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  1. From Safe Mode I uninstalled CCleaner, Bitdefender & MalwareBytes restarting when prompted - I didn't find AVAST, or other virus, etc programs. Then checked updates & ran quick scan for Windows Defender- no issues found. Downloaded Glary & ran Disk Cleanup, I unchecked Adobe CC 2018. Registry Repair found a problem associated with Bridge in Startup Programs. I restarted PC & opened the latest version of Bridge; it took awhile longer than usual to load but it's working now. If it is a problem I will try downloading Bridge 2019. I'm just now seeing ^^^ I downloaded the free Glary version - sounds like I should subscribe to the paid version.
  2. Will do & I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your guidance!
  3. Thank you! I will un-install CCleaner & look for other software & I will get Glary & scan. I also have Bitdefender & MalwarebytesFree - sounds like I should uninstall those & use Windows Defender instead.
  4. I looked at that first command line & didn't see that. I don't think I uninstalled Bridge 10.1.1 & that seems to be the version that started giving me grief. I was hopeful when Bridge was updated earlier in Oct & again this week, but it's already not working again. I haven't run Glary, but have run CCleaner including the registry scan in the past 10 days. Is downloading Bridge 2019 from ProDesignTools an option? Sometimes when I shut down the PC there's a brief msg about something not closing, but it goes so fast I don't have a chance to read it. When I take a video of shutdown the error msg doesn't show up - Murphy's Law. You've been very helpful and I appreciate all that you've been doing to try to resolve this
  5. The first time I tried running it I copied & pasted the command & it didn't run; I typed it in the second time & it ran. No component store corruption detected.
  6. @Brian - I ran the Check Health scan. No component store corruption detected & the operation completely successfully; so I did not run the other scans. Downloaded, installed & made Firefox the default browser. Version 10.1.1 is the oldest version & it is still installed.
  7. Version 10.1.1 is the oldest version I have also & it is installed on the PC. I will do the other things you mentioned later on (have to make supper.)
  8. Bridge 2021 is not responding more often than not so I tried to download Bridge 2019 from ProDesignTools. Google Chrome blocked the download with the notice it can't be downloaded securely. After reading the possible reasons why & not knowing enough about the site I discarded it. I ran the Windows System File Checker again today & it did not find any integrity violations; restarted PC – Bridge wouldn’t open; tried opening Bridge while holding Ctrl Alt Shift; wouldn’t open; restarted PC; opened Bridge while holding Ctrl Alt Shift & it's working now but I've done this before & it doesn't last more than a few days. Do you have any thoughts on downloading Bridge 2019 from ProDesignTools?
  9. Thanks for the further explanation - I'm glad you spelled out to hit the spacebar after sfc - I probably would not have noticed that space. I ran the scan; it found corrupt files & successfully repaired them. I opened Bridge & it didn't respond so I re-started the computer & got a msg about Task Host Window Task Host is stopping background tasks & I clicked the option to restart. It took a few minutes before it booted up again. I opened Bridge 11.0 & it worked. I don't see an option to revert back to Bridge 2019 but in looking at a forum on Adobe's site https://community.adobe.com/t5/bridge/is-adobe-bridge-cc-2019-free-of-charge/td-p/10173369?page=1 I came across a link to downloading Bridge from https://prodesigntools.com/adobe-cc-2019-direct-download-links.html I haven't done that yet, but did a search to learn more about that website & found this on Adobe's site: "ProDesignTools links are safe and approved by Adobe. However owing to Adobe's new legacy policy, many direct download links have been removed.. They may or may not work anymore. Nancy O'Shea, ACP"
  10. I just googled to try to learn more about the CMD prompt. Is this the command box that should come up? I got to it by typing cmd in the File Explorer address bar.
  11. It doesn't look like I have an option to revert back to Bridge 2019. The only options are Versions 11.0 & 10.1.1 I didn't find 2019 on Adobe's site. The latest version worked for a couple days & now it's not working again. I won't format unless absolutely necessary. Thanks for the suggestion on running the test. I haven't done it yet since I didn't get a command box to type in the command on your Step 5 above. A window opens with the option to click Yes or No; I've clicked No since it's different than your directions.
  12. Thanks - when I started my PC today I had a notice about updates for Bridge & ACR so I did that, restarted the PC & Bridge is working now. If it's an issue again, I'll see if I can go back to Bridge 2019 & last resort formatting the HD.
  13. I was hopeful I finally had this issue resolved, but it's not. I've tried many different things including the recommendations above; 2 calls to Dell, on the first call they uninstalled NVIDIA & reinstalled it from NVIDIA's site. Bridge worked when I was on the phone with them but the next time I went to use Bridge, it wasn't responding, so I uninstalled & reinstalled NVIDIA, It's been a few weeks but I'm pretty sure I downloaded NVIDIA from Dell's site. I restarted my pc after uninstall & install (Dell tech didn't do that.) I've gone to Dell's site to check for updates & it's up to date. Dell tells me this is a software problem & they would charge to help. I've looked at Adobe's site to try to find a solution & have run Bitdefender virus scan on the system, Malwarebytes scan & CCleaner. Last week I uninstalled Bridge & chose the option to keep my preferences. I re-installed & it worked for about 3 days but it stopped working again. Screenshots of Task Manager attached. The first ss is from today before ending the task. The other ss is from yesterday after trying to closing Bridge with Task Manager & trying to open it & it won't open, but it shows running in the background. I'm stumped & would appreciate any suggestions. Should I try uninstalling Bridge & not keep my preferences?
  14. @Brian thank you for your help. I had trouble with some of the Dell Updates - appearing to be locked up just as you said. It looks like something updated, but the video driver is not working when I open ACR. I'll try running an update over night & will probably end up calling Dell this week.
  15. @Brian I have a Dell XPS 8930, new in Nov 2019. Windows Update shows up to date except for the Optional Updates listed above. On 9-18-2020 Windows updated Intel Corporation – SoftwareComponent – When I hover over the icon in the task bar for NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver it shows update is available. I tried to update it yesterday & today & got an error msg & to reboot. I did that both days & when hovering over the icon it doesn't show an update. The other screenshot is what I get when I open NVIDIA. I went to Dell to check for updates & downloaded their program - I haven't run any of those updates yet.
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