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  1. I'm so sorry mate, Photoshop is the only software I know.
  2. Hi @Wayne, welcome. I'm not sure how long you've "known" me, so I'm not sure how many of my articles you've read. Have you seen this one?
  3. Also, this: https://www.damiensymonds.net/art_tscs000.html
  4. What the heck????? PLEASE fix your screen brightness problem.
  5. When you first lower your screen's brightness to where it correctly matches the prints, you're likely to HATE it. But I promise, within a week you'll be wondering how you ever tolerated it so bright before.
  6. No, sorry While you're waiting for the calibrator to arrive, can you at least compare your screen to prints, and turn its brightness down to match them?
  7. Oh gee, this is bad. We can't continue while your photo is so dreadfully dark. PLEASE buy a monitor calibrator as soon as you can.
  8. Oh, phew. It's vitally important never to commence any Photoshop work before the raw processing is done. Because once Photoshop work has commenced, you can't go back, you know? So go ahead and do your raw processing on this photo, then post it for me again.
  9. I can help with this easily. But you'll need to post the actual photo for me, since screenshots aren't colour-managed.
  10. https://www.damiensymonds.net/scanning-guidelines-for-old-photo-restoration.html
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