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  1. When I get less busy LOL! I actually have a sun flare I need help with but hadn't decided whether to do it as I did the edit or to post on ask damien. Maybe I'll get to it next week. Hope you had a great Holiday season!
  2. I do know and yes I see. But I was trying to go really soft since you said the first was "weird ass-fashion" to go soft. I'm thinking my angle might be totally wrong. Knowing what one is and creating one is my huge problem evidently.
  3. Any better or still too much? I reduced opacity and size. It's on the one on right but not the other 2. Maybe this isn't the right thread for this now?
  4. This is new territory for me. Do you have a tutorial on drop shadows or maybe it is in that material. Late here and giving up for tonight.
  5. Bingo! But you stated in your tut that you used both and yours are square. Am I assuming that was a "general" statement either/or??
  6. Sigh. Wish I had found this earlier. I have 90 pages done so not redoing them but will on the remaining pages. Back to why my corners aren't square like yours. Can you screen shot me your "border & drop shadow settings"? I presume the same settings should work whether I have each image on its own layer or 3 images on 1. This is my stroke settings. And yes, I was going to go back and find the first it referred to. Thanks for link. Maybe I'll get my answer in that tutorial?
  7. Double oops. I had changed them back to the same. Here is the one. top left inside other 2 outside
  8. I thought I sent a screen shot but not sure where it went. Top is inside at 30, the bottom is outside at 30
  9. Is there a way to make the corners square or should I be happy with curved?
  10. I'll play with it but are you saying if I use a color other than black (which I may do on some) I will need to use a different blend mode?
  11. Normal works. I was using an example and it had multiple. I played with darken but not normal but all 3 seem the same. Thanks again!
  12. I thought I tried stroke first but I failed to find the "outside". I believe it makes a sharper edge than the drop shadows so will use stroke. I can't tell a difference in multiply & darken in this case. What blend mode do you suggest? Thanks! I prefer the stroke!
  13. I figured out a method. I think the above doesn't work because an image isn't a "shape". Instead I used a drop shadow in FX and it is working. I just want to put a tiny frame around each/some of the pictures in my photo book in PS. I have spreads with 2-8 pictures per spread and want frames on each picture not the whole spread as 1. Make sense? These are not totally sharp on outside edge but think they are ok unless you have a better method.
  14. I'm trying to create a frame in PS. I googled and found these instructions so I am assuming it is possible but it isn't working. I can create the frame but can't get it to convert to a shape. When I right click shape layer created with frame tool there is no option to "convert to frame" therefore no width or height. I also attached a screenshot showing the frame and what it looks like in layers panel and one showing what I get when I right click. Hopefully I am just clicking on the wrong thing. Thanks! Create frames with the Frame Tool Select the Frame Tool from the Tools panel or press 'K'. In the Tool options bar, choose a rectangular frame or an elliptical frame . Draw a new frame on the canvas. Convert any shape or text to a frame In the Layers panel, right-click (Win) / Control-click (Mac) a text layer or a shape layer and choose Convert To Frame from the context-menu. In the New Frame dialog, enter a Name and set a specific Width and Height for the frame. Click OK.
  15. I was baffled because I had to dig to find where to fix it but I had gone to blending options via right clicking and probably hit it aiming for "blending option". I could have researched but you were much quicker thanks!
  16. What did I hit to cause this? The mask is a funny looking box and doesn't show my black/white masking. I hoped closing it out and reopening would fix it but no luck. Has to be a setting I hit possible in blending options??
  17. YES!! That fixed it. THANK YOU! Things like that drive me nuts.
  18. No the Clone Tool works properly. 1-0 changes opacity.
  19. Using a mac. I have always used the shortcut keys 1-0 to change opacity. Now all of a sudden it is changing "flow" and I have to use the shift key for it to change "opacity". Any idea what I have accidentally done to cause this? Thanks!
  20. If you talked about this I can't find it. Is there a pro or con for going to what I consider the 2nd level for adjustments in ARC making a selection and adjusting just that area?
  21. Now that we have addressed my colossal mistake and you are in agreement they bother you also, is there anything I can do to get the colors more in line with each working with what I have?
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