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  1. i didn’t end up using that picture, but had a trial on how to apply by applying numbers
  2. Can you remind me where I put these numbers in elements and a link to the tutorial? Thanks for your help
  3. A short while ago i saw an article you posted about a quicker masking technique, i think it may of been using the alt key but i cant find it now - you may not have a clue what i am talking about but hopefully you will and can post me the link to the tutorial
  4. what causes this the sun reflection? is it fixable of just forget the lot? Thank you
  5. Easy to fix on raw and levels ? What would you suggest to fix it ?
  6. left eye looks strange and happened on a few
  7. Hi before i proceed to raw, just wondered if you have any idea what caused one eye to look strange is it a light or focus issue? pic of the two eyes below
  8. I was sure there was a totorial / guide to using gradients I wonder if you could point me in the right direction please
  9. I can click on quote and copy link and paste into browser but not directly download from download here really strange I’ll have another go tomorrow
  10. when i click on download the fi i cant down load any if these files to see how done? if i click on it nothing happens
  11. just wondered if it will be a easy fix when i start editing hopefully tomorrow
  12. of course its my sons 18th today and unfortunately the glare shows for the flash i have not done any editing yet at all but ill show you the crop on just the jpeg
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