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  1. I know that sRGB is the way! I'm exporting (from Lr) in this mode! but... appears that not (thats what I'm searching in the article)! in photoshop i've never had problems with the colors, neither printing! But yes, this is a Lr problem, I would need to resolve it, and also download bridge. The thing I like of Lr is the fast editing presets, are they compatible with bridge?
  2. Yes! It's a mess I don't know how to fix I doesen't have enough space, but I'm working of it on wensday (with some help) to cleen out my laptop.
  3. Just convert the final image after editing (TO cmyk). This is the only way that I can print without problems of desaturate colors. Also peole open the file with the right colors! Just by saving in CMYK, thats why!
  4. No one, It just happens with my last configuration. Just in the CMYK mode.
  5. Hi Damien, I was saving my documents in CMYK, (because that was the only mode that doesen't modifies me the colors of the final image), but later then, I followed a tutorial of saving images to upload them to faceboo k, and now then, when saving in CMYK, they look like a "negative" (in black colors). Do you know what the problem is?
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