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  1. You MUST start in sRGB. You can convert from there to anything else. You can't convert from CMYK.
  2. Yes, as long as you have trees, like the Peavey photos do.
  3. Yeah, I'm sure we can manage it. Your job is to take similar photos. That is, with dark backgrounds.
  4. Hi @JenDaniele, it either is or it isn't. You should definitely try it. You can't do any harm to your computer by trying. The worst that can happen is it just won't work.
  5. This IS where I'm giving you one on one help. I just needed you to confirm you'd read that article, that's all. So, have you talked to the printer to find out the exact CMYK profile to use?
  6. Goes to show how much the computer's graphics card effects the calibration.
  7. You were calibrating the desktop screen attached to the laptop, yes?
  8. To avoid colour shifts, I use Ctrl-Shift-U to desaturate the layer before running the filter on it.
  9. There's lots of mind-blowing stuff in the Channel Mixer class. The second one is definitely better. But of course it's not finished yet. Go ahead and commence your normal Levels work on it, the same way you'd do for any black-and-white photo.
  10. Gosh, good job! Now add an overall Channel Mixer layer, hit the "Monochrome" box, and enter +100/0/0/0 for the values.
  11. Of course, best in the world. But you've come this far, maybe you should try it, at least?
  12. Oh! That's DVI, not VGA. That's absolutely fine. But you'll need a hdmi-to-hdmi cable to test your screen with your laptop.
  13. Keep trying. It's REALLY important that you have no VGA pins involved in this.
  14. Oh shit!!!!!! Ok, that might explain a lot. Is there a HDMI port in the back of your computer? Your real computer, I mean.
  15. That's right. Then go to the Display Settings control panel and make sure the it's set to "Extend":
  16. Remember, the assessment of colours must only be done in a colour-managed program. So if you don't have Photoshop on the laptop, you'll need to install Bridge.
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