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  1. Ha ha I think part of the reason I’m a stickler for backing up is that I remember the days when drives/disks failed if you looked at them funny. The game looks ahead of the curve for its time (but only by a year or two ). I can see a straight line from there to games today. Very cool!
  2. never heard of that but I bet my husband has!
  3. But I'm totally broke now, you'll be eating ramen noodles three times a day if I adopt you.
  4. Well, you're also very good at getting a million-dollar smile out of my sullen, newly-minted teen.... worth every penny! Thanks again
  5. Thanks Brian! I appreciate you taking the time to respond even if you just cost me another $400....
  6. Hi Brian sorry to bother you with this again.... the kid won. She’s getting her MacBook Pro 16”. Will definitely upgrade to 32gb memory. But what else must I upgrade (emphasis on must)? I’m assuming the 6-core processor is good enough but am debating the hard drive—do you think I can get away with 500 gb? I’d get her an external drive for storage and she won’t be churning out tons of content. Also, is it worth $100 to upgrade the AMD Radeon Pro 5300M to 5500M? They both have 4gb of vram. here’s a link for your convenience, I really appreciate your thoughts—thanks!! https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/16-inch-space-gray-2.6ghz-6-core-processor-512gb#
  7. I agree with you completely! thanks again....
  8. That’s so damn frustrating......
  9. Is this true of the customizable ones (versus off the shelf) too? Different price points? Today I showed her the cost of memory on crucial.com vs Apple and made her help me open her 2 year old Dell Inspiron laptop and double her memory from 8 to 16 gb with a stick I had lying around, making sure she understood that this couldn’t be done on a MacBook. But also I noticed that her laptop seemed a lot more plasticky than my xps. I did worry that I might break something. anyway, now she’s playing Minecraft and her shaders, whatever that is, are working! So hopefully I made an impression! thanks again, Brian. I really appreciate your input.
  10. So funny that you should say this. She told me yesterday she “knows someone” on discord or Tiktok using a MacBook for this and she’ll ask. 🤪 luckily she also knows someone using a Lenovo. lets see if these people respond to her queries! one more q: your recommended specs say 1tb EHD—is that external hard drive? New (to me) terminology for internal drive? thanks again!
  11. Thank you Brian! This is really helpful. I’m not spending 4000 and your details will help me explain why to her. Hoping to convince her a dell XPS is “cool” and what smart people buy LOL. Love the story about your Mom ❤️
  12. Hi Brian! My 13 y.o. wants to play with Adobe After Effects, and I'm all for encouraging that..... but she wants a Macbook for her birthday, too. Can I assume that everything in recent threads about Photoshop and Macbooks more or less applies to After Effects? Are there some areas where I could skimp since she's not a professional, daily, heavy user? (Smaller hard drive is the only one I can think of). I do want her to be able to run the software seamlessly without lags. I appreciate your thoughts, though I suspect I'll have to disappoint her with a Windows laptop...... Thanks!
  13. Jbasya


    sorry i misunderstood. all these kids are moving
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