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  1. No, it's not a raw file.
  2. Come on Kristie, Brian and I are happy to help you, but you have to help us. Do you still have the raw file of this photo?
  3. No, that's not the original photo from your camera. It's MUCH too small. That file is not even one megapixel. I'm sure your camera is 10, 20 or more megapixels, yes?
  4. No, the original file. That came out of your camera.
  5. No, show me a screenshot of the full-size original photo open in Photoshop.
  6. Your settings are correct, but you have to have the full-size original photo open of course.
  7. Remember how proud you were when you learned to take a screenshot? Well, you'll be proud when you achieve this too. You can do it, I believe in you.
  8. No, try again. Make sure your Marquee Tool is set to 'Fixed Size', and enter 700x700.
  9. It's not the right size. Read the instructions again: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2013/09/grabbing-700x700px-100-crop.html
  10. No, that's definitely not right.
  11. You will need to use Photoshop to follow the linked instructions.
  12. Come on @Kristie3 don't keep us in suspense! We need those 100% crops.
  13. Once the layered file is saved as a PSD, then yes, flatten the layers, crop to print size, sharpen, then save as a jpeg.
  14. Yep! Have you saved the layered file as a PSD first? Fantastic!
  15. No, this is not an editing thing. We need photos that are shot the same way.
  16. I'm so sorry, I don't understand the question.
  17. No, it's just too good a photo. You got lovely light on your subject, and they didn't get any on theirs.
  18. Then you'll need to find me a different photo of yours to work on. Your photo is much too well lit to match this.
  19. That's not the same one as you uploaded before. Is that ok?
  20. No, that's the same photo as before. I've already done that one. You need to link me to the exact photo you want to copy.
  21. I've deleted the photo because you aren't supposed to upload other people's photos. Can you provide the link to it instead?
  22. Bloody hell. No wonder you thought I'd got it wrong.
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