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  1. @Brian thank you for responding! My budget (as of right now, where I’m still a beginner) is around $100-$150.. I’ve done some boudoir, as well as family portraits indoors. I don’t have a studio, so it would be along the lines of running and gunning. I’ve done a wedding as well. Of course it wasn’t one of the more elegant weddings, and the family loved the photos but I just feel like more lighting is needed. I do hate my flash on my camera. I had to use it a few times during the wedding. I had no choice. l hate the shadows. But other than family & portraits, and MAYBE boudoir, that’s all I’m looking to use it for. Only when NEEDED. Maybe later down the road when I’m more experienced, I’ll want to get in to using it more often.
  2. When I’m doing indoor photos, I don’t have any portable box lights, so I considered buying a flash for my camera (Canon Rebel T6). What flash would you recommend? I’m not familiar with the manual flash settings. Also, do you recommend a flash diffuser? Last one, how do you feel about ring lights, or ring lights that attach to the lens? TIA!
  3. Thank you @Brian! I haven’t been able to do it just yet, due to the holidays (and sadly I won’t have a printer). But as soon as I do, I’ll update ASAP
  4. @Brian these photos are the exact same as it appears on the LCD of the camera and after importing. The photos I posted here, are after importing them to the computer. And I will go ahead and default the camera and set the picture style to neutral. Thank you!
  5. @Brian thank you for the quick response! I am still new with this camera, and learning.. I do know that the WB is set on auto.. I have not tried to default the settings, but I will do so and try to snap a photo JUST in case that may be the problem. I did buy this camera used.
  6. I have a Canon Rebel T6, and use the 50mm f1.4 BUT even if I switch lenses, all pictures come out looking orange. How can I fix this?
  7. @Brian thank you so so much for that tip. Beautifully explained! I will take all of this into consideration!! Thank you, again!
  8. @Brian @Damien Symonds I mainly shoot outdoor family photos, but I am starting Boudoir and don’t want to crash and burn my first shoot ?
  9. I’ve got a Canon Rebel T6. While I’m waiting on the 50mm 1.8 to come in the mail, what’s the best settings to use in manual mode? Shooting RAW, and for lowlight/direct sunlight settings.
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