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This weekend (Fri-Sun Aussie time) I'll be away with limited internet access. If you have images that need my help before next week, please post them soon.  Damien.


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  1. Thanks for your help, Damien, hope you enjoy your weekend!
  2. we are very surprised and f'ing frustrated as hell. I did wind up getting great colors, so it's done, but can I manually up my monitor brightness a tiny bit (literally one notch) or do I need to redo the whole calibration yet again? Also does either of these portend hardware failure of some sort? the first one happened while calibrating with some early numbers that didn't work out, the second one while trying to adjust the gamma or brightness in "spydertune".
  3. Hi Damien I put new lights in, they're brighter than before, and they're 4000K instead of 5000K. Would you expect my white point setting to change, or just my luminance? Thanks!
  4. I worried the beads would be a different type of issue, that's why I took these test shots.... .anyway, thanks!
  5. HI Damien, Was hoping to use this dress in an upcoming photoshoot, but I don't like how it changes colors in the creases and I'm afraid it would be a nightmare to edit. Before I nix it, might there be an easy fix I'm overlooking? (These are sooc jpegs) Thanks
  6. Yup, thank you. That was the missing piece, I knew you’d have it. 🙏🙏🙏
  7. That’s how I understand it; but why do you say the squares on top have to always be black? Isn’t the point to control the colors’ opacity? If I want a color to be strong at one end and fade away at the other, isn’t that was those opacity stops are for? Thanks for your help and also patience!
  8. But when I reduced the opacity of the white in that little box at the left end, nothing changed. Same if I added an opacity stop in the middle and reduced it, slid it around—everything stayed completely white. Shouldn’t something start to show through? What am I missing? white-to-transparent on a black-and-white probably isn’t the best example, sorry. I had the same problem trying to add a touch of yellow to the whites—a full screen of yellow no matter what I did with opacity stops. Even checking “reverse” didn’t change anything. Can you think of anything I might be doing wrong or overlooking?
  9. I think I understand how gradient maps work, but why does the first screenshot behave as expected while the second one turns everything white? (It's the default foreground to transparent--it says custom because I tried one last thing before bothering you with this question.) Thanks, Damien. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
  10. I agree completely. I like some semblance of control.
  11. I’m definitely in the right time zone lol. Thanks for your help. Maybe I’m wrong about why this setting wasn’t in plain sight, but I’ll no longer second-guess paying extra for windows pro....thanks again!
  12. Ok yeah I didn’t think that part through 🤗 I did, however, find this buried four layers deep in the control panel. Before this screenshot it was set to 2 am..... i changed it.... If you don’t hear from me again in another few days, thanks for your help!!
  13. I’m in California, and I think it wakes up between 11 and 12 which is 2-3 eastern.... will check on windows auto-updates, but what’s the benefit of leaving the lid open? Never heard that before... thanks!
  14. I’m pretty sure it woke up last night but I got the same power button message as above (though I’m pretty sure I just opened the lid this morning). am I supposed to be opening it up while it’s in the middle of making its middle of the night noise? thanks 🤗
  15. You might be onto something with the weekly schedule. I’ll track that. It’s ten years old though, I wouldn’t spend money on it. Will update soon!
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