn't have two copies of the raw file, nor of your PSD. Right.
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    No, that's exactly right. That's how Image Processor works. It always saves copies. This is functionality that I find REALLY useful when saving output jpegs (as you know from this video). But I agree it's a bit clumsy if saving initially-edited PSDs. You want to know the absolute easiest way? Just hit Ctrl Alt W (or go to File>Close All). This will immediately bring up a message that says "File has not been saved, do you want to save it now?" Make sure you check the "Apply to all" box before hitting "Yes", and then it will go through and quickly save them.
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    thanks for that....worked a treat. Merry Christmas
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    Hey Damien, I realized I had mistakenly set up my LR to output SRGB once in photoshop! I was able to read it into LR again and export in the current color space saving my edits. Thanks so much for your help - just in case someone else has the same question! Elizabeth
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    Somewhere like this: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color
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    Yeah, it's just one of those glitches. Happens to everyone from time to time.
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    I'd hoped for a bit more masked off the subjects, particularly their skin, to be honest.
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    Hello, Carol from Vancouver Island here. Accidentally ran into one of Damien's post via a Google search. Bookmarked it, returned to the site and signed up for the layer and mask class. Going well, the big thing though is I've opened ACR and decided to mess with my file structure, yeah! I've been using Lightroom for the last couple of years, and have wanted to change some of file folders, but have had a terrible fear of messing with it... so unfortunately things aren't how I want them. Jumped in today and it feels great to take control. I get to decide, thanks for that bit of wisdom, Damien! I've been practicing photography for the last couple of years. Started with food photography until last year when our first grandchild was born. Lots of opportunity to catch a moving target and I'm enjoying it immensely. Glad I found this site and look forward to interacting with everyone.
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    HI Damien, I have been working on this for two days! lol I wanted to share what I have so far. I am waiting on more photos to make this complete. Thanks again for all your help!
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    I think we were on drugs when we did this one. Download the file here.