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We're celebrating Christmas a week early with Lara's family.  So I'll be turning off posting in the classes from Monday morning to Wednesday evening next week (17th-19th) (approx Sunday evening to Wednesday morning USA time).  I look forward to seeing your photos in class for the rest of this week, and over the weekend, as usual.


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    No, this is what I said: You must do your skin smoothing on the colour version.
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    Sorry, I've got nothing.
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    Ignore this please.... levels works good enough! Thanks
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    Oh, this annoying thing. Go to Preferences>General, then turn on this checkbox: https://pe-images.s3.amazonaws.com/basics/cc/2017/interface/legacy-new-document/use-legacy-new-document-interface.png
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    Brilliant. I will cancel my package subscription to Adobe for Ps and Lr on Monday. I will over this w/end follow the challenge and the Bridge Course. I presume it will then prompt me to a succession of courses, to get me fully versed in photoshop. Thank you.
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    Yes, the focus is very good.
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    Yes, the focus is good.
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    awesome thank you its just my girl so doesn't matter too much but I didn't want them to be no good
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    Gee, that's pretty good, considering. I think you can get away with it, if you have none better.
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    Okay, that was what I tried & it does look better. I just wondered if there was a better method. Thank you!
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    Hi @Nems, have you done this? https://www.damiensymonds.net/art_tscs000.html
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    It's a personal one. I only print photo books so I'm safe! Thanks
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    Got it. I'll post what I come up with. Thank you!
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    Well, since you have to do your raw editing again anyway ...
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    It's the same class. Levels and Curves both. But trust me, once you learn Levels you'll never waste any time with Curves again.
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    Of course you'd need to mask in between all the legs as well.
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    I beg you to re-think this white background idea. The elderly lady's hair will be hard to extract, and won't look good even when you do - it'll look oddly dull and extra grey against white. I urge you to stick with (and extend) the natural background, then play with blend modes for the pattern. Here are a few simple examples, but you can make the snowflakes any colour you wish.
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    Needless to say, being on the other side of the world I can't recommend any personally. WHCC seems to have a fair reputation, though. There's a collection of reviews here.
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    Ok. Even though these instructions are for the Spyder5, not the 4, I think you should read the "Part 9: Troubleshooting" at the bottom: https://www.damiensymonds.net/cal_S5P_mac.html See if any of that info helps.
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    Hmmm ... probably ok.
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    Since they've already seen it, you'd better go with it. But don't let 'em print too big! In future, DON'T let anyone see photos that aren't perfect.
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    Oh crap, sorry! One more thing I did, I remember now. I clipped a Hue/Saturation layer to each of the "DODGE" and "BURN" layers, with the Saturation slider at +30 on the Master channel on each of those layers. Then yeah, just paint as you see fit. Of course paint on the "Burn" layer where you want to darken, and the "Dodge" layer where you want to lighten. This is what mine looked like:
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    I think we were on drugs when we did this one. Download the file here.