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  1. Of course I haven't heard of the problem. I'm a Photoshop guy. But troubleshooting is troubleshooting. I don't know, sorry.
  2. Do your videos look fine when you play them in a normal video viewer?
  3. This is really fundamental stuff, Pat. It should make you wonder what else you're missing out on. https://www.damiensymonds.net/trainingialm.html
  4. No, this is really really bad. You NEVER change your monitor profile. And you definitely don't calibrate to Rec-709, any more than you calibrate to sRGB or Adobe RGB for photography. Rec-709 is a working space, not a monitor profile. No wonder you're having problems.
  5. By Alt-clicking on the eye of that layer, of course. To turn off all the other layers.
  6. Seems like your old computer is falling apart. Better budget for a new one.
  7. If photos in Photoshop look fine compared to their prints, then we can rule out a calibration problem, and start to look elsewhere for the issue. Please confirm this.
  8. You're missing the point. You need to make sure your calibration has worked properly, and not screwed up your screen. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD YOU CHECK YOUR CALIBRATION AGAINST PRINTS?
  9. Then you didn't follow my tutorial, did you? It's right there at the beginning in a big unmissable red box. It doesn't matter if you're not a photographer. You still need prints to confirm calibration.
  10. Of course. Multiple source points are so important.
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