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  1. Yes, I see it is a levels layer, but thought from the name of the layer you added warmth in some other way. I get it. Thanks.
  2. do you mean this one, that I asked a question about earlier? sorry. mixed up my threads. Thanks for answering
  3. did it not come through the same as the others? I can still see the layers on my end
  4. On your dark photo, I dont' see how you added your layer of warmth. Was it a Photo Filter?
  5. HI Damien, I have two questions for you: I bought a new calibrator. No wonder my prints looked dark to you. My display luminosity was at over 560 and I had to adjust it down to about 120. I prefer a brighter display for my work and personal projects on the computer. Can I adjust the luminosity brighter for my office work and adjust it back down when I do Photoshop or will I have to recalibrate each time I do that? Also, when I use the noise removal tool until I don’t see noise, the faces/skin looks too touched up. Can I dial that down some without having the noise? Thank you. I really appreciate you. I have two questions for you. I bought a calibrator. No wonder you told me so many of my photos were dark. My monitor was at over 560 and I had to lower it to 120 "ish". So I feel like the photos match the prints better, but when I do my office and personal work on my computer now, my screen is harder for me to see. Would I be able to adjust the luminosity on my display for work and change it back when I do photoshop - or would I have to recalibrate each time I made the switch? Also, the photos look really "touched up" on the faces when I remove noise until I can't see it. Is there a way to dial that back without having noise? Thank you.
  6. I received an email that said this: The i1Display 2 was discontinued by X-Rite in 2011 and will not work with any Mac OS after OS X 10.7.5. X-Rite decided that they no longer wanted to be in the Photo and Video industry on March 1, 2021 and some investors that have been working with X-Rite for years have stepped in to form Calibrite. The same high-quality devices are still going to be manufactured for Calibrite by X-Rite. The initial software applications were developed with X-Rite but Calibrite will transition to their own software development team going forward. So I am starting from square one.
  7. I see my receipt of payment for the rest of the Raw class but it isn't showing up available yet. Thank you.
  8. It is older. eye-one display LT is what the box says , On the book it ays eye-one display 2 I have sent messages to the company asking how I can upgrade
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