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  1. Oh, this is always tricky. You need to begin by cloning the people out of the darker photo. So that it's just a photo of scenery, you know? That removes a lot of the difficulty of "lining up".
  2. Gee, don't keep me in suspense, @Shellylyn! How did it go?
  3. All the channels are too damaged for any kind of "rescue" of those areas. It'll just be painstaking cloning, and/or swapping in areas of detail from another shot.
  4. Great! So yes, go ahead and calibrate with a lower brightness setting. https://www.damiensymonds.net/calibration-instructions/
  5. You don't need new prints. Of course your lab don't change they way they print just because one of their customers got a new calibrator. Please check the prints you already have.
  6. Talk to me, @Shellylyn. In what way does your screen differ from your prints?
  7. Ok, can you show me a screenshot of that image, with its layers panel visible?
  8. I reckon just broadly mask the gradient layer out towards the right-hand side, so the gradient blends seamlessly with the existing backdrop.
  9. levels, yes. But no gradient layer necessary.
  10. Well, I still don't understand why you did anything. It looked fine before.
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