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  1. Nothing. I just closes as if nothing happened.
  2. Yeah, no need to duplicate the file either. Image Processor always saves into a new folder, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to save over your files.
  3. Of course not. If you crop to specific dimensions, that trumps everything. Nothing else is required. Image size or Fit image are only needed if you haven't cropped at all, or if you've cropped without imposing any dimensions. Of course you must not do that. The whole point of image processor is to do the saving for you.
  4. It's not quite good enough, sorry
  5. No no no. Do you think your lab will change the way they print just because one of their thousands of customers suddenly calibrated? Of course not. Prints are prints. You don't need to get new ones afterwards. The purpose of calibration is to make your screen match the prints you already have. Not just the good ones either. ALL your prints.
  6. Hooray! But NOOOOOOOOO! You can't calibrate unless you have prints with you! You can't wait until after calibration to get prints. Do you have any prints?
  7. @Karlie Kingi have you got a new calibrator yet?
  8. Thank you. So can you take a look at this thread? Do you agree that it really truly looks like flash? The exif must be lying, surely?
  9. Hi Kim, when I'm looking at the Flash data in exif in Bridge, some say "Did not fire", while others say "Did not fire, compulsory mode". This seems to be across various cameras. What does "compulsory mode" mean in terms of flash?
  10. Please update, @Raelene Keegan.
  11. https://ask.damiensymonds.net/topic/131-read-this-first-posting-guidelines/
  12. I need the 100% crop as well, remember.
  13. No, sorry, 1608px isn't even big enough for 5x7.
  14. No, stop looking at it in Photoshop!!!! Just look at the file size on your hard drive. Wherever it's saved.
  15. I think it's a DISGUSTING waste of money. But its specs are good, so if you want it, yes, it should calibrate fine. Make sure you turn off the stupid light sensor.
  16. Crikey @GABY BRACHO that's a whole lot of screen. Why do you need one so big?
  17. Yep, this is exactly right. Now save it as a jpeg. Jpeg files are compressed, remember? It will easily come in under 2mb.
  18. Add a Channel Mixer adjustment layer, and go to the Blue Output Channel. Change its values from 0, 0, +100, 0 to 0, +107, 0, 0. (Make sure you get those numbers in exactly the right order). Then mask to the bottom area of the photo.
  19. I'm confused. Would you like to know what I did to the colour of your photo, or not?
  20. No no no. Never simulate paper colour. That's only for people who aren't calibrated correctly. Your settings are fine. If you are toggling Ctrl Y and seeing nothing change, it simply means your photo doesn't have any endangered (vivid) colours.
  21. Sorry, I don't know what you're referring to.
  22. So would you like to make your photo exactly the same colour as the one you linked to? Or are you just asking how to stop it being cool at the top and yellow/greenish at the bottom?
  23. No, I get all that. I want to see the colour image, without any cropping.
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