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  1. Hi Brian, thank you so much for this! Wow - and there was me thinking that the iCloud was a perfect solution. I will be honest I got a little lost in the second paragraph. And the G Drive isn't really something I can afford right now. I know perhaps not ideal but I have a couple of Lacie drives that I haven't yet used. Could this be a good interim solution and move things there? In the meantime if I switch off automatic syncing with this speed up things for me?
  2. Im up to 88! So am I right in saying that I need to clear files from my iCloud too - even though it's cloud storage?
  3. Ok! Got it. Here is a screenshot. Good news is my spotlight function is working again since cleaning my desktop up!! Wahoo!!
  4. Ok I have read this! I didnt realise this is how desktops worked ie keeping things located there "open" at all times! Yikes. Ok so I have cleared everything away. Right now I have all my files stored in my iCloud. Which is convenient to access and at least I know they are safe, but extremely frustrating when I quickly need to access files but they need to download etc and I am sure its impacting how fast my MacBook Pro can operate.
  5. That would be a negative! I will get onto this and read through the link now!
  6. Hey Damien! I have finished the class and wanted to touch base for some desperate help in how to tidy up my Mac! Thank you
  7. Hi Damien, I have been stuck on this for a few days and just cannot install Bridge. I have paused all syncing etc and had no issues with downloading PS and Raw. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. I started from scratch again today, and then tried your tip of moving around and in some angles in my home (where light is coming in direct to the print and screen from the window it's a very close match! But does this mean my editing is going to be really tricky to achieve a good result in printing if I have to find this specific light? ? (Sorry my photo doesn't quite reflect what I see, my screen doesn't look this cool to the naked eye)
  9. I did yes, after the first attempt didn't seem to match I tried at 6500K. I don't know if I am off the mark but when I tried 6500K I see more magenta on my screen than my print. I'm here to learn and get this right.
  10. Hi Damien, I hope this is the correct place to post. I have calibrated using the SpyderX Pro and followed your instructions very carefully. I am battling with my environment a little (for too many reason to explain) but for now I am limited to using a MacBook Pro M1 (I will get a consistent space / lighting eventually). I calibrated in a room with all the blinds closed. When I checked my images in a well evenly lit space with lots of natural light I feel overall quite happy with the result but even in great daylight I can tell something is off. I have re-tried the calibration but feeling a little lost. I printed via a ProLab in Australia (The Edge)
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