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  1. The strange thing is that when I checked the storage space, it was documents taking up all the space and I barely have any documents except a few which I wrote in Word that I saved as pdfs. So I can prob get rid of them and save them elsewhere. Ironically, I am working with strongly backlit images atm.
  2. I thought that 16bit was the RAW amount of colour space, better for allowing more colour and better for editing with layers etc plus Im used to seeing 16bit there. It only changed to 8bit today when I started using camera raw I think.
  3. Ok I just shut it down completely. I'll try to clear off some stuff.
  4. I have a Mac laptop running OS Big Sur and Photoshop 2021. It is under 12 months old, and has 16GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 62GB free out of 250GB. The last time I shut down was more than a week ago, because I'm an idiot. I have never run a cleanup program. ? In my defence Ive only had it a few months so didnt think it needed cleaning yet
  5. Hi, me again. So I have been avoiding Lightroom because I was unable to follow the instructions ye linked to disable the Prophoto profile. Ye sent me a link to follow to check colour space etc but I didnt have any of the same options (I searched everywhere) that ye had so I had to abandon it. I downloaded Bridge and have been doing the class but Bridge keeps crashing on my laptop so atm is unusable. Im coming to my question now...! I decided to use just Camera Raw and Photoshop for the meantime to avoid the colour space issues I was having, but now I see that even though Im shooting in RAW that my pics are becoming 8bit. I changed this in camera raw but it either keeps reverting or its because of the space ye asked me to set in PS (North America general 2) which defaults to 8 bit. If I change it to 16 bit it then loses the 'N America' profile and settles on 'Custom' PS also keeps going to Adobe RGB even though I have sRGB selected. Help! What's the best thing to do to ensure that I can stay in 16bit sRGB? Thanks very much!
  6. SarahIE

    Ben Q monitor

    Ahhhhh I see, very interesting... ?
  7. SarahIE

    Ben Q monitor

    Great thank you for all that info (and photo!) Brian.
  8. SarahIE

    Ben Q monitor

    Married to a display? The ones you recommended don't fall into that category do they? Yes true I don't know what I was thinking re the expire thing, free upgrades or something... or far less expensive to begin with more like! I thought I'd need one for this Macbook which I only have on loan, and then a different or dual one if I was to change to a desktop... so maybe this isn't the case...sorry, a little confused here even though I've read the articles. Need to go back and reread some stuff. But I was considering a 21inch Apple desktop until I read your articles saying AVOID...and the 27inch just sounds enormous (and really expensive when you upgrade the RAM and storage etc) ...but I definitely want to wait and buy right the first time...so the more I read the more confused I get! ? Anyway thanks for the recommendations- I'll look into those, cheers.
  9. SarahIE

    Ben Q monitor

    Ohh... ohh dear. Thanks for that Damien.
  10. SarahIE

    Ben Q monitor

    Hi Brian, Any thoughts on the new (or new to me) Ben Q photography monitor that comes with some kind of built in calibration system? Designed for photographers apparently. I need to calibrate my screen as I was editing with the brightness all the way up and I figured out that's bad..! But at the moment the 13" Macbook I'm using isn't mine, and I'm considering a desktop when I do have to buy so I'm planning ahead. I couldn't believe the price of the calibration systems...and they expire?! Mad Thank you.
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