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  1. crazy, if I tile 3 up horizontal it works....no other options work so I guess I will work this this until I get back home
  2. I am not home, no external monitor (wasn't sure if this is part of the problem, so I made sure in my system preference that my external monitor wasn't showing up), and opened my laptop to work on a collage template but cannot "find" it even though on the layers panel it shows I am there. When I click on the screen (black) it shows up but then disappears again, flickers on and off. Heeelllppppp
  3. thank you Brian! I don't know that I want to calibrate weekly.....sounds like adding more work to current work load. I will look more into a single monitor that isn't high maintenance
  4. I also found this single eizo. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1566862-REG/eizo_cs2731_bk_coloredge_cs2731_27_hardware.html?sts=pi&pim=Y I have had a Dell 27" & have had problems with it flickering as I am editing every time. I like the idea of 2 monitors, to have bridge on one and photoshop on the other, however I can do with one.
  5. Hey Brian - I am upgrading monitors & am wondering if this set up (wanting dual monitors) looks good as far as calibration purposes? I am also changing from Spyder to Xrite as my calibration device. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1620909-REG/dell_p2719h_27_dual_monitor.html
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