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This weekend (Fri-Sun Aussie time) I'll be away with limited internet access. If you have images that need my help before next week, please post them soon.  Damien.

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  1. Yes, but it all counts for nothing if the screen doesn't match the prints. How does the comparison look?
  2. Yes, sorry. I'm glad you've re-done the calibration since this message, because that's what I would have told you to do. I've never seen that one before, sorry.
  3. Just the luminance, I'd guess. But hey, we might be surprised.
  4. The classes ARE the section for that.
  5. https://ask.damiensymonds.net/forum/30-focus-checks/
  6. Wonderful! Please download this document and take it with you when you go. Insist that they fulfil ALL of the requirements.
  7. Hang on, let's not do anything crazy. Do you have a professional scanning service nearby to you?
  8. Ehh ... I wouldn't have done it that way. I would have left all the pixels there, and controlled the size by lowering the Quality Level of the jpeg save.
  9. This is a different matter, and it's never easy. Did they give any other specifications? About resolution, or colour space, or anything like that?
  10. For Facebook, the optimum size is 2048px on the longest edge (either high or wide). For other websites, you'd need to investigate to find out their optimum size. Use the Image Size function. In this example I'm preparing a photo for Facebook, and it's a portrait (tall) photo, so 2048 is my height: It's really important to have the "Resample" box checked, and set to "Bicubic (smooth gradients)" as I have done here.
  11. Hi Vicki, do you only have a print? I mean, do you have access to the original? (Digital file if it was a digital photo, or negative if it was a film photo.)
  12. I know it looks complicated, but I've laid it out step by step, I'm sure you can do it.
  13. Don't worry, I've already done that part for you. https://www.damiensymonds.net/act_web.html
  14. Then I don't know, sorry If it's not bit depth and it's not layers, I don't know why it's doing it. Maybe you need to reset PS's preferences?
  15. You must be. The behaviour you're describing is exactly what happens when you save as a copy.
  16. Also, can you confirm that your screens aren't mirroring each other? They must be independent screens, where you can have different things open on each one.
  17. Hi @Momentsunleashed are you remembering that you have to use different calibration instructions for your two different screens? https://www.damiensymonds.net/calibration-instructions/
  18. I've just googled a user manual. It's a bit vague, but yes, it seems like "off" is the best setting.
  19. Enlarging the head is a piece of cake. Just duplicate the Background layer and enlarge the whole thing, then add a mask and carefully mask the helmet. Not sure about what filter was used for the painted effect, sorry.
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