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    Or this one? There are a lot of these programs out there.
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    In cases where you can't find any blend modes that you like, you'll need to use Advanced Levels.
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    What I've found is that you need to vary the blend mode of the Solid Color layers for various purposes. Sometimes "Color", sometimes "Multiply", sometimes "Soft Light" etc.
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    It's just practice. Looking at lots and lots of photos.
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    Thank you so much will have a look at the video now
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    Mine looks different on the screen when i get home later i will add a screen shot thank you for your help
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    Yes, I reset the brush tool earlier
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    I will Check shortly, I have school pick up.
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    Yes perfect. Thank you
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    The class will blow your mind, I promise.
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    YES!! That fixed it. THANK YOU! Things like that drive me nuts.
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    Will do this when I get home today, thanks!
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    Yes, very. Thank you for teaching this new skill.
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    Not sure if I can. It's impossible to get through to them on email. When I rang Dell's helpline they didn't even know what a colour calibrator was or what it was for, even though it's up on their own web site. When I mentioned that it was for a Mac, they said in an automaton voice that they only dealt with Dell computers and I would have contact Mac! As I said, the device works on the same computer using DisplayCal, so it seems to be a software problem. Anyway, I'll try to speak to Dell again. Many thanks for your help.
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    It didn't help and I'm at a loss, but thanks for trying.
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