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  1. https://www.damiensymonds.net/scanning-guidelines-for-old-photo-restoration.html
  2. Well I'll be damned, the original link doesn't work any more. Can you find it again?
  3. Hi @Bernadette, it could be a number of things. First, could you do this for me? https://www.damiensymonds.net/thread1.html
  4. Gosh, tough one. How does this look? https://max.mailbigfile.com/e847ce54e8afe9be7580fb35eb1ba0d4/listFiles.php
  5. The method is different for every photo. This is really rubbish quality because I'm working with a low quality web file, but do you think it has potential?
  6. We can make a silhouette from your photo, for sure. But it won't look the same as that one.
  7. No, you signed up for the Bridge Class But that's ok, it's the correct one to start with. The Raw Class comes next.
  8. You definitely should try it. It might work fine, and if it doesn't, it won't break anything.
  9. Are you sure you can't send files directly to the lab, not via Wix, for the purpose of your test prints?
  10. Then PLEASE don't sign up for the Sharpening Class You won't be able to use it, I'm afraid.
  11. @Melissa p, when will your new prints arrive?
  12. Yes you can. The class guides you through getting the prints. What I meant was, can you prepare the files at exactly the right size for each desired print, and upload those specific files for your print order?
  13. It's definitely not ideal. But I understand the lure of the convenience. Will you be able to order your test prints at specific sizes?
  14. With the link I gave you on Facebook!!!!
  15. Yeah, that's a real bummer. Gee I think you bought a dodgy laptop.
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