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  1. Links to photos that inspire you would be helpful too. That would let us really target our discussion, you know?
  2. Turn the layer off and on a few times, and check your masking carefully. It's encroaching on a few things.
  3. It'll calibrate just fine, now that you have it on Extend. Make sure you follow the correct calibration instructions.
  4. Sure it will! You just have to drag your windows onto it.
  5. No no no!!! Never mirror!!!! Only Extend.
  6. Oh, I never know how to answer this one!!!! Yes, it's the same as sharpening for web, but effective web sharpening relies on getting the size right. So, do you know the resolution (WxH in pixels) of the screen the powerpoint will be displayed on?
  7. Ok, complete these sentences for me: I would like to change the brightest part of the sky from light grey to __________________ I would like to change the darkest part of the sky from dark grey to _________________
  8. No, it was simply a matter of moving the slider until the area was light enough. No particular science to it.
  9. Hi Amanda, I think what you're doing is great, but yeah, darn tricky for masking! Here's an alternative that I played with, that doesn't require such (well, any) fiddly masking: Download the PSD
  10. Hi Adam, Can you elaborate on the question a bit? What is your vision for this? Would you like to replace the sky with another sky? Or just modify the sky that's there?
  11. That all sounds fine. It must be a video driver problem, as Brian discussed in this thread.
  12. Hi Erin, could you do this for me?
  13. Yeah, in most cases the "Standard" or "Normal" mode is the best. You definitely want one that's not too contrasty.
  14. I'm so glad you posted. Imagine your embarrassment if you'd sent that tiny file to your client, and they'd printed it!!!!!!!!