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  1. So are you saying that you've had to set the Luminance target to 50 on this page?
  2. The i1Display Studio? Or the i1Display Pro?
  3. Like, an actual match? Or "I need to calibrate again to make it exact"?
  4. Has the new calibrator arrived, @Crystal Scheuermann?
  5. Treat it as a laptop. Follow my laptop calibration instructions. https://www.damiensymonds.net/calibration-instructions/
  6. While you're waiting for Brian you should definitely rectify this. https://macpaw.com/cleanmymac
  7. Yes, of course. Your brightness setting is too high. Calibrate again at 80.
  8. That sure is odd. Yes, it's most likely you'll need to do it again, with the next coolest preset. But how does the screen-to-print comparison look?
  9. Great!!! So you'll create your document at 144x48 inches, at 150ppi, in RGB mode, and the sRGB colour space. Your choice here will depend whether there ends up being text or logos or any linework in your design. If it has those things, you'll use PDF. If it's only photos, you'll use jpeg. Important information about PDFs here: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/05/making-pdfs-from-photoshop.html You don't need to worry about this. The act of saving as a PDF does this automatically. Needless to say, please write to me again any time you need help.
  10. For the record, my instructions DO tell you to switch to advanced. How did the calibration turn out?
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