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  1. I was baffled because I had to dig to find where to fix it but I had gone to blending options via right clicking and probably hit it aiming for "blending option". I could have researched but you were much quicker thanks!
  2. What did I hit to cause this? The mask is a funny looking box and doesn't show my black/white masking. I hoped closing it out and reopening would fix it but no luck. Has to be a setting I hit possible in blending options??
  3. YES!! That fixed it. THANK YOU! Things like that drive me nuts.
  4. No the Clone Tool works properly. 1-0 changes opacity.
  5. Using a mac. I have always used the shortcut keys 1-0 to change opacity. Now all of a sudden it is changing "flow" and I have to use the shift key for it to change "opacity". Any idea what I have accidentally done to cause this? Thanks!
  6. If you talked about this I can't find it. Is there a pro or con for going to what I consider the 2nd level for adjustments in ARC making a selection and adjusting just that area?
  7. Now that we have addressed my colossal mistake and you are in agreement they bother you also, is there anything I can do to get the colors more in line with each working with what I have?
  8. I know. I just can't seem to get into that habit. Maybe this year.
  9. Would you stop making such good points!!
  10. I meant if light was changing so fast I would not have taken that many pictures of the WB sheet. The method used was totally hodgepodge for sure. Which goes back to my original thought that I would use the preset shade for them.
  11. Oh and do the color differences in these bother you? Should I try to adjust any of them to match slightly closer--tree not people? In the collage they have a narrow black frame around them. I haven't decided whether to print and frame or to do canvases of each. I did consider BW for all of them but haven't gone that far yet.
  12. I considered angle which is why 6 & 7 are really throwing me. Same side of tree. Body is diff. but the faces are both straight forward and just slightly diff. spot on tree. Also that's why I asked about the "tree" and not the people. The tree was the only stationary item. And in 1-3 I was straight on with the tree. I had them do various poses and no way could I have done a WB sheet with each pose. I guess bottom line is there is no solution when shooting outside. I get a WB sheet would have helped but I'm not convinced it would have solved the overall issue. And no I won't be testing that therory! 2 & 3 the forest is the same but that blasted tree.....!!! Would a WB sheet in front of tree about every 5 min. have been a "reasonable" solution?
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