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    Sorry Falon, Brian is on a holiday at the moment (and he told me his holiday destination was likely to be in the path of Hurricane Sally) so he's not visiting the forum as often as usual.
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    Lighting...it’s a slippery slope. Yes, your thinking is correct, but the reality is you do truly do get what you pay for. I can recommend a $2000 Profoto Light or go even higher, or go less. Combine that with mounting hardware and accessories. So we will need to talk budget and give me a typical scenario of what you lug around on location. What are you photographing? I’m sure it’s people, is it families? Headshots?
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    The instagram subject has a more shadowing on her than your subject (particularly when we compare arms), but I'm pretty sure the blue channel is the key: Download PSD
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    Thanks for your time on this, hopefully I have it fixed. I tried some of the steps from this page https://helpx.adobe.com/bridge/kb/troubleshoot-errors-freezes-bridge.html Ctrl Alt Shift wasn't working so I had to go into Edit>Preferences>Cache; I checked everything that wasn't checked. In Cache Management I selected Compact Cache Now & Purge All Local Cache Files. Then I disabled all Startup Scripts.
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    I've moved this thread into Brian's area. This is beyond me, sorry.
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    The Middle One. The RTX 2060 8GB. You don't need "Super" unless you are a Gamer.
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