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  1. Hey, where do I find your instructions on calibration?
  2. Damn… that would be more than I charged them 😏
  3. Yes they are. When you say expensive .. how much?
  4. Omgosh that sounds above my photoshop skills... I have about 10 photos like this.... and some the dad also has glare on his glasses. Do you fix these for a fee?
  5. HI: I am hoping you can help me fix moms glasses glare!
  6. Lol, just checking. I love even just having access to the classes as I can read them at work.
  7. Thanks! Will it be months before I can sign up for the Levels Class?
  8. It is warm but it doesn’t pop to me. Is there a way to add more colour to their eyes or something to make it stand out?
  9. The crop and the colouring... their skin looks nice and warm
  10. Not without a screenshot.did you see the one of the male and female
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