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The Advanced Colour Fix Class is here!

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Damien Symonds

I've just finished the Advanced Colour Fix Class.

Several years ago I wrote “The Channel Mixer Class”. It taught (among other things) how to fix moire on clothing, coloured glare on glasses, lens flare, and various other colour problems in photos.

The class was, to be blunt, a flop. You see, the Channel Mixer function in Photoshop is very complicated, and I wrote the class the same way. I tried to present Channel Mixer in all its high-level complexity. It was too much. I now know that the rest of you aren’t raging colour geeks like me.

So for this class I’ve started again, and I’m offering you a simplified (and cheaper!) approach to your colour problems. A way to fix things without having to understand as much of the intricate colour science behind it all. Yes, perhaps you might say I’ve “dumbed it down”, but I hope what I’ve really achieved is a more direct way for busy photographers to reach their outcomes.

  • Price: $28
  • Discounted price: $19 if you took the Channel Mixer Class a few years ago
  • Prerequisites: A strong knowledge of layers and masking
  • Sign up here.
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