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  1. Phew! Yes, because the light in your room is completely terrible, as we've already established.
  2. No, darn it. Stop sending off for new prints. We just need to make your screen match the prints you already have.
  3. Yes, that can be tricky. It's why I hate lamps in editing spaces so much. Gosh I hope not. I hope you'll be able to raise it.
  4. At the very least those lamps should be more beside or slightly behind you, so that they're nowhere near your field of vision.
  5. I can't remember if I've ever asked you this, but could I see a photo of your room?
  6. Yes, but it would be hideously expensive. Are they all as bad as this?
  7. Don't worry, once you join the Raw Class and learn how to edit, you'll love it.
  8. Unfortunately it's white glare, so that rules out any cleverness using Channel Mixer or Levels or anything else. So it's going to have to be hard cloning work. You'll begin by repairing the camera-right eye, because it's the least damaged. Most of it will be cloning, but you'll also copy and flip the little bit of clear tear duct area from the other eye. Take your time with this, it's difficult work. Then, when that eye is completely repaired, you can copy (but not flip) it across to the camera-left side to repair the damage there.
  9. I said you shouldn't have to go lower than that, but it seems likely that your room light is bad, so you'd better go lower.
  10. Always sRGB. https://www.damiensymonds.net/2014/06/the-wide-gamut-myth.html 8-bit is fine in almost all cases. There are really only two exceptions: Photos with very smooth areas (eg seamless backdrops or broad blue cloudless skies) that present a banding risk in 8-bit; Photos that need more than the usual amount of Photoshop editing (eg severely hazy backlit photos).
  11. Here's my alternate method: Download PSD
  12. Google and YouTube will find you lots of tutorials, and there are lots of free actions for it too.
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