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  1. Why would you, though? Why would you bother clogging up your hard drive with an extra PSD? Those suckers are big.
  2. Well, no. Complicated, but I agree with your process. If all you have is Excel and Photoshop, it kinda has to be that way I guess.
  3. No, that's the right page. You need the "White Point Targets" section.
  4. Hang on, what? You'd change the luminance target if the screen is too bright or too dark. Is that the case? For the screen's coolness, you change the white temperature.
  5. Don't worry about it for now. Start with the Layers & Masks Class first instead.
  6. Darn it, you're right. My googling says that (weirdly) Adobe have continued support for Windows 7 64-bit, but stopped supporting Windows 8 a couple of years ago
  7. I had Photoshop CC running just fine on Windows 7, so there is no reason it won't run on Windows 8.1. Can you elaborate on the problem? What's happening, exactly?
  8. Fantastic! Ok, follow the troubleshooting part of my calibration instructions, for when the screen is too cool.
  9. Bummer. That's really what you need. So is Photoshop the only Adobe program you have?
  10. You DEFINITELY need to run Glary right away. You didn't actually answer the main question I needed 😊 Which version of Windows is it?
  11. Thanks. Sometimes that means that your room lighting is too yellow. Could that be the case, or are you comfortable that it is nice and white (similar to daylight)? https://www.damiensymonds.net/2012/01/light-around-your-computer.html
  12. Would you say that the screen is a bit warmer than the prints? Or is it a bit cooler than the prints?
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