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  1. i have not thank you reading now I'm good for stage 1 will watch close for the next steps thank you .... i still think i need a beer lol
  2. ok and now i feel like I'm loosing my marbles lol , so i closed it and reopened the soor and the weird lines are still there and not there as a zoom in BUT now in a different spot wtf do i need a beer? lol
  3. i feel stupid asking but as I'm editing when i zoom to 100% the weird lines disappear but if i zoom out to like 60 ( what ever it is when you hit - once lol ) it gets all weird again So is this true moire? or is my image ok and not to worry as long as its not on the 100% ? here is the soor full image and 100% crop
  4. Hi all !!! excited for the new forum and can't wait for the raw class
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