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  1. I already ran a set of prints pre calibration but then I was under the understanding I was to run another set of prints to then compare them to my calibrated screen or does it no longer matter?
  2. Hi Damien yes it finally came I ordered it just before our lockdown and arrived this morning super excited I got the Datacolor spyderx elite my plan is to tomorrow calibrate and then do a print test and then continue on with my learning with you :)
  3. I really appreciate your site and every bit of knowledge you provide I'm starting to learn quickly that even walking into a photography shop who sold me the colormunki are just there to sell things
  4. Oh sickening Gave you got any information or resources on recommendations for calibrators?
  5. I downloaded thier icc and clicked on it and it dramatically changed my image colours and then didn't even match when I did print through thier icc
  6. I printed a set of prints based on calibrating my screen and working through the raw class I wanted to make sure what I was working with was correct, I got the images back and they were super warm I then queried it with them and they send me a link to add their ICC Profile and requested I used that profile for accurate printing? and then they also said I should be working in 16bit not 8bit ?
  7. Hi Damien, I have two calibrated screens, I have done print testing through my chosen lab and have printed across all the type of papers they offer. I then printed two sets one as per my configuration and profile I've set up in my ps with my colours space being srgb (I'm working through your course for raw) and then at the request of the lab I've printed a set using their ICC profile. My question both sets look different to my screen my screen is a lot more magenta than that of what's been printed. Prints look the most similar to my profile is closest to screen except are still warmer and their icc is merky and warmer toned. Im am so lost as to what I do next to get it correct
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