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  1. Sorry I thought you were referring to the first photo I posted before the proper raw editing was done. The new version you helped me with looks really good!
  2. Sure am! Sorry kids just woke up. How do i feel about it... hhmmmm I hate it now that I look back at it!! I really appreciate your step by step help to get it back to looking normal. I would like to donate where can I do that please?
  3. Alright I might give it another try tonight, thank you.
  4. Well that's a better reply than what i thought I was going to get!😨 I want to know how do I keep some of the saturation in the first photo but remove the pink from her eyes and make them pop more?
  5. Hi Damien, I used Gels for the first time over the weekend and it's only my second photoshoot ever in a studio so please go easy. Oh and did I mention it was the first time I had a crack at frequency separation. I know I have a long way to go! Hence why you are the man! Anyway I tried editing these pics (one is more saturated but it looked too much) and the eyes weren't looking right. So i found the eyes popped more when I desaturated and adjusted colours. Only issue is I still think I prefer the saturated version better but I want to tone it down slightly and fix the eyes so they aren't pink. I have tried several things but I'm failing! I tried to fix her underarms a bit too as they were a huge distraction and probably still are. The end photo will be cropped to just under her bra.
  6. Ok can you give me a quote for the 3 pics to edit? I have edited all the others and I just don’t want to spend anymore time on this job as I’m on now about $2 an hour 😂 in future I will definitely not be doing any photoshop work to peoples images for the same rate! I know I will need to learn how to edit properly I just don’t have the time right now.
  7. I had never used this straightening method before, did you discuss this in your classes? If so I have missed it and will look at it again. So what do i do now with editing the people out seeing as my cloning was a hot mess.
  8. Sorry let me explain myself again. I edited in ACR, then finish off the finer details in PS THEN once I'm done I save both jpeg and PSD. I would never edit a jpeg.
  9. I save both. I save the JPEG to upload to their gallery and for socials and I save as a PSD also so if i need to go redo any editing. Im reading through your Bridge class now to see what im doing wrong.
  10. I have done the bridge class. Is there a service you can recommend that can do these edits for me? I am happy to pay someone to do it. If i knew how to edit like a pro I wouldn't be here. f I am doing things wrong then that is how I will learn. Some people are quicker than others I guess to catch on.
  11. Ok first pic I had a crack at straightening it, not 100% sure if I did it right but I didn't change it to jpeg when I opened. If i change it to a jpeg file then how do I continue doing all my edits? My next question is, I have always done all my editing then saved it to my computer as a jpeg and then opened pic to just "crop and straighten it that way". I thought this was right as all my editing was done and I haven't been losing pixels this way? Then i tried cloning but it didn't work ha ha what have I done so wrong? Second pic I will do tomorrow
  12. I will sit down tonight and do all 3 photos then upload again. Thank you Damien!!!!
  13. Hey sorry me again! I love this photo but need her fist removed as it's very distracting. Is this even possible? Photo unedited as yet, straight out of camera.
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