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  1. Hi Damien. Not sure if this is for you or ASK Brian. My laptop is acting up and the graphic card is not responding. The error message says that if will be turned off for the rest of my session. Not sure what it means and what the consequences are. Here is the health of my computer: I have a PC laptop running Win 11 and Photoshop 2022. It is over 2 years old, and has 12GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 162GB free out of 475GB. The last time I shut down was last night. I run a cleanup program about once a month.
  2. https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/615511137ee8bb0f8bbae591/6273003d-8533-4aee-b7e5-550eb5eb3c20/629B-019-Edit-Natural-Newborn-Photography-Sydney.jpg I would like to change the background to this type of vignette. I know this is a black vs white background type of photo, but anything similar that will work with my photo. I would like to achieve this in both colour and b&w.
  3. Would you know why I can't use drawing tablet on my monitor. As soon as I touch my pen it jumps to my laptop screen. If I put the laptop screen off, it works on the monitor. I will recal again
  4. Ok, so when I calibrated I was on duplicate. I only changed to extend when I was done. Should my laptop or monitor be the main display?
  5. Got a new monitor today! And a better globe. After multiple calibrations, my monitor is warmer than my prints and my laptop. Followed all your instructions.
  6. So this is most probably a layer and mask class question, but Im stuck and I really need to get these done. I have started with the background and replaced it with a solid white background, added a shadow etc. I am done with that group. Now I want to start with her face to remove blemishes. HOW? If I add a new layer the healing brush does nothing? So I don't know how to do it, except to merge all layers down. But I would like to keep them in this case.
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