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I'll be away for most of Thursday (Aussie time) (approx Wednesday evening USA time). So sorry about the short notice.  I'll catch up on all posts when I get back.  Damien.


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  1. I got it to a useable place for now, but I need to try again for better. Had to step away from the task because I was ready to throw things out the window..... I've been using "wide led" because that's what the documentation says, but I think maybe it's one of those "in between"s you mentioned on facebook yesterday. U2722D--do you think I should try the regular setting? Thanks for checking in
  2. Ok I’ll try that, thanks again. Hope you’re having a great weekend!
  3. Problem is definitely not limited to this batch of photos. In just a few old sooc jpegs photos it's less noticeable, but I suspect that has more to do with the darkness and lack of saturation in those photos than with them being immune to whatever the hell is going on. Any ideas? I guess I should reach out to Spyder....
  4. I have tried a bunch of files but they’re all from the same recent batch, when I get home I’ll open some older files just to check, though I doubt they’ll be any different
  5. Hi again, I uninstalled and reinstalled the spyder software and it seems to be working as it should, except for the fact that in the "spydertune" view things look very different from how they look in bridge/photoshop. Photos opened in windows explorer look like the bridge/photoshop version. I checked my color spaces, looked for things amiss in the graphics drivers, everything is updated, do you have any idea why I'm seeing this discrepancy? Should I just pay attention to what I'm seeing in bridge/photoshop? in this screenshot the spyder version is a pretty close color match to my prints while the bridge version is insane.
  6. I was going to start tomorrow by deleting/reinstalling so thanks! Hopefully this will help. And hopefully I won’t have to uninstall/reinstall between every damn tweak…. 🙏
  7. Yes same laptop. Old monitor was a Dell U2515H, I gave it to my husband.
  8. Yes. Dell xps (9560 I think). Premier color or whatever you always say to disable is disabled.
  9. Hi Damien! I'm having a heckuva time calibrating my new Dell U2722D. I have a spyder X elite and even ordered new prints from a different printer to troubleshoot. No vivid or oversaturated colors in these prints. With all of them, I can't seem to find the sweet spot where all the colors are close enough..... But before I settle on a compromise, can you please tell me if any of the following point to larger problems? --Documentation says this monitor is W-LED so I've been checking that box --every time I open the software it only has my old monitor in the dropdown box --it doesn't recognize the new monitor and only offers me "generic" despite the fact that I have the monitor-specific driver (another thing I thought might help) --when checking the calibration prints, things look much different in bridge than in the spyder software--this is my biggest concern!!! Despite the above issues, I'm creating profiles and can switch between them so on that front spyder is doing what it's supposed do. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. while I'm here, do you think this photo is salvageable? I clearly missed focus but he's far enough away?
  11. Jbasya


    I feel like I missed focus or got motion blur with this one, but also wondering if maybe it's just haze? I don't need this pic but I like how the sun flare hits so thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  12. Hello Brian! I dropped an old 1tb wd "my passport" drive today, from about waist high, which luckily for me is a mere three feet. It seems to be OK--but can I trust it? Is there something I can do to test it? I don't need it anymore but I was hoping to donate it somewhere rather than throw it out. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your help, Damien, hope you enjoy your weekend!
  14. we are very surprised and f'ing frustrated as hell. I did wind up getting great colors, so it's done, but can I manually up my monitor brightness a tiny bit (literally one notch) or do I need to redo the whole calibration yet again? Also does either of these portend hardware failure of some sort? the first one happened while calibrating with some early numbers that didn't work out, the second one while trying to adjust the gamma or brightness in "spydertune".
  15. Hi Damien I put new lights in, they're brighter than before, and they're 4000K instead of 5000K. Would you expect my white point setting to change, or just my luminance? Thanks!
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