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  1. sure! the "use Windows Ink" box needs to be unchecked, but you need to click each tab and uncheck it on each tab.
  2. Thank you @Brian. I actually did get it figured out finally after much digging on the internet. The answer was to un-check "Use Windows Ink" in the settings box but I had to turn it off for all the functions (tablet, pen, and general). SO glad I got it figured out! Thanks.
  3. Hi! I've used a Wacom tablet for years but I just got a new one and I can't seem to figure out how to set it up for editing. Specifically, here's the challenges I faced: When cloning in PS, I would hold the ALT key and touch the pen to the tablet (to set the clone area) but it would never accept the selection. I'd have to go to my mouse, ALT + click, then I could clone with the pen. When trying to use sliders (like brush size) the pen won't move the slider. I've tried adjusting the different options in the tablet properties but I'm struggling to figure it out. Is there a list of "generally, set up your pen with these settings" type of post in here? thanks.
  4. Damien, how many photos will I have to edit before you will let me move on in the class? Whether I have mastered the skill or not I do feel I have done a LOT Of editing and I would like to move on.
  5. I'd like to soften the The shadow created on this young man's shirt (vertical near center of the shirt). What I mean is, I'd like to have just a slightly more gradual change from bright to dark. I understand it's not going to be a wide, huge change but just soften it up a bit. When I try, using the patch tool, the texture of the shirt is lost and it looks fuzzy and wrong. I'm positive that I don't understand the skills I need to accomplish this. Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks!
  6. OK so. I feel like I'm about to jump off a cliff. haha I bought the Samsung 860. And I bought the extra RAM. And now I also bought the Samsung 970. I've got all of it ready to give to my computer guy. I have my appointment on Monday to hand over my laptop. **SWEATING BULLETS**
  7. OK boss. I can get on board with that. So, looking at my computer.... everything on it functions well. Its manufacture date was April 2019 so not terribly old. After the updates, i will have 32 gb RAM, and If I have the 970 drive AND the 860 drive, THEN would you say I'm set to have a pretty decent computer for at least another few years? I have to be honest - I love PCs. I've never ever had a problem with them. (not saying they are invincible but I am happy so far). And I know they don't last forever but my most recent reasons for upgrades to new laptops were because of needing a newer OS or more space. I guess my final question, so I can relieve you of my unending confusion (LOL) is: should this machine now last me a while?
  8. OK so do I need the original Samsung 860 thing also? Or should I return it? Just wondering why you suggested it.
  9. Sorry, I bought what was listed above in the 4th post. Here are pictures of what I bought.
  10. OK I apologize because I know I sound like an incompetent idiot but I know ZERO about this and I'm trying to decipher what you're saying and what Charlie (my local guy) is also saying. He said this Samsung 860 is a stick drive (is that right?). He seemed very interested to just replace the D drive with it because it would be easy. I understand that but honestly, I'm having trouble keeping my C drive from filling up. It's constantly in the red. Right now I have less than 10gb of free space (which is less than 5%). So yeah.... I think I definitely need to get a bigger main drive. So yes, I have already bought the 1TB SSD drive. I did notice in the photo above that the main drive appeared to be about the size of a deck of cards but the picture of this samsung drive looks smaller and I wondered how it all would fit together but.... I assume this is because I don't know anything about computers. Charlie's rationale was: if your computer programs are already running fine, then it's just easier to add the new SSD as your D drive. and the extra RAM will really help too. But I'm worried bc I'm basically OUT of space on my C drive. I spoke to Charlie tonight and he really SOUNDS like he knows what to do so I'm hopeful. I got referred to him by a friend (who I definitely trust) so I hope everything will be okay. And if nothing else, I have insurance...... haha
  11. Thanks again, @Brian. Finding a reliable computer person is not easy, as people claim they know what they're doing but to a person who knows ZERO, everyone seems to know what they're doing (even if they don't!) Actually I showed him the Samsung 1TB HD that you suggested and he said, yes that's perfect, we will use that. I also asked him about bumping up my RAM to 32 gig so we're doing that as well. I already ordered the SSD you suggested, as well as the RAM this guy suggested. Do you think I ALSO need some additional stick drive? I apologize if I sound stupid.... I'm really relying on people smarter than me to tell me what I need. I'm not afraid to invest money to make my computer work well but I don't want to go nuts. The SSD + Ram was about $350. So at this point I should tell my local guy.... what? Should I say, "I think the larger Data drive would be helpful but I think it will be better if we can use this new 1TB drive to make it my Main HD. We will need to clone my existing HD. Can you do that?" Is that what I'd say?
  12. Hi again! I have my local computer dude helping me. I sent him the specs of my computer and this is what he said... "Ok your D drive is your system recover drive. From what I can see from the specs it uses a stick style SSD drive. And the board does have a spot for a stand hard drive. So what I would do is split the case add the new drive. Formats the new drive and give it a drive letter and poof done. Take less then an hour I'm sure. " Heres my specs....
  13. this is the $1300 laptop I was considering. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088WNQQVQ/?coliid=I1J6XKCRC9880Y&colid=2Z02MIRHN9OK8&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
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