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8 minutes ago, petax said:


I'm peta from Bilbao, Sue Morris poached me from the Northrups - you should give her commission Damien. I haven't signed up for a course as yet, still pondering which one will serve me the best as I have many years experience with photoshop, going back to version 1.1. Been taking photographs seriously for 30 years. The thing I like about lightroom is its non-destructive way of working - I am curious to see how one can undo a crop in a PSD file, this time next year. Adjustment layers is something that I need to learn more thoroughly, so I will probably start there.

Thanks to Sue for the tip - I look forward to happy times here.

all the best

One NEVER crops a PSD file, that's the point.

Some reading for you:

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Thanks Damien, I will have a good read. Much appreciated.

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