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Gone to the farm for the weekend.  I'll still be answering questions, but much less frequently than usual.  Thank you for your understanding.  Damien.

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  1. I'll continue in the morning. Thank you for your help.
  2. THANK YOU! I shall proceed. I don't care about the second monitor PC color/calibration no images go on that screen. I can use focus on my Mac, correct?
  3. I recall having to find the special silver plug (sorry, don’t know the name of it) to plug into the Mac so I could connect the second monitor when I got this computer
  4. Thank you for quick reply. Yes...that link you provided is the page I’m reading now to try to calibrate. I’ve collected my prints and am reading that page to get started. After I calibrate I’ll be taking the RAW class. This is what’s plugged into the back of my computer...is this a VGA cable? The other end of it goes into my second monitor with that same white plug. My main monitor is a Mac, my second screen is a PC screen that I only use to put my photoshop tools on (my actions, history and layers windows are on it) Do I need to remove and not use my second screen if this is a VGA cable?
  5. I have a brand new 2014 Color Munki that I bought and have never used. I have a 2018 27" Mac 10.15.6...can I use this color munki or do I need to buy a new one? I went to the xrite website to see if there was an update I could get, from what I can see it points me to buying a new unit. Thoughts?
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