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    Thanks for coming to visit my new site! I know this is a big change from my Ask Damien facebook page, but I hope you'll grow to like it. My aim is to ensure the highest quality answers to your questions, with none of the distracting chit-chat of social media. Feel free to look around and once you've joined up, start asking me questions. Reply below and let me know what you think of the new place!
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    Hello! My first forum experience Hoping an old dog can learn a new trick. I am just thrilled i made it
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    You always always always WANT that to be checked. Editing in sRGB is all well and good, but unless you embed that color profile into your file when you save it, it does you no good for your output files. Always embed sRGB into all your output JPGs.
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    If your images are already reasonably good in terms of their exposure and white balance, you can get results every bit as amazing as raw. But jpeg is far less forgiving than raw, you see. If you have been working in tricky light, and ended up with a set of underexposed or overexposed photos, your results will be MUCH better if they're raw files.
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    In the Options Bar, you have to make sure your gradient is set to "Foreground to Transparent" not "Foreground to Background".
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    For this particular image, these numbers should work fine, and be fairly easy to mask on, except for immediately adjacent to the calf and wheels. Similar numbers should work for others.
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    Yes!!! That did the trick. So weird! The only strange thing is that my brightness really needed to be cranked up to hit 80 as a target- I don't remember that being the case before- so strange. I'm off to compare pictures....
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    Hey there! I'm Chloe. I've been learning photography for about a year. I started editing in LR but recently switched over to PS. I have learned quite a bit on my own through free tutorials but I figured if I ever want to master editing I better take some classes. I plan on eventually taking all of your classes, but for now I am starting with Levels. Can't wait to jump in and learn as much as possible!
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    First prints back today after trying this -- colour difference is almost unnoticeable now in many of the images but think I still need to tweak the numbers a little. All in all a big improvement.
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    It's a phrase they say for Texas A&M University. From the Aggie Glossary: "Whoop!: Aggie upperclassmen say this as an expression of approval. Freshman and sophomores are not supposed to say it." LOL Thanks so much for your help!
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    Hello! Recently re-joined....feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Looking forward to learning!
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    First, this video. Then this one.
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    Thanks. I just tried it, and realised it is impossible haha!
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    I re-edited and it is no longer there. One of life's great mysteries.
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    Yep. Cloning will help. Whew! Tons of head swaps in this image. This has been a pain in the rear. So, so, so very relieved the color space issued came up in this. Thanks for help, Damien.
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    ... where's the chillin' with a frosty beverage emoji? Lol. Now to get on with turning my woeful images into masterpieces. Got it! Thank you, Damien.
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    Let me just check with their mum I think it will be ok though
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    I could use this, Julie.
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    Yaaaay! I have learned something new. According to my great-grandmother, that means that my day has not been wasted! In all honesty, I am both flabbergasted by and grateful for all that I've learned from you. Time to take the Levels class and the Sharpening class.
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    The little app should show the correct profile highlighted for the screen that it's on. So if you have its window on the laptop screen, it should have the laptop's profile highlighted. Then when you move it to the desktop screen (and drop it there) it should switch to highlighting the desktop's profile. Does it do that?
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    You can, don't worry. You just have to use the little "DisplayProfile" app that I explained in this article. (You don't even need the whole "TOGGLE.icc" business, just the app.)
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    Add a Channel Mixer layer, and use these values: Red 0, +97, 0, 0 Green 0, +100, 0, 0, Blue 0, +125, 0, 0
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    I will post a few then in this thread tomorrow. Thank you, Damien.
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    Hi Maria, Can you give me any links to "flowing dress" photos which inspired you for this shoot? So I have a better idea of what you desire?
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    I will post it in a few hours when I'm back home. Thank you.
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    Thanks for that - I didn't get chance to have a play with it last night (working ) ... but will see if I can apply your PSD edit to my RAW file... Will let you know.
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    Hi Jana, I'm pretty sure your Spyder4 should still be fine.
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    My apologies. Yes. I had to blur the areas on the wrap that were causing the problems. It wasn't the cleanest solution but I needed it resolved quickly.
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    That would be it. I stared at that screen for at least half an hour trying to figure out what I was missing...thank you for clearing that up.
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    I'm expecting delivery tomorrow!! Will let you know 😊
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    I didn't want to post it publicly, so I had sent it via PM to a friend. It's not for my use, but to give to the client. It's really not a big deal. I don't want to waste any more of your time. I was able to get it looking good enough for the 8x10 print, so I'm not terribly worried about the Facebook file any more. If the print arrives and looks crappy, though, you'll definitely be hearing back from me before I reprint it. LOL
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    Oh, hooray!!!! You're welcome.
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    I have to head out and do the grocery shopping now. Funny how the family insist on being fed. I'll check in when I get back.
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    I have. I'm planning on revisiting this and either using that or creating a new one. I'm getting a new computer on Monday, though, so I'll wait until then, as I already have everything from this one backed up and ready to move over.
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    Don't forget you already have some degree of control over the "L" by using Luminosity mode for your normal adjustments.
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    Thanks Damien, I will have a good read. Much appreciated.
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    You're a genius! Where's the buy a beer link?
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    Thank you. I had a few files open. That must have been why it wasn't sticking. Thank you Damien!
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    Sorry about my delayed reply. I hope you'll find this worth the wait ... 1. Make your blank file, and add your Solid Color layer for the surround colour: 2. There will, of course, be a normal pixel mask attached to the layer. But for this, we need a vector mask. So just hit the "Add mask" button: 3. This will add a vector mask to the layer (1). If you haven't ever seen this before, it will look weird, I know - having two masks on a layer seems strange. You can right-click and delete the first mask if it suits you, but I didn't bother for this demonstration. Now choose the elliptical shape tool (2) then make sure it's set to "Subtract from shape area" in the Options Bar (3). This will look different depending on your version of Photoshop - if it's not a little icon like mine, it might be a little drop-down menu instead. Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll find it ok. 4. At this point, it might be useful to turn on grids. Then draw your first big circle with the shape tool. If you have the "subtract" setting selected properly, it will create a hole in the middle of the layer, revealing the white Background layer underneath: 5. With the same tool selected, draw an ear-shaped oval: 6. Now choose the Direct Selection Tool or the Path Selection Tool. Either will work in this case, I think. The shortcut should be A. 7. Click on the oval you just drew to select it. (If you have the Path Selection Tool, simply clicking on it should be enough. If you have the Direct Selection Tool, you might need to Option-click.) Then, Cmd T to transform it. Rotate it, move it, and resize it as needed, until it's just where you want it: 8. After transforming you'll press Enter/Return to get rid of the transform handles, then Option-drag the ear across to copy it: 9. Then Edit>Transform Path>Flip Horizontal: 10. Then move it into place: 11. Then, if you're like me, you'll find that Mickey is looking good, but he's not positioned correctly within the image. To move him as a whole, just choose the Move Tool as normal, and move him to where you want him: 12. Finally, you can return to the Background layer, and start dragging images in from Bridge to commence building your design: