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  1. THANK YOU!!! I'm not a Geek Squad fan. If I have any serious computer issues I have a computer guy I call who I've used for years, but he's a bit of a drive. I was hoping formatting a drive wasn't rocket science these days. I'll place my orders before the Black Friday weekend sales are gone. I don't think the EHD is on sale but the XQD is. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Brian, lots of family stuff and I've had to be off line. I have a dumb question about the EHD you suggested above. It says that it's formatted for a Mac. I have a custom-built Windows 10 desktop. It has to be reformated. I haven't formatted a drive since the Olden Days. Dos C:\ Format D:\ Are you sure? Y/N Seriously! Lol. How is it done these days? With that large of a drive do I need to partition it? It can't be as easy as plug and play. I could run it down to Geek Squad, but that sounds like a waste if $$. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the VR reminder. A couple have VR, some don't. I'm looking forward to learning this shooting skill.
  4. Thanks! A tripod would be the smart way to go, wouldn't it? I have one. I went out today for some quick practice shots to see if I could do it. It was windy, I knew that wasn't working for me. I braced myself against the car for some shots and found a fence post to rest my camera on for some others. I can't get to them for a couple of days. When I do I'll let you know how it goes. Get my practice in and find where I need to improve for when I need it. This will be fun! 🙂
  5. I just set up my D850 for bracketing. Your instructions made it so simple! And, as I was rereading that section, I saw this: "One more thing, you lose about 2/3rd of a stop of light when using the Nikon CP. I just bump up my ISO a little to compensate. No big deal." I hadn't remembered that but I was finding myself having to boost the ISO a little. That explains it. Thank you again!
  6. Sorry for the delay. Life happened... I can see why you do bracketing as opposed to ND filters, and your results are beautiful! I will definitely try that next time I shoot. I also use the same Nikon Circular Polarizer you use. The ND filters you provided look very similar to what I used in the film days. They seem to have been lost in the move when we moved up here 9+ years ago. They have to be buried somewhere. I can't believe I would get rid of them. Thank you for the links. If I can't find my old ones I'll have your links when I'm ready to spend more $$ on new ones. Good to know the SB-700 is easier to use than my old SB-600. I've started to use my old flash for now until the SB-700 becomes available. I'm getting there on the learning curve. I'll look for the Enloop batteries and charger. I can't find my old battery charger either, but if I do it'll be interesting to see if it still works. Probably not to be trusted. Thanks again for your time, for answering my questions AND for giving me so much more info!
  7. (I'm looking at this on my phone right now.) Shooting those extremes is crazy. Your photos are stunning!
  8. Thank you so much! This is really exciting! Glad ACR does it and I don't have to use LR 😁
  9. I want to reply to more than this section, but I need to run off. Thank you for the bracketing suggestion and instructions I used to bracket with film 100 years ago, but never combined the photos. I just picked the best one. I will read this in more detail, but you mentioned that you combine them in ACR? I've never done that but I'm excited to give this a try! I'll reply more later. Thank you!!
  10. I've been off line for a couple of days. Thank you so much for all of the great information! Glad the Sony XQD card is as reliable as it seemed. I'll get another one. The bad news is that the $168 price is back to $199. Bummer. Oh well. I've been using the Sandisk Extreme Pro cards for the SD slot, but should probably pick up another just because. My Sandisks are older and they will fail. I have a D850 and I sometimes bring my D7200 as a back-up camera. I really appreciate your guidance on getting a good, reliable EHD. The Thunderbolt 3 = $700??? Ouch! Fortunately, I don't need that one. I think the 4TB will be more than I need at this point. I have no idea if my current EHD is reliable. So far it's holding but I don't want to test it. Thank you for the links! If you have a minute, may I pick your brain on a couple of other items? What is your opinion on Nikon speedlights? I do very little indoor photography, but I dragged out my old SB-600 recently. It still works and did ok, but I have to re-learn how to use it. I think the last time I used it was 6 years ago at my nephew's wedding. I was a family member taking some personal photos, not their hired pro photog. My family liked my photos enough to use some. I'm looking on line at the newer models and I think the mid-range SB-700 would work, although they're not readily available right now. They're probably in a shipping crate off LA Harbor, on its docks or in a backlogged warehouse. Good thing I'm not in a hurry for this. This is a future wish list item. And - I think I need to start looking at graduated ND filters for landscapes. I'm tired of struggling with balancing exposure between bright sky and darker land. I used graduated ND filters when I shot film in the 90s and I don't have recent experience with them. What graduated ND filters to you like? The Z9 is on your wish list? I haven't been interested in mirrorless until the Z9 popped up. It's intriguing. Maybe someday? Then I'd have to get mirrorless lenses. Cha-ching!!! I'll keep watching. I have so much invested in my DSLR equipment. My mantra = I don't need a mirrorless, I don't need a mirrorless, I don't need a mirrorless... 😉 But when you get yours I'd love to hear all about it!!
