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  1. If you talked about this I can't find it. Is there a pro or con for going to what I consider the 2nd level for adjustments in ARC making a selection and adjusting just that area?
  2. Now that we have addressed my colossal mistake and you are in agreement they bother you also, is there anything I can do to get the colors more in line with each working with what I have?
  3. I know. I just can't seem to get into that habit. Maybe this year.
  4. Would you stop making such good points!!
  5. I meant if light was changing so fast I would not have taken that many pictures of the WB sheet. The method used was totally hodgepodge for sure. Which goes back to my original thought that I would use the preset shade for them.
  6. Oh and do the color differences in these bother you? Should I try to adjust any of them to match slightly closer--tree not people? In the collage they have a narrow black frame around them. I haven't decided whether to print and frame or to do canvases of each. I did consider BW for all of them but haven't gone that far yet.
  7. I considered angle which is why 6 & 7 are really throwing me. Same side of tree. Body is diff. but the faces are both straight forward and just slightly diff. spot on tree. Also that's why I asked about the "tree" and not the people. The tree was the only stationary item. And in 1-3 I was straight on with the tree. I had them do various poses and no way could I have done a WB sheet with each pose. I guess bottom line is there is no solution when shooting outside. I get a WB sheet would have helped but I'm not convinced it would have solved the overall issue. And no I won't be testing that therory! 2 & 3 the forest is the same but that blasted tree.....!!! Would a WB sheet in front of tree about every 5 min. have been a "reasonable" solution?
  8. I've considered that at length. Yes huge mistake BUT had I had it would I have needed to use for each person standing in same place that close together?
  9. Hope this is the correct place. You worked with me on these 8 photos. They are meant to be in a collage. reading top row left to right followed by bottom row left to right: #1 & #2 4 min. apart same tree. #2 & # 3 2 min. apart same tree. #3 & # 4 3 min. apart same tree. # 4 & #5 4 min. apart same tree. 6-7 1 min. apart at a different tree. These 2 taken less than a min. have the greatest different in WB. Thats a total of 23 min for 1-5. I realize light changes quickly but what could have been done to make these closer in lighting. (and don't say go inside!). The people I get--different skin etc. but the tree is a different color in these especially # 3 & #4 and 6 & 7. I'm still wondering why they shouldn't all be same WB as I kept everyone in shade. Just trying to figure it out and yes I am "weirdly pedantic" but as in all things related to ones personality it just is what it is. Should the "tree" be the same color 1-2 min. apart? They are growing on me but still curious. Thank you and Happy New Year!
  10. I replaced the arm of 2nd from left. Can you please check to see if I have color, checks, color lined up ok. I'll include screen shot of the before. I do believe weirdly pedantic might be my new favorite expression!
  11. DUH! I guess I forgot that existed. Again, my apologies for not searching your site for an explanation. I truly am searched out but I'll try better next time. Thank you.
  12. Excuse me. I'm merely trying to set up my camera to work properly with your ACR format. Sorry for the confusion. My bad l didn't catch "space vs file". I just didn't want conflicts with using your method in ACR.
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