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  1. Yeah I was hope so. If it was another one it was definitely in the trash. But I think mom should be happy with this one. 

    Only don't want it to be very bad if she is going to print this. 😅

    Thanks for your time. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

    Hmmm ... what about mum's face?  Is it ok?

    That one is a bit better but also some motion blur. Do you need a crop? 

  3. Naamloos-1.jpg.cfb5958c5c2a2b08ca3e5c96f67aba12.jpg




    And what do you think of the noise removal? In photoshop it looks good, but now I can see it. Am I to focussed on it or should I put that slider higher? (Maybe not on this one if I put it in the trashcan, but then I know that I must go further on other images.)

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