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  1. Hi Brian, Just wanted to drop you a quick update. following our conversation i thought i would try a USB C to USB adaptor plug the removable card reader that i know will see the NRW files when its used on the MacBook rather than introduce a new card reader into the equation. It worked like a dream, so by elimination, it appears that the card reader in the 2015 iMac can't cope with the newer cards as you suggested. Many thanks for your time and help once again
  2. The OS on the iMac is Big Sur but Catalina on the MacBook (as there isn’t enough space to update the OS and I’ve not figured that out yet) I will get an external usb card reader and give that a go. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the edit. I can do this on the MacBook but can’t read the card on the iMac. Do you think it might be the card reader on the iMac? It’s an internal card reader, is there a reason that a 2015 internal reader might not be able to see these files? The plug in I use on the MacBook is an usb-c so I can’t plug it into the iMac to try it.
  4. Thank you for this, it is really useful. I will have a look at the ViewNX-i and see if that helps on the iMac otherwise I will keep doing my work around. I’m happy to understand that it isn’t something I’m doing wrong.
  5. Hi Brian, I have a bit of an odd issue i don't know if you can throw any light on? I have been taking Damians classes and my main camera is a Nikon DSLR and i have no issues copying raw files from any card using finder and storing these files on my hard drive and then opening them in Bridge. I also have a Nikon P950 superzoom bridge camera that i use sometimes when I want a longer reach or when I'm not really going out to shot and don't want to carry multiple lenses just incase.. (also couldn't justify a very long lens so this was a more affordable option at the moment) The P950 is set to take RAW and writes NRW files. When i try and read the card from this camera on my iMac (mid 2015) i can't see the NRW files using finder. I can see the NEF files from my DSLR card files. My MacBook Air (2019) can read both file types (i use a plug in USB C card reader on the MacBook) At the moment i am downloading them on the MacBook and airdropping them in a folder to the iMac....its time-consuming. is there anything i can do to make my iMac read these files? I am really trying to be disciplined and just do my editing on the iMac. thanks Linda
  6. just a quick thank you from my self, and my iMac, 32GB RAM installed, easy to do and now working like a dream!
  7. brilliant, thank you. i will order these today.
  8. Hi, I have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Mid 2015) running on Big Sur 11.5.2 with 8 GB memory (2x4gb memory cards). It’s slow and clunky ( I run Clean My Mac once a week) so I think I need to add more RAM? having investigated this on support.apple.com it looks straight forward enough. Do you have any recommendations for memory cards for this machine please? And also can I check if I can mix size of memory cards? So I have two slots free, should I just put another 2 x 4gb cards in or can I put 8s or 16s in and leave the 4 cards where they are? I hope that makes sense? Many Thanks
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