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This weekend (Fri-Sun Aussie time) I'll be away with limited internet access. If you have images that need my help before next week, please post them soon.  Damien.


Calibration issues - xrite pro

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Hi Damien,

I upgraded my my pc and monitor earlier this year and have had trouble trying to get a calibration since then.   I haven't had any colour issues (to my knowledge but am keen to make sure I am calibrated correctly anyway so I can answer YES when you ask me if I am.

 I own an I1 xrite Pro and downloaded the profiler software from the website.  Got through the install and am trying to calibrate using method 1.  I found the buttons that set and change screen display and it's set to 6500.  Wasn't sure if it should be on Adobe RGB or SRGB.  

During my calibration my white points are reading between 7200 and 7500 which is obviously too high, yes?.  

I reset the monitor to factory defaults and tried to remeasure but nothing has changed in my white point reading if anything the points look higher than before.

Can you please help me figure out what I am doing wrong?



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I don't think you're doing anything wrong.  Some screens are just like that, sadly.  The numbers they give are often wildly different from reality.

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