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    No, you're not crazy. It's definitely a giant arm.
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    Ok, no worries. Well, I guess you'll have to duplicate the Background layer, convert it to a smart object, then use Edit>Transform>Warp to shrink the bottom of the photo.
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    Yes, it restarted. But might try again. I have to go to school pickup so will come back later. Thanks, Damien
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    Save them by simply choosing "Save Actions" in the Actions Panel submenu. Where is up to you. But wherever it is, make sure you also back them up.
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    Bummer. Well, I guess just crop it however you like it. Then save it as a jpeg to send to them.
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    Ah! Great thank you so much!!
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    8GB of RAM is the bare minimum to run Photoshop properly. Make sure you don't have too many other programs open at the same time, and don't have more than one photo open in Photoshop at a time. Did you mean TB, not GB? Yes you bloody are. Shut down EVERY DAY. This is serious. Run CleanMyMac right away, and every month hereafter. All of these factors combined definitely explain your lagging healing tools.
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    Thanks D! Thanks for letting me know they are all good. I've a lot more images than i thought.
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    Yes, the Advanced Levels Class.
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    Yes! It was super easy!! Thank you so much!
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    Ok got the colour! Just working on the masking... Will post when I'm done! Thank you!
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    Thanks for coming to visit my new site! I know this is a big change from my Ask Damien facebook page, but I hope you'll grow to like it. My aim is to ensure the highest quality answers to your questions, with none of the distracting chit-chat of social media. Feel free to look around and once you've joined up, start asking me questions. Reply below and let me know what you think of the new place!
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