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  1. Hi Damien. I just did my BEST work EVER. Except my daughter forgot to pop the white balance sheet in the car, so imagine my surprise when I got home and popped all those amazing images onto the hard drives and lovingly poured over them in Bridge and discovered I couldn't open them directly into ACR to get the WB all good. Perplexed, I googled, searched your site and checked the METADATA and to my HORROR discovered that the entire session has been shot and backed up in JPEG So, I have no idea where to from here. THANK god the photos are well focussed and I even worked some magic with off camera flash so the ISO didn't bust my chops like usual. Theres over an hours worth of images all capturing different light as the sun was setting. I am too scared to edit them at all- they don't really need cropping, so thats a plus. But please can you help me steer this Titanic away from the 'berg? The images are all 3680x 5520 and all around 10MB each. ALL 400 of them An image from the session to share my heartbreak Thank you....
  2. I think I just have to accept she will get a gallery that I will no doubt re edit one day soon The client is aware that I am completely changing the way I edit so I guess some now some later will have to be it! It has been great using a client gallery as learning files though!
  3. I don't know how to do your sharpening yet- should I just sign up now and figure it out tonight? It is on my list of classes to do ASAP
  4. hahahah!!! Oh my goodness- its a mess of adjustment layers, mask layers and smart filters - TOTALLY not Damien approved - I am too scared to touch it
  5. Hi Damien- I am losing my mind 😳 I am halfway through bridge- just waiting on test prints and also working in your RAW class too. I have a client waiting on her images and I just cannot learn fast enough and edit in time- I need to get some images to her ASAP and need to crop a couple - when I am in PS and done with my edit- do I just simply merge all layers and then Crop? I am terrified of stuffing it all up - I wish I could do your class full time! I have completely changed my whole edit process to follow you but learning time available is crippling me Of course I could just google this- but I know how you feel about that - and honestly I just want to follow you so I don't end up more confused 🤣 I have done the Marquee tool test and my crop comes in at 5300 x 3700 or there about, leaving me with 20280000 pixels (if I have calculated that correctly) and the other thing is- standard image sizes for print... thats a new one too. I used pixieset until now and NEVER even thought about it. I got the feeling I will be resending all my client galleries out again done "the Damien Way" 😳
  6. Yes purely looking at the difference in the screens, given our mac is 2014 will we see a massive improvement in colour and calibration accuracy if we had a pc with new monitor such as a Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q for now?, our taste buds are Eizo but our current budget is Dell !
  7. Hi Damien, I have just been going through my first class with you- Bridge! And getting the calibration side of things rolling- and proud to announce my hubby and I officially became divorced from Lightroom today! I have a couple of questions and honestly I don't know where to post them, but here goes.... I am looking at the Datacolor SpyderX Capture Pro kit (happy to hear your thoughts on the other accessories if you have seen them) and was wondering are the extras in the kit worth the extra cash- or just fancy dust collectors... We are planning on upgrading to a new desktop for photo editing only (eg Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q) we currently have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, (5120 x 2880) Late 2014) and wondering if it is worth it- will be see a much better accuracy by upgrading to a new setup? I guess we need to clean the Mac to get the cob-webs out so thats next on the list haha! And I will surely bombard you in the coming months as I plough through all your classes! Cheers
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