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  1. OH! Also, I figured out why my Spyder display would not go onto the screen I wanted it to go onto. It had something to do with selecting the screen for calibration purposes from a menu. Something about the menu would only display on the monitor selected. I think I got it. I think I've successfully calibrated both! Thanks for holding my hand through it!!
  2. OH! Also, I figured out why my Spyder display would not go onto the screen I wanted it to go onto. It had something to do with selecting the screen for calibration purposes from a menu. I don't really know what I'm doing... THere's one step, right after selecting "desktop" where I can choose which monitor I'm calibrating. And there's 2 choices, both named (almost) the same name. I don't know how to delete the one that I"m not using and I can't figure out how to rename it. ugh. oh well.
  3. OK, just want to double-check. When I'm looking at my prints and comparing them to the image files I see on screen, what program should I be using to look at them? Photoshop? Something else? NEVERMIND, I found where you said to use PS or elements or Firefox (don't know how to delete this question. )
  4. OK I'm going to tackle this problem again today. Going to switch the screens so that the external monitor will be the main, then I will calibrate, then switch back, and calibrate the laptop monitor.
  5. OK so I tried to calibrate the external monitor before you responded (just above) and In order to do that, I just switched the display to duplicate (temporarily) but still placed the Spyder on the external monitor. I have no clue if what I"m doing is right or wrong. If it would help (although I can't imagine that you'd be able to change anything, LOL) I could take a video of what's happening.... Also, I know you said it's possible to run two profiles at the same time but I'm wondering how to do that? And how to assign the correct profile to the correct device (monitor, laptop). Sorry I have so many questions. Also sorry if I haven't read enough. I'm okay with being told to go read something you've already said - feeling overwhelmed with other things as well. Just trying to put out fires as they pop up and this calibration thing is almost extinguished. LOL
  6. Ok. SO, I went to calibrate my monitor using your fabulous instructions. However when the Spyder menu came up on my laptop screen, I tried to drag it over to my external monitor and it kept jumping back to the main screen. I could never get it to stay on the other screen. That's the same problem I'd had in the past on my old computer. I have the displays set to "extend" Awaiting your guidance......
  7. Wonderful, thank you! I've already got my monitor set to extend. I'm not sure how to run two profiles at the same time though. Do you have a post that explains it? Also I'm not sure how to run it... I mean, I've calibrated dozens of times but I would think that when I try to calibrate a second device (the laptop) it would overwrite the calibration of the previous device (the external monitor)? Clearly I'm confused! Haha
  8. HI there. Couple questions. 1. I just purchased a new laptop and was going to calibrate it using Damien's instructions. Then I wondered if I should be calibrating my laptop and my external IPS monitor separately? I thought the computer would only be able to run one display profile at a time? 2. With the new computer, should I order new test prints? BTW the stuff I have is: HP 2011xi IPS monitor, Spyder 5 Pro calibration, Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop. THANKS!
  9. Hi there. This is my first post. I edit my images exclusively in Lightroom. I shoot in RAW. I took the Clean Processing class with Damien ages ago. When I process my images, the first thing I do, after import, is go through the images and adjust exposure and white balance. Then, I apply a preset (I have a set of about 5 presets that I created myself. They make minimal changes but it's easier than making the same adjustments by hand to every photo). I was discussing processing with other photographers, they all said that they FIRST apply a preset THEN adjust exposure and white balance (I'm assuming the presets they use will adjust exposure & white balance, but the ones I use do not). This seemed backwards to me, as I thought I remembered that Damien told our class to always adjust the basics first - the exposure and white balance - before making any creative edits. I understand that in LR, it doesn't make the outcome different by choosing a different order (I also understand that in Photoshop it does matter but I don't use PS.) Just wondering if I'm understanding it wrong, or if I should not worry about it and do what i like, or if someone has some insight as to why I might want to apply a preset FIRST then adjust the exposure/white balance SECOND?
  10. Hi There! I'm here to learn and get better. Sometimes I'm stubborn but I am hoping I can work past that.
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