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    Thank you, Damien. I'll put my time and energy where it will be most effective. 😊
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    Thank you, it takes a while to do this type of edit. I will lighten that just a little bit more. Appreciate your feedback. :-)
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    Think i have worked it out
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    Will sign up now! Have always wondered what the hell the channel mixer actually does.
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    You know, and I know, that the photos you've posted there are complete tripe compared to how good they can be. But that's not really the point, is it? In the context of your question, all that matters is that regular people don't know any better. They will love them.
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    Correct. This is a common viewing glitch, nothing actually wrong with your file. Nothing to worry about.
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    Im just browsing around....got curious about this. Educational purposes. I don't have an image with this issue.
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    I didn't expect a perfect match. I got it close enough
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    Yep...I was overlooking it at the bottom. Sorry but thanks!!
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    Ok great thankyou. I will enrol.
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    Thanks D. I ended up biting the bullet and asking for a reshoot. I tried D&B and gamma correction and neither fix it well enough for my liking. I showed the agent (my friend, thankfully) and told him I had a "lens failure" and recommended a reshoot. He says the house looks "haunted", lol. So now to organise a reshoot. Ugh. Thanks for checking it out for me!
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    Almost certainly yes, but of course do some testing and see.
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    Oh, yay! That's wonderful news.
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    Haha! Ok! I accept it! Your right!
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    No they're not You only think they're perfect because you've never seen how much better they can be.
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    Don't even bother, honestly. You can't explain to a guy like that. Just send him the files directly, and move on with your life.
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    Good idea - Yes I will do that first thing in the morning for you. Thanks again
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    You can do anything you like