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  1. I left it basically as posted. I did use blend modes and advanced levels on it sections of it but I still need to clean up the edges of the sweater. I have a few very old scanned photos that I colorized that came out not too bad, and a few colored ones that look quite good considering the small file size. Thanks for your advice!
  2. Yes, I did use blend modes. So the technique of solid colour layers is correct then. I'll have another go with the sweater and skin. Thanks very much.
  3. Hello Damien, This is my first ever attempt to colourize a B&W photo and I'm not sure if my approach to doing it is correct and would appreciate your assessment of my progress so far. This image that was likely scanned from a B&W photograph taken circa 1971. I'm working on a project to edit some of these old photos from my career in IT and have an album made to distribute to colleagues. I doubt whether I could get a higher resolution copy of this as the photographer is unknown; the person in the photo is a personal friend. For each colour, I created a levels layer of the selection, then clipped a solid colour layer to it (screenshot attached). It still looks a bit fake to me (especially the sweater), but I realize there are not many pixels to work with. Is there anything you would recommend adding/removing to improve it? Appreciate your comments! Thank you!
  4. At last....I didn't get the colour the same as you did but at least I got the background replaced. This is only a practice photo and I learned a lot! Thanks Damien.
  5. I'm having trouble trying to get the gradient colour set. I need a few more hours to work through the tutorial samples!
  6. Exactly what I was trying to achieve, Damien. Thanks!!
  7. I'd like your guidance, Damien, with the proper way to remove the people in the background without making the area flat (like a backdrop). My original attempt was to use spot healing followed by content aware, but the two shades of brown didn't realistically blend properly with those shadows and I don't know how to do that. The floor was a painted shiny surface. Thanks!
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