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  1. I feel the color is correct, but my print still looks darker than my screen (and my screen is already set at 50). We have changed the lightbulbs to be 5000k, which is helpful for color comparisons, but I have high ceilings so I think I need to purchase a lamp to have more light in the room.
  2. Yes. And I feel like my screen is Closer to where it needs to be. I have family staying with me from out of town this week and will be back to your course sometime next week once they have gone!
  3. We are going today to get something around 5000K. Our current ones are around 2700K.
  4. I don't believe I received the invoice for your Deluxe Class?
  5. Do you have a preference between the SpyderX Elite and the X-Rite i1Display Pro?
  6. I typically edit with the overhead off for this reason, only have the window light coming in. But, I still think the room is darker than your standards.
  7. My prints are darker than my screen, but my screen brightness is already set "too low" at 50. I also feel they are a touch cooler than my screen, but that may have more to do with my work environment, which I plan on trying to remedy soon. I have made myself accustomed to editing in the dark, which I know is a no-no now. So now I am left with either a window that typically lets in cooler light, or an overhead light that is warm. Or, I suppose it could also have something to do with it printing too dark just making the colors not look like they are matching? My calibrator is a Spyder3, but we are ordering a new one today since this one is over 10 years old and likely outdated at this point, especially with my new laptop.
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