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  1. With noise added. Its odd, the banding wasn't visible in photoshop either time, only in the first jpg I uploaded. In fact, I see it is still there a little in this jpg but it is not visible on the file in PS or preview, only once its uploaded here.
  2. Just noticed the banding in this jpg so will have to revisit now
  3. No other editing besides background retouch, thank you for your help
  4. Yes, I think it makes the photo more realistic to have the gradient remain a little. My usual method for this edit is to marquee select the edges and drag them out, but because I accidentally used the wrong backdrop in the studio, I have to manage the texture and material opacity out of it as well, which was why I thought a flat gradient background behind then cut out mum on top of it.
  5. This is an image from a session where I have used the wrong black backdrop, a thin one that shows wrinkles instead of my thick velvet one. With something like this, my instinct is to use the quick selection tool and mask a gradient background in. I can make it more acceptable in BW but this particular client wants colour as well as BW versions of this set of 20.
  6. I like the darker tones in this black and white backlit image, but want to remove the mess that is showing through the curtain while maintaining a curtain look. Is this possible? I don't mind the garden showing through but don't like the trellis at all. I usually deliver these images as high key with full white blown out backgrounds but I liked the darker tones and wanted to see if there was a way to work this background.
  7. Dear Damien, I do very much value your classes, spruik them to anyone who will listen and have in fact requested a one-off, full access annual payment in the past at which you told me would be too much for me to afford. Therefore I continue to re-enrol in classes that I feel I get value from and not in classes I rarely accessed because I feel confident enough in those areas. I rarely have time to play in the playgroup, but when it opened I posted a few times and enjoyed seeing what others would do and like to share that support back to other members when I can, like now when I am on holiday, but jees Im not looking for a fight over it.
  8. Hi Damien, I understand why you restrict the playgroup to your premium members who are in the Raw, Levels and Skin classes, but is there a chance you might open it up to members who have done those classes after one of the single class membership term runs out, so long as they are currently in at least one or two of your other classes?
  9. Of course I searched first! I searched “fix glasses gap” and only glare and reflection results came up
  10. Is there anything that can be done about the gap at the edge of Dads glasses? I will get the green spot under control easy enough, just not sure what to do about the alignment issue from the lenses
  11. Hi Damien, what would be the best way to change the colour of this blanket to a green tone to match the headband?
  12. Mums got quite sweaty hands in this photo, how to clean it up without interfering with her finger prints?
  13. Three that its really noticeable like this. I tried a painted layer in lighten mode that made it less obvious, what do you think?
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