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  1. It looks good, well done.
  2. It's a teensy bit regrettable, but I think you'll need to start by reducing the texture of the dress in that area. To do that, add a Dust & Scratches layer at 1/0, then mask to the area of her bust that has the most clear texture. Then add a new blank layer and use this method to get rid of the sweat stain. Then use this Channel Mixer layer to fix the moire: R 0, +116, 0, +11 G 0, +100, 0, 0 B 0, +100, 0, -2 (Make sure you get those numbers in exactly the right order.)
  3. Ok, would you mind temporarily turning off all the levels layers to show me the SOOR? (including the 100% crop)
  4. Indeed it is. It can strike at any time! Is this SOOR, or have you already done some Levels work on it? Also, do you want assistance with the sweat patch too?
  5. Firefox is not playing nicely with Facebook lately
  6. https://max.mailbigfile.com/8210facc58950af58aa58a4e2dace133/listFiles.php
  7. My strategy would be to meld the shadows like this ... .... then start Levels work after that. Acceptable?
  8. Generally you have to calibrate again to make this problem go away.
  9. The last two images are definitely not the same. Did you read the answers under the images?
  10. Because of the clipping!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you even know what clipping is? How do you score on this? https://www.damiensymonds.net/tut_histogram.html No, you only have to change it once, and then it sticks. BUT you have to make sure you only have one image open when you change it. No it didn't. It never has, ever.
  11. Holy crap, this is NOT your biggest problem. https://www.damiensymonds.net/art_tscs000.html
  12. Could you send me the movie file? https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/BellePhotography
  13. Blimey, I've never encountered this before. Are you saying that it's a bug that's uniquely related to the trackpad? Does it not do it when you use a mouse?
  14. Oh gosh, this is so annoying. I've heard of it happening before. The DisplayProfile app will tell you which profile is being used. I discussed it in this article: https://www.damiensymonds.net/art_vista.html
  15. Did you get all the way through the process without error messages this time, @Suri T?
  16. Then I fear you're following the wrong calibration instructions. Make sure you follow these ones:
  17. Yeah, that happens from time to time. Restart your computer before recalibrating. And PLEASE:
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