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  1. Yep! Have you saved the layered file as a PSD first? Fantastic!
  2. No, this is not an editing thing. We need photos that are shot the same way.
  3. I'm so sorry, I don't understand the question.
  4. No, it's just too good a photo. You got lovely light on your subject, and they didn't get any on theirs.
  5. Then you'll need to find me a different photo of yours to work on. Your photo is much too well lit to match this.
  6. That's not the same one as you uploaded before. Is that ok?
  7. No, that's the same photo as before. I've already done that one. You need to link me to the exact photo you want to copy.
  8. I've deleted the photo because you aren't supposed to upload other people's photos. Can you provide the link to it instead?
  9. Bloody hell. No wonder you thought I'd got it wrong.
  10. Hang on, what? I've never seen that photo before! This is the photo you gave me: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4448446591853701&set=pcb.4448446775187016
  11. I'll need you to be more specific. I don't see it.
  12. Of course not!!! It looks absolutely horrible. But it's what you asked for.
  13. Then no, you've done something wrong. Read over the instructions again: I don't know for certain, but I think perhaps you forgot to check the "Colorize" box.
  14. I've deleted your recent comments to stop us from getting confused. Please show me the "before" of the above photo.
  15. https://ask.damiensymonds.net/topic/1995-lm-503/
  16. Just tell me, Debbie. What part don't you understand?
  17. @Cindy Young PLEASE come back to class! I haven't seen your photos for ages!
  18. Not enough difference to matter. Concentrate on getting your Mac screen calibrated for now.
  19. Your interface is different from mine, but as far as I can tell, you need to press this:
  20. The focus isn't great, that's for sure. But since it's clearly an action photo, maybe you can get away with it?
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