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  1. Of course R +100, 0, 0, 0 G +100, 0, 0, -4 B +100, 0, 0, -4
  2. Are you sure you need to remove it? Maybe just changing its colour would be enough?
  3. How are you feeling about them?
  4. I agree about gradient map, but you wouldn't start there I don't think. Do the darkening first. https://max.mailbigfile.com/0e30caf9b8b02b3c6f3dfe9797b1653d/listFiles.php
  5. I agree, it's an in-betweener. So yes, I'd lean towards "Standard".
  6. I don't know what PDF settings you chose, so I'm not sure if you're affecting the quality. But you shouldn't be.
  7. It's great. Nobody will give it a glance.
  8. PDFs are so important for commercial printing. But when all that's being printed is just an image, it's completely silly to demand PDF. Because the image will just be a jpeg file inside the added complexity of a PDF file. As you've just found out, it's too much extra that can go wrong. Not yet, sorry.
  9. I guess you just have to copy the leg fur along.
  10. Gee, don't be sad about that. ID is fantastic for this kind of work. But what about the dog photos? You didn't use ID for those, did you?
  11. https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/05/making-pdfs-from-photoshop.html
  12. I do have instructions for saving pdfs, but they're specifically for files with text and shapes in them. Files like yours should only ever be saved as jpegs. I'm sorry you've got such a stupid printer I expect you'll find the big files are 16-bit instead of 8-bit.
  13. Bridge is just showing the thumbnail size I guess. It's no big deal.
  14. If your file had any text or vector shapes in it, it would be correct not to flatten. But since it's just an image, you definitely must flatten before saving.
  15. I'm sure you realise you've done something drastically wrong. Your PDF file size is outrageously large.
  16. I need more of the backstory here. Did the printer say why they require pdfs rather than jpegs? What kind of printing is it?
  17. Ooh ... tricky one. Could you send me one of the file pairs? https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/BellePhotography
  18. Any backdrop change is as easy, or as dreadfully difficult, as the frizziness of the subjects' hair. If you're shooting baldies, you're sweet
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