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  1. Thank you Brian, I've not slept because this has been heavy on my mind. I have it 2 ticks down from the left , if I go any lower, them I can't see the screen well and then I start to see a glare. Talked to WHCC as well and they said I have PS set correctly
  2. It is a completely new iMac not PC , not even a year old LOL! Anyway, I will be taking the class but wanted to ask you if I would be learning how to edit the opposite of the light and airy look for outdoor images... not dark and moody but somewhere in between .....I guess I would need to show you an image of what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm excited to purchase the class and ready for my outdoor images to look better and of course indoor but I struggle a lot with outdoor images.
  3. Do you think I can still take your Raw class with these settings?
  4. Yes And I even tried the cooler settings and then it gets turned around ..screen cool and warm prints.. there is no in between it seems.
  5. SO I did get back my prints from WHCC and they look better than Bay Photos color by just comparing them side by side in daylight. I calibrated to D50 70 Lum was my final calibration to get a close match to WHCC ... comparing I'm not sure if I'm seeing the prints cool or green. Brightness is better. I purchased 6500k bulbs at 1500 lumens and I'm using 8 around my work space. I'm just not sure if I'm looking at it too much or what lol But I tried the other setting like d75 and d65 and so on. D50 seems to be it.So screen is warm and prints either cool or green.Thoughts ? Don't know if I should be posting here or not lol edited to add not all the prints look green just two of them.
  6. I have sent out prints to WHCC and got them back. I have not compared yet since I am not in the same lighting I edit in at the moment. But already 3 out 4 photos look better on WHCC than Bay Photo just by looking from the naked eye and in daylight lighting. SO I will compare the prints to the screen alter tonight. We shall see !
  7. So why do the prints look cool in person as I'm holding them in natural light? They do not look warm. To me if I don't compare them they look fine so beautiful. But I understand why you compare. So the other labs they offer through shootproof.
  8. I'm with Shootproof so they have certain labs. I'll find another that is not too costly for my clients.
  9. No I have not been there but they have shown me their prints and say they have not had an issue. I print with bay photo and so my PS set to their specifications.
  10. No they are all painted the same color. There has to be a way. I know of other photographers who edit in the dark mind you or in dim lighting who also calibrate and their prints match. I feel like I'm the only one in the world who's prints do not match ! I know of a photographer who uses her internal calibration on her iMac and her prints match up! Wha??
  11. I wish , that's when I shoot sessions. Then do the normal everyday things you need too during daylight. Night is when I have all the time in world.
  12. I was hoping you could tell me LOL! Is it 5200k? I didn't see any of those at my local Home Depot Or maybe I should edit warmer or cooler ?Heck I don't even know anymore.
  13. I switched to 5000k and 900 lumens today. I have 4 bulbs in the over head light fixture and two lamps with two bulbs each in them.
  14. Prints still warmer and I turned down brightness from the display panel to match up the brightness. So I guess this means the new 5000k bulbs are not what I need.
  15. Ok, so I re calibrated to 70 lum and d50 . prints are warmer than screen and brightness matched up pretty good. Should I re calibrate to d55 and a different Lum ? or get 5200k bulbs and brighter ?
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