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  1. Hi, me again.  So I have been avoiding Lightroom because I was unable to follow the instructions ye linked to disable the Prophoto profile.  Ye sent me a link to follow to check colour space etc but I didnt have any of the same options (I searched everywhere) that ye had so I had to abandon it.

    I downloaded Bridge and have been doing the class but Bridge keeps crashing on my laptop so atm is unusable.

    Im coming to my question now...!  I decided to use just Camera Raw and Photoshop for the meantime to avoid the colour space issues I was having, but now I see that even though Im shooting in RAW that my pics are becoming 8bit.  I changed this in camera raw but it either keeps reverting or its because of the space ye asked me to set in PS (North America general 2) which defaults to 8 bit.  If I change it to 16 bit it then loses the 'N America' profile and settles on 'Custom'

    PS also keeps going to Adobe RGB even though I have sRGB selected.



    What's the best thing to do to ensure that I can stay in 16bit sRGB?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Married to a display?  The ones you recommended don't fall into that category do they?

    Yes true I don't know what I was thinking re the expire thing, free upgrades or something... or far less expensive to begin with more like!   

    I thought I'd need one for this Macbook which I only have on loan, and then a different or dual one if I was to change to a desktop... so maybe this isn't the case...sorry, a little confused here even though I've read the articles.  Need to go back and reread some stuff. But I was considering a 21inch Apple desktop until I read your articles saying AVOID...and the 27inch just sounds enormous (and really expensive when you upgrade the RAM and storage etc) ...but I definitely want to wait and buy right the first time...so the more I read the more confused I get!   ?

    Anyway thanks for the recommendations- I'll look into those, cheers.

  3. Hi Brian,

    Any thoughts on the new (or new to me) Ben Q photography monitor that comes with some kind of built in calibration system?  Designed for photographers apparently.   

    I need to calibrate my screen as I was editing with the brightness all the way up and I figured out that's bad..!  But at the moment the 13" Macbook I'm using isn't mine, and I'm considering a desktop when I do have to buy so I'm planning ahead.  I couldn't believe the price of the calibration systems...and they expire?!  Mad


    Thank you.

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