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  1. I really wanted it not to be a PS 2022 issue but it appears it really is. I used 2021 without thinking about issues. Would accidently open a file from bridge and it would go to 2022 and same old problems. I just now opened a raw file in 2022 and clicking a layer on and off it would appear to do nothing then when I would put it back on the delay would happen. Opened same file in 2022 and could click layer on & off with no delay. Do I have to uninstall 2022 to be able to use 2021 from bridge?
  2. Then it will stay in 2021. But I have no way of looking at ratings and know which files I need open.
  3. in PS 2021, file>open>browse in bridge>open> get the 2022 blink startup goes to ACR then to 2022.
  4. I changed everything I could in file type associations to 2021 and still the same, opens PS 2022, then to ARC and back to PS 2022.
  5. I think I know where you were headed. I just opened a file from 2021 bridge, had 2021 ps open. Opened a file from 2021, before the file opened into ARC 2022 PS popped up with that new picture then the file went to ARC. Opened from ARC and went to 2022 PS. 2022 PS has taken over my life!!
  6. Actually I never switched to the new until all this mess and discovered today for some reason I was running the old vs even though I had installed the new and thought it was the one I was using. So I have just started new bridge about an hr ago and have not done any editing since.
  7. I am having major lag with new version. When I try to move the arrow for adjustment on a levels layer they just sit there, When I click my shortcut key for zoom I end up with a streak across my file on the layer I was working on because I assume it is ready to zoom but it hasn't caught up to me. I tried the older vs and it seemed to be ok so thought I would try it on this batch of files I have to edit to see if the new vs is the real issue. This has been going on awhile and it just dawned on me it could be the new vs. I have checked my hard drive and I have 667.74 free out of 1 TB. I ran CleanMyMac. Doesn't help. Open to any suggestion. I attached my computer details
  8. That isn't working. I made sure the one I wanted was open and only it. I opened two files in ARC. One opened in 2021 & one in 2022. I thought maybe one had previously been opened into the newer version so made sure everything was "really" closed, opened 2021 and then opened two files I knew had never been opened. Before they opened in ARC PS 2022 popped open (can tell by the picture) then the two files went into ARC. When I clicked open in ARC they went to 2022. I then verified 2021 was still open and it is but empty
  9. I want to revert back one update of photoshop. Where do I change the default so that when it goes from ACR into photoshop it will open into adobe photoshop 2021 (vs 22.5.4) instead of adobe photoshop 2022 (vs 23.1.0)?
  10. Why do we search an hour before we ask but thank you for quick response.
  11. I'm trying to setup elements for my husband on new PC computer with windows 11. Since his old vs 5 wouldn't work had to get 2022. Is there a way to customize shortcut keys on it or are you stuck with what they give you? I've read and where it says to do it doesn't exit and I just now found one article that said it doesn't exit so decided to ask instead of googling any more. Since he only uses it for very basics cropping, resizing, and adding words I'm hoping windows 11 will play nice with him since it was our only choice. The old way of flattening layers has changed and a shortcut key would be best. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your help. I’ll wait a few days and give you an update.
  13. I already had the automatic graphics switching turned off. Do I leave the below recommendation of change it back? History is lowered. I've turned off CL & 30 Bit. It is working some better I realized later the point I got so frustrated I was working on a rare 16 bit image. It is much better with the 8 bit.
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