  11. Hi Brian, I'm looking for another XQD card and an external hard drive for backups. I have an ~2- year-old Sony 120GB XQD card that's been fast and reliable - knock on wood! I'm nervous about having only one. I have a 2nd SD slot in my camera but with the XQD I haven't needed it. Those things are expensive. Sony seems to be the go-to card and I've been happy with mine. Do you have a recommended XQD card? I have an older external hard drive. It was a gift - WD My Passport Ultra. I hate having only one back-up location. My photos are also on my 2nd internal hard drive (1TB D:\ drive), but at some point I want to move my older photos off the internal drive. (I have a custom-built desktop that I bought in 2019. A lot less expensive than out-of-the-box computers for the power I wanted. Also a lot less expensive than today's prices!) B&H has several options. Do you have a recommendation for an external hard drive for back-ups? Amazon and others have a lot of options, but I save on sales tax with B&H or Adorama Thanks!
  12. Hi Brian! The DX mode appears to be working. I posted an action horse photo in the Raw class last night and asked Damien if he would have a minute to check focus. I'm not used to working with a 450mm effective focal length. He said the focus was good 🙂 I'm getting there. Thanks again for all of your help!
  13. I recently took Damien's Print Sharpening Class so if I want to print 4'x6' I have it in my arsenal. 🙂
  14. Haha! I knew it was a scam. I'm laughing at myself for not listening to my bullshit meter when it went off Thanks for the links. I really like Steve Perry. And yes, I have lens hoods! I'm all for supporting your local camera shop, but they really have to stop giving crappy advice like that. I admit, I always check B&H when I'm shopping around. I bought my NIkon Circular Polarizer from B&H along with a lot of other stuff back to the film days. My local shop didn't have Nikon Polarizers and that's what I wanted. I was in the local shop when they talked me into a couple of UV filters. {{sigh}} Ouch!! I hate when that happens. I feel your pain. I flooded my N90s. I was talking to someone while I was sealing my camera in its housing. Never talk with anyone while sealing your camera in a housing so you don't lose concentration. That's an always rule. Salt water and electronics didn't mix. I remember climbing off the dive boat into the ocean and watching it flood. The horror. Lol. I won't feel so bad when I take crappy photos now! Great rule of thumb! I needed 1/1000th today, in good light. In the past I've needed at least 1/2000th | 1/2500 when shooting birds in flight. I know there are photographers who can capture flying birds at lower shutter speeds. I'm not one of them. Re mirrorless: Typo. I meant Z7. That was the more expensive mirrorless du jour at the time. Thanks for that! I'll look into setting the record button, Steve Perry's article and the F1 section. I think I remember that Mark Smith also has ways of setting up quick buttons. He wrote an ebook describing how he set up his D850 for bird photos and that may be in there. Hmmm. I'll check my settings. So many settings to forget ----- Anywhere between 10MP - 12MP. THAT'S IT!! ---- We have a lot more that that! ------------- I understand that you don't want to collect any more expensive camera gear, but I hope Santa finds a way to deliver your 180-400 f/4
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