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  1. okie dokie, looks like I'm going with that one. Thank you!
  2. Hi! I'm sorry to bother you. I'm looking at the link for calibrators. The X-Rite ColorMunki Display is a descent price, but it is out of production. The X-Rite i1Display Pro got bad reviews for the software not working properly, to buy software from a 3rd party. Have you had bad experiences with the i1Display Pro? The Spyders are pricey. Suggestions on which one to buy? Renee'
  3. I use to use only Bridge and Photoshop. I'll take the 30 day challenge. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for taking the time for answering all of my questions!! I really appreciate it! Renee'
  4. Reading further in the last link and Just found this also. The top section's color space is set to prophoto RGB, as in the attached pic. I changed it to sRGB. That is correct, correct??
  5. ok, thanks! Just to recap, a calibrator, such as color munki , will work with my touch screen laptop?
  6. Just attached an image from lightroom. Is it supposed to be sRGB?
  7. I just figured out the profile untagged in ps. I didn't realize I sent a 72 resolution image in for a test print. The pic attached is the original one. It's tagged. Yay!
  8. Right, I'm sorry, I meant in Lightroom. Not sure where to find the profile info for Lightroom.
  9. Sigh...I asked the customer service at whcc if that needs to be checked and they said no. But I checked it. True I have it opened but not sure where to find the profile info. Is it under metadata??
  10. Ok, I"ll check lightroom for profile. Ok, yes, I'll have to use what I have now. Ok, I'll get a calibrator. Which one would you recommend for my computer? I use the latest version of ps from adobe. I lost my photoshop software with my old computer. It to was a disk install. So I use the one from adobe's website.
  11. I tested some older images in photoshop. They don't have profiles either. How do you think that is happening? That's really important, isn't it? How do I fix it to where all the images have a profile? Renee'
  12. Thank you for your quick response!! Wow, I did the check, no profile. I have no idea how that happened. What now? I'll do the 30 day challenge later tonight. Oh no....it is too late to take it back. What now? I had a color munki smile for my old computer and loved it. But it is a disc install. My new computer doesn't have a disc tray. Plus the calibrator is old. I've been telling my husband the bulbs are too yellow!
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