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  1. The other classes will blow your mind, but for these particular photos you've shown me, the Raw Class is the one.
  2. https://www.damiensymonds.net/trainingraw.html The Raw Class first.
  3. Hi Naomi, as long as their focus is good, then yes, of course they can be saved.
  4. Now you do exactly what it says at the end of Module 6: https://ask.damiensymonds.net/topic/11700-end-of-part-1/
  5. Gosh no, you're only halfway through the class.
  6. It's ok, it's very unlikely you'll be doing CMYK work, so that setting doesn't really matter.
  7. I just need you to look at all of your settings, and all of mine, in that screenshot, and make sure all of yours are the same as mine.
  8. Reinstalling almost certainly would fix it, yes. But I don't think that's necessary.
  9. I don't know either I'm afraid. Never mind, here's a screenshot of what NAGP2 should look like: Just make sure all of yours are the same.
  10. Ok, can you go into that folder and choose it?
  11. Wow, it's not there either! How weird. How long have you had the softwares installed? I mean, is it a new computer?
  12. No, that's Camera Raw. I want to see Bridge.
  13. Wow! I have never seen that before! What about in Bridge? What do you see if you go to Color Settings in Bridge?
  14. So when you click on "Untitled" at the top, there's no North American GP2 in there?
  15. Here it is again: https://ask.damiensymonds.net/topic/40091-raw-renew-1/
  16. Yes, I've noticed this before. It judges "what is too bright to use" by the original capture exposure, not your adjusted exposure.
  17. Was it too bright? I mean, did you have to bring the Exposure slider down a lot, before you began to do the white balance?
  18. You have to re-join it first, remember? I sent you the link for that.
  19. Sorry @lugolcman, this is a Raw Class matter. Please post in class.
  20. Hi @Coty, try Standard first. But I'm nervous about this on your behalf. There are lots of reports of Spyders not working with M1s.
  21. If you dig down that page, it does actually say IPS.
  22. Yes, the Channel Mixer Class But presently I'm overhauling it, so it's not available right now.
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