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    Thanks Damien. That worked well. I'm ready for my next class
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    Yes they do, and it's vital to adhere to them.
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    This says it's 1200 for LinkedIn?
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    Hey Damien and Brian - not sure if you already know about this, but apparently Adobe will give you two free months of adobe CC. Got this from another photographer (missy mwac) who gave instructions. Here's the link... I did it myself and doesn't appear to be a scam of any sort. Missy Mwac https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=missy mwac&epa=SEARCH_BOX
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    Thank you Damien. I have long wanted to master Photoshop. Maybe if I get quarantined for Covid-19 it will be my chance to figure it out!!
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    I tried a few more times, increased the selection by even more and that helped. Thanks for helping!
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    It will require a combination of Channel Mixer, Levels, and cloning. How does this look to you?
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