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We're taking a little family holiday, so I've turned off posting in the classes until Sunday afternoon (roughly midnight Saturday USA time).

Ask Damien and Ask Brian will still be operating as usual, but answers might be somewhat delayed.

Thanks for your understanding.


White balance problem

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I have got a colorchecker passport and  used to click on the grey blocks to try and get an accurate white balance and I recently bought a JJC GC-1 white balance card kit in the hope that i could use it for a one click white balance solution because it is an 18% grey.

The problem is that it is bringing back images that are too warm.

If i use it with my elinchrom lights in studio it sets the white balance to 5700 which is waaaay to high. I am expecting it to be more in the 4800 - 5100 range.

My monitor is calibrated with an i1 Display Pro so the monitor is good, but i need help with what to do / put in the shot to get more accurate and consistent white balance readings.

I would appreciate any advice you might have.

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