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  1. Happy New Year! How did I do? I am not sure I completely understand all the steps but I followed along. Maybe you could do a course or video on it?
  2. Wow it looks really good as if it was photographed with a blue backdrop.
  3. I have been asked to change the background to a royal blue faded gradient type how would I do that?
  4. I'm not very patient! Takes a long while for the speckles to come! How did I do? Levels next job.
  5. OK I have tried this about five times and am still not getting sprinkles. When I click around the second set of numbers say 255 / 255 / 255 and the image shows the threshold on and it's all white. Am I being really stupid?
  6. Am I doing something wrong as when I did the threshold I didn't see as many sprinkles as you got and when I brush over the background near the image I'm not getting any sprinkles? Not sure where I am going wrong?
  7. After you had changed the Auto colour correction options and saved as default and pressed ok. The colours look weird as you said do you then press the 'reset to adjustment defaults button (the arrow with a line button)?
  8. thank you so much for the video - i am really grateful. You really are a photoshop guru you know so much and are extremely skilled at photoshop. I will watch the video a few more times before following your instructions and will post the results.
  9. Wow that looks really good. How did you do that?
  10. here they are. Why is it a good thing they are in Adobe RGB?
  11. Oh I see. The client sent me the large jpegs already scanned in colour space Adobe RGB no less naughty naughty!
  12. its an off-white looks a bit grey if its not possible thats ok
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