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  1. Thank you so much Brian, I am copying the files to my computer and what would occasionally happen was the sd card would show in the finder and the image folder then just wouldn’t load the images and when I exited finder and went back it wouldn’t show anything in the sd card and then get to the point where it just wouldn’t show up at all but it still would always show the images on the camera, but since using the external card reader they have been corrupting and losing the images completely. I do always eject before taking the sd out though I found when this happened it wouldn’t let me eject. I do have CF card and recently just bought another which I use to back my images up to in the camera, I will try your suggestion and get a few more cf cards and a cf card reader. That’s certainly worry’s me there could be something wrong with the camera.
  2. Good afternoon, Im having trouble with my Sandisk extreme sds and I’m not sure if it’s my computer, my card reader, the cards or my camera. I’m shooting on a Nikon D810 and I’m the past I have used the card reader at the back of my IMac version 10.14.6 and every so often the cards just wouldn’t show up when I inserted them but all the images were on my camera when I put it back into my camera so in these cases I would upload using my camera and cord. Everyone told me my sd card reader maybe faulty in my computer and to buy a external reader to which I did buy a verbatim 65678 and I put the card in worked perfect then I put it back into my camera and it had corrupted and said I needed to format the card and when the computer tried to read it error message was “the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” Luckily I have not yet lost any images. It has done it twice more since to different cards, I’ve used the card, uploaded images then gone to insert the card again and it corrupts. Its made me so nervous and I’m not sure if the problem is just buying a new external card reader? Please help I’m nervous I will lose images.
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