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  1. I figured you'd say that about the black and white ones lol. I wasn't sure whether you'd stay the same for the colour too as I haven't got as far as the colour stuff in levels. So for my RAW edits, you'd be happy for me to start using and experimenting with them and post in the RAW class?
  2. Hey Damien, I just wanted to ask what your opinion of colour profiles was within ACR. For context, I use a fuji camera which came with loads of colour profiles but I'm unsure whether applying a colour profile in ACR is either the correct place within my workflow to affect the colours of the image in such a dramatic way but also sustainable. In that if I change camera's later I won't be able to use my fuji colour profiles on say a Sony RAW file. Thanks
  3. Doh! I used the sd card from slot 2 of my camera which saves the JPEGs not RAWs. I'll change the settings so it saves RAWs to both slots in future. Thanks for that. It shows how often I attempt to open a jpeg in bridge / acr.
  4. Hi Damien, I'm not sure what's happened to my Bridge / ACR but the colour has changed from the grey I had for the bridge class to black and when I go to set the WB I only get the three options, all my colour profiles have disappeared, when I double click an image in bridge to open in ACR it skips it and opens it straight in photoshop. Screenshot below to show my wb options. Very strange. I'm hoping you can help.
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