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    Well, feel free to post any time you need my help.
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    We are ironing that out now. It looks like Pantone Neutral Black is the right color.
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    Sweet. Thank you so much. Fortunately I was able to complete the half page magazine ad all in photoshop and that all went to press fine as of this morning. Huge relief. Now I can spend a a few days beginning to learn how to use Illustrator and InDesign before I have to start the next big project which will include logo creations. Talk about learning new things. I am Chemist by education and trade, retired to be a stay at home mom - who homeschools, turned photographer and now learning graphic design. I never would have guessed this journey for myself, but it's a fun ride.
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    https://ask.damiensymonds.net/topic/107-read-this-first-posting-guidelines-and-download-files/ Please read Points 1-4 again.
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    Thank you for everything. I have to get to sleep, but I will check back in the morning.
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    .... ? Are you going to tell me what font you used? I'm trying my best to help you here. You have to give me everything I need.
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    Sorry. Putting kids to bed. OK. Yikes. Sounds like I have some errors. I'm working through your comments and checking.
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    You gave me these dimensions, but the file in your screenshots is definitely not that shape. Please can you give me the correct dimensions pronto?
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    Never mind, I think I've got it.
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    No, they did not. I can ask them to be sent, but there is no guarantee they will be provided. Will email. Thank you.
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    You MUST start in sRGB. You can convert from there to anything else. You can't convert from CMYK.
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    Well yeah, better talk to X-Rite.
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    To avoid colour shifts, I use Ctrl-Shift-U to desaturate the layer before running the filter on it.
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    There's lots of mind-blowing stuff in the Channel Mixer class. The second one is definitely better. But of course it's not finished yet. Go ahead and commence your normal Levels work on it, the same way you'd do for any black-and-white photo.
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    Oh cool. So i am doing a calibration now through the laptop.
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    Hiiiiieeeee! This is an awesome resource, thank you for sharing!
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    Thanks for the help
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    Just to check, have you read this? Doesn't go against it at all. You'd just make the Blacks slider your very last step, and move it as low as you wish to get rid of detail you don't want. Just be VERY careful not to get rid of detail you do want.
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    Well, the usual approach. Some liquify, followed by Handyman. Liquify to suck in the sides, like this: Layers would look like this:
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