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  1. I urge you to consider the Bridge Class. It's only ten dollars, and it's packed full of really important info.
  2. Not strange at all. Very common, actually. It's why I never let Bridge (or any other program) get photos from the card for me.
  3. Take Bridge out of the equation for a moment. How about plain old copy and paste from card to computer?
  4. So ... why had you begun using "Export" somewhere along the way?
  5. Damien Symonds

    Getting out of Aperture

    Please @Chris Majoroff?
  6. It doesn't do the weird size thing when you do sensible ol' Save As?
  7. Damien Symonds


    No, I really wouldn't. As soon as you do that you're committed to paying monthly for your software for the rest of your days. Your CS6 is excellent. And of course uninstall Lightroom.
  8. Yes, but why? Everything I've ever taught you has been about saving. Why are you suddenly exporting?
  9. Darn it, please answer the question. Why are you exporting? I don't understand why you included this. What does sharpening have to do with anything?
  10. You MUSTN'T do this! You're just wasting time and hard drive space. NEVER create jpegs for collages. Only use your master PSDs. I beg you to take the Layers & Masks Class again. It's been so darn long, and if you've forgotten this how much else have you forgotten? As a previous member you don't need to pay full price to take it again. Why are you exporting?
  11. Damien Symonds


    As soon as it arrives, let me know how the calibration goes.
  12. Damien Symonds

    Screenshot of my ACR work

    When you do that it saves the screenshot to your desktop. If you want it to save to your clipboard, you need to hold Ctrl as well. That's according to my googling, anyway.
  13. Damien Symonds

    Screenshot of my ACR work

    Which method are you using to capture the screenshot?