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  1. Well, I may have jumped the gun a bit. When I went to the noise removal step, I saw that the sharpening slider was defaulted to 40 now. I realize that doesn't matter if you put it back to 0 to begin with.....and just assumed other slider values may have changed as well.
  2. Is there anything new or different to do now that we have new sliders and new values on some sliders in the latest ACR update?
  3. When I use the \ to look at the masked area of a layer in PS, it shows in red but I would like to adjust this color to be a darker red. Is that possible and how would I adjust the color?
  4. Okay, I'm a dimwit. No, I was using the ruler in PS...thought they were the same. The ruler actually measures it at 3 7/8 inches. So guess my screen resolution is 258. Sound right?
  5. That's the article I'm using. Seems strange that if it defaults to 300, my 1000 pixel length at 100% measure just over 3.25 inches. If I change it to 200, the length is 5 inches. I was expecting the length to measure more in the range of 10-11 inches. My screen res is 2880x1800. Oh, well.....
  6. Since I have a new laptop, I was going to measure my screen resolution. Seems I should leave the RES field blank when I make a new document but I can't figure out how to do that with PS CC2017. It defaults to 300, so my result is 300. If I change it to 200 when I make the new document, it is 200. That's logical. Either I'm missing something here or I'm just a dimwit.
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